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Chapter 1375 Master Will Definitely Win

Mi Xiu didn’t forget to say another sentence to the camera: “Oh yes, masters and uncles, I will take out the garbage and come back. When I come back, don’t forget our bet.” The words came out. , Almost instantly aroused the anger of all Chinese racers and fans.

This kid is so irritating to talk!

The Chinese players next to Lin Yan were all half-dead with anger, and they actually said such things on their Chinese territory.

What is meant by Chinese racers delivering food will be overtime!

What does it mean to take out the garbage and come back!

The first sentence mocking the Chinese racers, and the latter sentence mocking all racers is rubbish.

This kid is simply attacking indiscriminately.

“Damn! This kid is too arrogant!”

“That’s right, God Yang is still there! And our Lin team is also very strong!” The

Chinese racers were talking angrily.

However, there was still some lack of confidence when speaking.

After all, the opponent is an apprentice of Langman, and that racing circle has never been like an invincible god-the apprentice of Yeva, the god of death!

The name Yeva alone is enough to make everyone guilty.

Although Yangshen is very strong and experienced, but Mi Xiu’s strength is indeed not to be underestimated, his talent is even no less than that of Yangshen, who is famous for his talent.

Although Lin Yan won the third league championship in the world, her experience in participating in large-scale competitions is really pitiful, and almost no one believes that she can still perform steadily in this competition.

Lin Yan looked up at the arrogant and flying boy on the big screen, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and he couldn’t see.

She really didn’t want to admit that this kid was her grandson.

As expected to be an apprentice of the wave python, he has even learned ten percent of his ridicule and scolding skills!

No, it should be because the blue is better than the blue.

At this time, Lin Yan’s cell phone suddenly began to ring continuously.

Lin Yan turned on his mobile phone and saw Langman and the others were sending messages in the group.

Langman: [Master, we went to church just now. ]

Butcher: [Master, we pray to God that you will definitely win this game. ]

Sun Shuoran: [Of course, the master will definitely win! Amen! ]

K: [(Red envelope) Master NO.1]

Obviously only K has mastered the essence of making Lin Yan win.

Following Lang Mang, Butcher and Sun Shuoran, one after another began to send red envelopes to Lin Yan.

Although Lin Yan received the red envelope, he didn’t speak, and deliberately hung these boys.

Don’t teach these brats a lesson, they are afraid that they will go to heaven.

This time the competition was divided into two divisions A and B. Lin Yan and Yunxuan were divided into division A.

Lin Yan put down his phone and said to Yunxuan who was on the side, “By the way, Yunxuan, when the game starts later, no matter what happens, you just run your own, don’t worry about me, just concentrate on running yours.”

Yunxuan I don’t quite understand what Lin Yan meant, but he nodded

obediently, “I see, sir .” Lin Yan thought for a while, and added, “Last night I saw you were studying Yeva’s Albert rushing into the corner. Want to learn?”

Yun Xuan was a little dazed when he heard the words, “No…no… Then how could I be able to learn… It’s too difficult… I just just take a look…”

The rapid turn-in of a race at Albert Circuit is one of Yeva’s most difficult fame skills to learn. Countless people have imitated it, but almost no one can show it.

Lin Yan patted Yunxuan on the shoulder, “Run well, if you can beat Mi Xiu this time, I will teach you.”

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