Chapter 1 Reckless man begging for joy


Why is the new series called the restlessness of the bridal chamber? In fact, it’s very good reasoning, because Mo Yan wanted to shoot a scene where the bridal chamber was not straightforward, so he started this series.

Director Mo wanted to try the role of a scumbag in order to expand his new play, so he auditioned for a lot of scum actor and finally found a scumbag with a distinctive actor.

The scum hero: “Mr. Mo, are you sure that you are qualified for this role?”

Mo mentor: “Absolutely, you are scum, and your temperament is also scum. The point is that you are scumbag by nature.” The

scum hero: “That’s OK, It depends on how much you give, the Lord will show you as much.”

Director Mo: “What are you going to show? I’m not making an A movie.” The

scum hero: “Of course he knows.”

Director Mo: “I know you still show it?”

The scum hero: “Lord test you.”

Director Mo: “What to test me?” The

scum hero: “Master is afraid that you will take the opportunity to walk my bird in the name of filming.”

Director Mo: “…I think you in more like verbal sexual harassment to me. “

slag main man:” You’re not wrong, you say that I am obviously the nature of the slag, slag and now I blame you oh so very dregs. “

Mo guide:” …… “

slag male host : “actress I do not pick, but on condition that woman.”

Mo guide: “my shot is not Brokeback mountain.”

slag male host: “God testing you nothing.”

Mo guide: “? they test me what”

slag Male lead: “Master, make sure that the heroine you are looking for is not an animal.”

Director Mo: “…you don’t want to be a beast, okay!” The

scum lead: “You asked me to act as a scum, but you want me not to be a beast, you Very contradictory.”

Director Mo: “…You are really a scumbag.” The

scumbag host: “Thank you for your praise, you must be a scumbag, and the box office is selling well. Remember to pay dividends.”

Director Mo doesn’t want to talk to the scumbag anymore.

[Chapter 1]

Walk the rivers and lakes, punish rape and eliminate evil, righteous knights, do your part.

Ten days ago, Song Xinning was instructed by his master to join up with other disciples, and the group of heroes worked hand in hand for a long march, following the traces of the demons and cultists all the way, and followed closely behind.

The wicked are very cunning, and set up ambushes and formations along the way, with the intention of dragging down the pace of the Nine Martial Arts and hindering the pursuit.

Along the way, the two parties fought from time to time. During the melee, Song Xinning broke out and left these sacrificed shrimp soldiers and crabs to the various sects. What she wanted to hunt was the big fish on the Jianghu Demon List.

If you can capture those demon heads one or two, one can reduce the blood and blood in the arena, and secondly, you can make your name in your own school and consolidate the status of the arena.

For this reason, after learning the news that the demons gathered at Lei Fengting, the elites of the Nine Main Schools made their best efforts to encircle and suppress.

Although it is a cooperation, it is also a kind of competition. No matter which faction wants to catch the villains who are listed on the gangster list, write a glorious page for their own sect, and let their name occupy a place on the gangster hero list. , Qing Shi Liufang.

Song Xinning is a disciple of the Yuling Palace. She has excellent qualifications and has been a key talent trained by the Yuling Palace since she was a child.

She is twenty years old and has a delicate appearance. She walks the rivers and lakes under the name of “Jade Lotus”, and is well-known among the younger generation.

After ten days of endless pursuits, she confronted Hua Wuxin, who was ranked fifth on the Demon List in the Asura Valley.

Although Shura Valley is named Shura, it is full of flowers and blooms, and it seems like a fairyland.

Song Xinning wore a white dress, without any cumbersome decorations, and tied her hair with only a ribbon, which became a bit of ice and elegance in the colorful. Her weapon is a soft sword, which is looped around her belt on weekdays, and when needed, she draws her hand and fights against the enemy immediately.

Hua Wuxin is wearing an ice blue long sleeved gown with a black belt around her waist. She wears a black mask on her face below her nose. Although it covers half of her face, she can’t hide her suave and suave character. On the contrary, it makes the man handsome and mysterious.