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Chapter 1421 Can’t You Be Gentle?

Chapter 1421 Can’t You Be Gentle?

Lin Yan regretfully said to Mo Shuyun on the side, “It’s still a loss. Qi Feng didn’t come to ask for leave today.”

Mo Shuyun twitched, “Goddess, you’re almost done. I feel that we have made a hundred million!” For the

first time, Lu Sen felt that Sun Shuoran was so pleasing to the eye, “Smelly boy, you are smart this time, and you have made a great contribution!”

How could Lu Sen be unhappy and let Yeva play with him personally. A special training for a team member, which can’t be exchanged in any actual combat.

After all, there are too few teams that can compare with WZ. There are almost only one or two. The GD team that dominates the peak race and the veteran giants Falcons, and these two are competitors, everyone is against Who is it, it is impossible to train together in actual combat.

Sun Shuoran looked smug, “Of course, when I am not smart.”

Soon, all the cars were in place, including Mi Xiu who hurried over after buying water.

The WZ team’s car is silver, and the Aurora team’s car is red.

The moment the gunfire fell, all the cars drove away from the starting point at the same time and turned into a silver and red light.

The gap cannot be fully seen in a straight line. The first corner, the second corner, and the third corner. The gap is getting bigger and bigger…

Zhou Yue, Zheng Xuran, and Shao Haicheng saw the cars in front of them getting closer. The farther you go, you can only see the car exhaust in the end.

Oh, this is too cruel!

After they go out, can they show off, they have been abused by the four gods on the track?

Thinking about it this way, it seems worthwhile to be abused.

Mo Shuyun barely saw the rear of Mi Xiu’s car in front of him, but after a corner, he was also thrown off.

It turns out that this is the gap between them and the top racers…

After he ran into the world’s first league, he was once complacent about it. Such a level is placed at the peak of the game, and it is nothing.

I don’t know how Lin Yan and Yun Xuan are doing…

Mi Xiu and Yun Xuan ran in the back, you chased me, and the competition was fierce.

However, after a corner, Yun Xuan overtook Mi Xiu again, and accelerated to pursue Sun Shuoran in front of him.

Sun Shuoran saw from the rearview mirror that Mi Xiu at the back had become the fifth junior brother Yun Xuan, and he was like an enemy.

Damn, it would be a shame if you lose to Junior Brother!

Just when Sun Shuoran held his breath and planned to stop Yun Xuan anyway, the next second, Yun Xuan’s car stuck to the edge of the curve at an almost impossible angle, and surpassed him!

Was…overtaken? !

“Fog!!!” Sun Shuoran was heartbroken at that moment: “Albert rushed into the corner

?? ” Isn’t that the master’s nirvana?

They haven’t had time to learn yet! As a result, Junior Brother has already met?

He will cry for three days and three nights!

Master, you are partial!

Lin Yan obviously felt that several apprentices had made rapid progress in the past few years, the distance she could get rid of was getting shorter and shorter, and the butcher kept sticking to her.

This time, Lin Yan finally felt the real arena.

The roar of car engines resounded through the field, and the red cars roared and accelerated forward, as if shouting—come! Who releases the throttle and who is the dog!

Seeing Lin Yan directly turn on the hell mode to kill the Quartet, the silver racing car behind it roared and followed closely, the tires rubbed against the ground, sparks splashed everywhere, I just wanted to plug the wings into the car…

Damn! Master, let’s not bring this kind of thing, can’t you be gentle after three years of absence? !

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