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Chapter 1419 Are you looking for death?

Chapter 1419 Are You Looking For Death?

Lin Yan grinned his teeth and explained with a smile on his face, “I ran into Mi Xiu after the last match and had a match. At that time, I bet with him that whoever loses is called the other grandfather.”

Mi Xiu was not at all. Concerned that so many people would be embarrassed looking at it, and with a smile on his face, he showed his hospitality to Lin Yan: “Yes, yes, my grandfather is right! Grandpa, I bought a drink, what do you want to drink?”

Lin Yan “Cough, thank you, mineral water will do.”

“Ah? Mineral water? I didn’t buy mineral water! Grandpa grandpa, wait, I’ll buy it for you!” Mi Xiu said, and kicked again. The ground ran away, and the pace was not to mention more cheerful.

Lin Yan: “…”

Aurora members: “…”

Mi Xiu from WZ actually went to buy water for sister Yan!

Is he mad!

Could it be that Mi Xiu was forced to lose a bet?

However, is this pace a bit happier?

Say good to fight?

How can this picture be more horrifying than fighting!

Mo Shuyun dullly turned his head to look at Lin Yan: “Uh, goddess, when did you make a bet with Mi Xiu?”

Zhou Yue and others: “Yes, when did you make a bet with Mi Xiu!”

Lin Yan gave a light cough. “On the night when the second league ended, I took Yunxuan to train and ran into it unexpectedly at the racing track.”

Mo Shuyun: “He lost again? So I called you grandpa? No, grandpa is grandpa. Why? Is it Grandpa Grandpa? He was called Grandpa Grandpa just now, right?”

Zhou Yue and others: “Yes, why is Grandpa Grandpa?”

Lin Yan looked innocent: “Who knows, maybe it’s because Chinese is not good at talking. ,what’s happenin?”

Mo Shuyun shook his head: “It’s nothing, I just think his grandpa called his grandfather too sincerely. People who don’t know really think you are his grandfather…”

Zhou Yue and others: “That’s really sincere!”

Lin Yan: “…”

Mo Shuyun said, it seems that he finally found a reason for Lang Mang’s behavior: “Ah! I know! No wonder the four gods are looking for you to challenge, they want to find a place for the apprentice. “

Lin Yan looked at his captain appreciatively: “Yes! You are right, it must be so!”

Mo Shuyun stared at the four people staring at him, “Goddess, what should I do? Compared with the four gods, this is not the case. Are you looking for death…”

Zhou Yue and others: “Yeah, isn’t this looking for death!”

Lin Yan silently glanced at Zhou Yue and the others: “Are you repeating machines?”

Zhou Yue: “Ahem, sister Yan, it’s not.

Are you too excited!” Just when Zhou Yue and the others were anxious, worried about what to do with this matter, Lin Yan calmly swept the four insurgents one by one with cold, sharp eyes–is it looking for death? ? ? ?

Get to the master’s warning eyes, the butcher suddenly stiffened: “No, it’s no better, I still have something.”

King: “I have something too.”

Langman: “I have something too.”

Sun Shuoran never expected these guys to be so okay. Kind of, immediately shouted: “I…I don’t want it anymore! I almost forgot that I had a bad cold and can’t exercise vigorously!”

Lin Yan looked speechless, then his eyes rolled, I don’t know what to think of, the next second, Suddenly changed his attitude, coughed lightly, opened his face kindly and humbly, “I really didn’t expect that a few great gods would be willing to compete with a small team like ours. We are naturally honored to have such a rare opportunity to communicate.

In this case, , Then it’s better to be respectful than

to follow your fate, all great gods must be merciful!” Zheng Chou couldn’t find a suitable opponent for Yun Xuan and the others to train.

Free training opportunities, no need for nothing!

? Good night, is the update over~



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