Chapter 11 Reckless Husband

Who is Yanniang? She is the once-awe-inspiring brothel oiran, and this astonishment can also be converted in an instant, and she is acting as a surprise for the deceased to meet.

“Master…” Beautiful eyes were filled with mist, and his voice choked. Obviously it is the master, she will call him the master deliberately.

She not only called his people, but also called the beauty of the past.

The flowers were full of the moon, playing the piano and poems, the love in the day was like honey, and the clouds and rain in the night, that period of frivolous love, successfully evoked the memory of Song Shiren.

Song Shiren has always been the head of the word “profit”, but at the moment when he saw Yanniang, he couldn’t help but feel excited. He stepped forward and called out “Kiss”, as if the barrier of more than ten years was completely non-existent. He is still the rich and graceful son who spent a lot of money for her back then, and Yanniang is still the charming and charming girl. peony.

Song Xinning knew that there was nothing wrong with her, so she could rely on her mother.

Her mother cried with tears, but I saw pity, and the woman who cursed a man to kill a thousand knives on the carriage was really a thousand miles away.

A touching gathering of husband and wife made the expressions of the wives, concubines and children of the Song family different. Song Xinning pretended to wipe her tears with her veil, and looked at the others without a trace.

Yanniang whimpered in Song Shiren’s arms, but she knew how to stop. Crying is a technical job, crying just right, crying makeup is a big taboo for beauty.

Yanniang wiped the wetness of her eyes with a kerchief, then she broke into a smile, pulled her daughter over, and bowed to Song Shiren.

The mother and daughter looked as gentle as little sheep, and there was no resentment that had been left out in the Zhuangzi for many years, only the joy of meeting each other.

After a good life, Song Shiren personally led the mother and daughter to the yard where they were placed. At the same time, he ordered people to generously send jewelry, hand ornaments and cloth into the yard of his wife and daughter, and assign them to their yard and maidservant. And the servants are in accordance with the rules of the mistress.

Song Shiren saw the beauty of Yanniang at first, and only wanted Jinwu Cangjiao to accept her as a concubine. His wife chose the Qin family who was helpful to him in business. Later, because of the opposition of Qin family, he dismissed her. Yanniang’s idea of ​​being a concubine. Later, he accepted a few more concubines.

A man always forgets the old when he has a new one. As the freshness disappears, he gradually stopped going to Yanniang. He didn’t think of their mother and daughter until he climbed up to Tai Wei Zheng.

Song Shiren knew that they had left their mother and daughter in the cold for too long. After he originally planned to pick them up, if they didn’t cooperate and gave him a face, he would beat them up and control them with a tough and gentle method. Who knew he would see Yan Niang? Later, all his thoughts were melted by the tenderness of the Yanniang and the cuteness of his daughter.

That night, Song Shiren couldn’t wait to rest in Yanniang’s yard. Song Xinning was not surprised when he heard the news. After rewarding the maids who went to check on the news, he ordered them to leave, turn off the lights and go to bed early.

The maid thought that the lady was resting, so she retreated to the outer room.

After two moments, Song Xinning, who was dressed in black, quietly jumped out of the boudoir window.

According to her years of experience in the dark night, no matter how she pretends to be a person in the daytime, she will show up in the evening.

Wearing a night gown, she avoided the inspection of the nursing home, and under the cover of the night, she walked up the beams and walked to the houses and courtyards to listen to the walls and feet.

The content is nothing more than swear words to their mothers and daughters, ignoring those tedious and useless insults and complaints, remembering useful information, and then quietly returning to the boudoir.

She is not interested in the intrigue of women in the backyard. It is easy for her to deal with these women by quack. Her only purpose is to ensure that her mother is safe in Song’s house.


Before getting married, Song Xinning gave a bottle of medicine to her mother.

“This is Tianxiang detoxification pill. It is very popular in the world. You can take one pill every day. It will detoxify when you encounter poison. It is not poisonous. Also, don’t light incense in the house. Don’t eat the cakes from the hospital. Take it out. With Uncle Mei and Aunt Mei, they have good skills, and they have no problem with Xiao Xiao and the killer.”