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Chapter 1418 Sister Yan is challenged by the Four Gods?

Chapter 1418 Sister Yan Was Challenged By The Four Gods?

Mo Shuyun was still worried that there would be any conflicts, so he simply said something, “Ah, I’m really sorry, our venue was occupied midway,

but I didn’t expect Mr. Sun Shuoran to invite me. However, I also just learned about the appointment. The team in Division B is actually the WZ team. I still understand the rules. If your special training is not convenient, we can find another place.” When

Lusen heard this, he hurriedly vowed: “Oh, this, Captain Mo, don’t worry. , We will never steal the Aurora team’s tactics. We still have this professionalism.”

Mo Shuyun: “……???”


Mo Shuyun almost doubted whether there was a problem with his communication method, or the foreigner’s ability to understand it.

He was obviously afraid that the WZ team would mind leaking the tactics!

They are a new team that participated in the global global league for the first time this year. In front of a top-ranking team in the pinnacle of competition, what is there to be afraid of tactics leaking!

If it hadn’t been for Lu Sen’s extremely sincere attitude, he would have doubted whether this person was mocking them.

Lin Yan on the side listened to the conversation between Lu Sen and Mo Shuyun, his face was dark, and he stroked his forehead silently.

If you let Lu Sen pull it on, the vest will fall out…

Sun Shuoran can’t stand it anymore, and whispered in Lu Sen’s ear: “Didn’t you make you normal!”

Lu Sen: “Where am I?” Is it normal?”

Sun Shuoran: “Where are you normal?”

Sun Shuoran was about to teach Lu Sen what is normal, when he suddenly saw the butcher walked straight to Lin Yan without squinting, and said directly: “Miss Lin, yes. Do you have a try?”

Quite, simple, and rude.

The butcher is a car lunatic, and his mind is also a sutra. His favorite thing in his life is to compete with people. It is estimated that he has endured it for a long time. At this moment, I saw Lin Yan and couldn’t help it at all.

“Fuck! The third child, why don’t you talk about martial arts!” Sun Shuoran saw the butcher ran up to ask the master by himself, and he almost jumped up with anger.

Sun Shuoran didn’t care about anything normal or abnormal, and immediately sprinted over: “I want it too!”

King paced slowly over and said, “I want it too.”

As the boss, Langman wanted to stop the butcher and Sun Shuoran. But I didn’t expect even K to be so shameless. He hurriedly followed after him, as if he was afraid of being left behind: “I want too.”

Lin Yan: “…”

Tired, destroy it.

Aurora team members: “……???”

Yan sister was actually challenged by the four gods of WZ team at the same time?

Are they dreaming?

Lin Yan looked at the four adversaries in front of him, thinking about how to clean the door. Not far away, suddenly a figure carrying a bag of something, rushed towards them.

That seems to be Mi Xiu?

When the members of the Aurora team saw Mi Xiu, they were a little nervous.

After all, Mi Xiu lost to Lin Yan and Yun Xuan in the second league in the world, losing such a big face.

Right now, Yuanjia has a narrow road, and Yimixiu’s hot temperament, shouldn’t he fight?

“Grandpa Grandpa–“

Everyone was worried, only hearing the crisp call of the kid Mi Xiu, he jumped straight to Lin Yan.

Lin Yan: “…” Is it too late to dig a hole and bury yourself?

The members of the Aurora Team on the side: “…

?? ” Zu…Grandpa?

How does Mi Xiu call Lin Yan Grandpa Grandpa?

They are really dreaming!

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