Chapter 10 Reckless Husband

“Daughter, let’s run away, huh?”

Song Xinning looked at her mother amused. “Why run? I didn’t say not to marry.”

Yanniang was stunned. “You want to marry?”

Song Xinning sneered at the corner of her mouth. “The Taiwei Mansion is powerful and has a family background, such a good marriage, I will not marry if I am stupid.”


At the appointed day, the Song family sent a housekeeper to pick up their mother and daughter.

On the day of departure, the mother and daughter both dressed up carefully. Song Xinning took off the costumes of the children of the rivers and lakes, put on the clothes of the boudoir girl, and sat quietly in the carriage with her mother.

People want clothes and Buddhas want gold clothes. Song Xinning wears a girl’s bun and has a light rouge on her face, acting like everybody’s lady, hiding the atmosphere of a genius.

Yanniang also dressed up. When she was fifteen years old, Song Shiren took the lead, opened her buds, and ransomed her to leave the brothel. At the age of thirty-six, he is not old at all, and has the charm of a young woman.

She was born in a brothel, and she knows exactly how important it is for a woman in Israel to stay young and beautiful.

Over the years, she has carefully maintained her beauty in order to one day enter the Song family in an open and honest manner. For this reason, she spared no effort to maintain herself. With her daughter, the two are like a pair of sisters.

Yanniang is full of ambitions, and her daughter is right. She relied on Song Shiren to get out of the brothel. She got out of the brothel. If they didn’t return to Song’s house, once they left, her Yanniang would always be an unseen outside room. The daughter will always be the illegitimate daughter of others.

So if they want to leave, they have to change their identities before leaving! The marriage of the Taiwei Mansion was an opportunity for them to change their faces, because in order to hide their mother and daughter’s shameless identity, Song Shiren would definitely promote her as a normal wife and let her daughter marry as a prostitute.

Yanniang raised her eyes to her daughter who closed her eyes and calmed down. The calmness of her daughter gradually calmed her heart.

The daughter is right. Since Song Shiren wants to trade her daughter for benefits, they should also take the advantage of this to get the reward they deserve. When the time is right, they will spend money and fly away.

The carriage walked for two days, spent two nights at the inn, and on the third day, finally closed the gate and marched into the city in the evening.

The carriage drove straight to Song’s house along Chengzhong Avenue. The Song family house is located in the best part of the city. Song Shiren has been waiting for a long time with his family when he learned the news.

The carriage drove in from the main entrance. Song Xinning and Yanniang got out of the carriage with the help of the servants on the benches prepared by the servants. At the same time, the eyes all around gathered on their mother and daughter.

Song Xinning was not even afraid of the sword, the light and the shadow of the sword, and naturally had no sense of those picky gazes of the Song family, and Yanniang had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and she would not back down.

The attitudes of the mother and daughter were generous and generous and allowed everyone to take a closer look. As Song Xinning expected, Master Song froze as soon as he saw his mother.

It’s no wonder that, according to Song Xinning’s years of experience in the arena, to be honest, her mother’s beauty is really not inferior to those young and beautiful disciples in Yuling Palace.

Because of her proper care, her coquettishness is not diminished, and she is still young. More than ten years later, the beautiful and flowery woman at that time just became a beautiful and flowery woman, which really surprised Song Shiren.

Yanniang was also shocked when she saw Song Shiren, who was 40 years old, but unlike Song Shiren, she was shocked.

Song Shiren, who was slender at the time, is now the blessing of a middle-aged man, with wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth, where is the Yushu Linfeng of the year?

Time is fair, it will not favor boys over girls, nor will it pick the rich and the poor. Only people who know how to love themselves can withstand the tempering of time.