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Chapter 1374 All of you here are brothers

“Well, in that case, you have to pay the corresponding price for what you do. You are ruthless and unjust, then don’t care about the love between our brothers.”


Shang Bei, who originally wanted to do business with Shang Qiu Yue, but was stopped by his father Shang Yuan.

“Let him go.” Shang Yuan glanced at Shang Qiu, and said immediately.

“Father… he wants your life!” a young man frowned.

“No matter what purpose he approaches me, I will always be his father. I have to bear a lot of his fault.” Shang Yuan said.

“Father, this…”

“Shang Qiu, let’s go.” Shang Yuan waved his hand.

“You really don’t kill me?” Shang Qiu didn’t believe it.

“Go.” Shang Yuan said.

Then, under the angry eyes of everyone, Shang Qiu fled here.

After Shang Qiu left, everyone looked at each other. Although this was not a return to the mountain, there was an unbearable breath in his heart.

“Father, is it really…”

the girl standing next to Shang Yuan said.

Shang Yuan didn’t respond, he seemed to be thinking about something.

After a long time, Shang Yuan spoke softly: “Back then, I sent your little girl to Mu’s house because her ability was too special, and she could use this special ability well or badly, right? In this world, it is a disaster…”

“Father, what ability does the little girl have?” the boss Shang Yu asked softly.

Shang Yuan did not answer clearly, and continued: “I hope there will be no evil.”

He was naturally helpless when he sent his daughter away. If he left his daughter by his side, she might not be able to live to this age.

Three days later.

The world’s second league officially kicked off.

The game was divided into two divisions A and B. Lin Yan and Yunxuan were divided into division A.

Seeing that he was separated with Lin Yan, Yun Xuan was a little excited, “Master, I can finally be in the same competition area with you, Master, I…I will run well and not shame you.”

“Good~” Lin Yan He was relieved, and then I didn’t know what to think of, and glanced at the crowd not far away.

Along with the crowd of the media and the cheers of the audience, a dazzling blond Mi Xiu walked to the waiting interview area.

Generally, there is a pre-match “Sao Talk” session before the big game as usual.

The racers interviewed by the major teams will speak harsh words to each other.

As for the ability to pull hatred, Mi Xiu is definitely a leader of all kinds.

Mi Xiu is the biggest favorite of this competition, super strength and outstanding appearance, has a large number of fans.

The reporter said excitedly: “Mi Xiu, the bet you made with your master has now spread throughout the circle. If this game loses, will you really go to the track and run naked?” On the

big screen, Mi Xiu lazily He squinted his blue eyes, glanced mockingly at everyone present, and said, “Oh, lose? It’s not that I look down on one of the people present, I just mean that everyone here is all younger brothers.” The

voice fell. In an instant, there was a sigh and scream on the court.

The reporter continued to ask: “This year’s global league is in China. In the third league in the world, China Racing has also achieved good results. Are there any Chinese racing drivers that make you feel stressed?”

Mi Xiu twitched his lips, “Ha, a Chinese racer who makes me feel stressed? I’m afraid I haven’t been born yet! At their speed, it will be overtime to change jobs to deliver food.”

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