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Chapter 1420 Who Is Taking Advantage

Chapter 1420 Who is taking advantage?

Lin Yan and Mo Shuyun originally planned to find Leiyin and Lightspeed for actual combat training.

However, looking at the attitude of Leiyin and Lightspeed now, it is obvious that they are excluded. They will definitely not train with the promised Aurora, so it is better to use the WZ team to train Yunxuan and them.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

If you know that the WZ team can offer at least a seven-figure price for an exchange race.

When Zhou Yue and others listened to Lin Yan’s voice, the more they heard it, the more they felt that something was wrong.

“Hey, wait, Sister Yan, you mean…let us all come together?”

Isn’t it just a challenge to Sister Yan? Why did you bring them with you!

Lin Yan nodded, “Yeah! It’s all here, let’s have fun together!”

“No problem!” The butcher said impatiently.

Naturally, Lang Mang has no objection, anyway, their purpose is just to run with the master, it doesn’t matter if a few more people are added.

Seeing that things were settled in this way, Zhou Yue, Zheng Xuran, and Shao Haicheng were almost struck by lightning, and Mo Shuyun’s expressions were a bit unsightly.

Mo Shuyun coughed slightly, and whispered in Lin Yan’s ear, “Goddess, a few of us… forget it, what’s the difference between this and the big boss in Xinshou Village who ran to the last level to look for death?”

Zhou Yue The others nodded again and again: “Yes, Sister Yan! This is too scary!”

Anyone who comes here can hang them a hundred times, let alone four people together. This is a dimensionality reduction blow.

Lin Yan glanced at a few people, “What’s so scary, what a great opportunity, do you know how much the appearance fee of any WZ exchange game is? We will make more money if we play more on the court, don’t talk nonsense , All go together.”

Zhou Yue, Zheng Xuran, Shao Haicheng, Mo Shuyun: “……???”

Lin Yan glanced at Yun Xuan who was silent, “Where are you Yun Xuan?”

Yun Xuan was obviously a little nervous, but his eyes were eagerly excited: “Master, I…I can.”

Yun Xuan also looked at it. When it came out, the master didn’t want to agree to it at first, after all, the less people knew about her identity, the better.

But the master suddenly agreed, just because he wanted to give them a chance to fight, he naturally couldn’t let the master down.

Lin Yan immediately smiled with satisfaction, “OK, so let’s go together.”

Yunxuan belongs to the character of being strong when it is strong. At present, the domestic racers can no longer meet his training. This training is for him. Said it is a very good opportunity.

Although the level gap between Zhou Yue and the others is a bit big, such a rare opportunity to compete can at least let them know the level of their future opponents.

Zhou Yue whispered to Zheng Xuran on the side, “No wonder you can be an apprentice of Sister Yan, you are not an ordinary person…”

Mo Shuyun gritted his teeth. As the captain, he can’t persuade him. He can only bite the bullet and say: “Okay, let’s go together.” Go ahead.”

But as the captain, Mo Shuyun naturally considered more. He was worried that Lu Sen would mind. After all, this was indeed a big advantage for the WZ team.

Mo Shuyun was a little embarrassed to ask for advice: “Mr. Garcia, look at this, can our other players play together? Of course, if it is not convenient…”

Luson immediately enthusiastically held Mo Shuyun’s hand: ” Oh dear Captain Mo, of course it’s okay, it’s an honor! I’m worrying about coming to China in a hurry and there is no suitable opponent to fight. You really helped a lot, please don’t be polite.”

Mo Shuyun: “… …???”

Does this mean that Aurora is a suitable opponent? Are you serious?

Mo Shuyun always feels inexplicably being mocked…

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