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Chapter 1 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)

Today’s weather is very good, the sun shines through the curtains and spills on Sun Yiai’s face, warm. She rubbed her face on the pillow and didn’t want to get up at all.

Her head was a little heavy, and she drank too much alcohol last night, and she affected her whole body when she moved. She felt sore everywhere, and it was even more uncomfortable between her legs. She blinked her eyes vigorously, trying to expel the exhaustion, she was like a sponge mixed with water, and she was heavy.

With slightly edema eyes open, she looked forward vaguely. She was lying on the bed. In front of her sight was a white wall, extravagant floor lamps, European-style cabinets… The layout and style of this room was familiar, like her home. My neighbor, Ming’s family, likes this style.

The Ming family and the Sun family are neighbors, and the two have close contacts. She can walk in the Ming family with her eyes closed.

She seemed to have thought of something, her eyes were reddening, and she remembered that yesterday, the Ming family had a happy event. However, she is not a bride.

She was very sad and drank a lot of wine. She liked Ming Cheng, the eldest son of the Ming family, and liked it very much.

I have liked Mingcheng since I was a child, but Mingcheng only treats her as a little sister. She wants to tell him that she likes him, but it is too late to say that he has a girl he likes, and now he is married.

She slowly supported her on the bed with her elbows, remembering it, and after a while, she slowly lowered her head and saw the arms on her waist. The bronzed skin was in sharp contrast with her creamy complexion.

the man? Why, there will be a man on the bed?

At first, Sun Yiai thought that she was just drunk, but now…

her heart throbbed, she wanted to turn her head to see who was the man holding her behind, but she just couldn’t muster the courage.

Chaotic sex after drinking, to die!

No matter, let’s run away. She swallowed her saliva, carefully pulled the man’s arm away, and moved it out. The next second, she paused again, wait a moment,

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