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Chapter 1422 Digging The Wall

Chapter 1422 The digging

competition is over.

When Mo Shuyun waited for the people to reach the end, Lin Yan and the others had already got off the bus.

“How’s it going? Are you okay?” Mo Shuyun and others asked about the battle with concern.

Sun Shuoran wailed in indignation, “Hey, it’s too miserable, too miserable, too miserable! It’s so inhumane!”

Mo Shuyun hurried to Lin Yan and Yunxuan to comfort him with an unexpected expression. “It’s okay, goddess, don’t be too discouraged. The other party is WZ after all. It is inevitable to be abused.”

Lin Yan: “…” Who said she was abused?

Langman, KING, Butcher, Sun Shuoran: “…”

Brother, you have a problem with your understanding. It is not your goddess who is being abused, it’s us, okay!

However, although the abuse was miserable, everyone’s eyes were brighter than ever.

Lu Sen on the side saw that these two-to-eighty-million stinky boys were brutally abused, so don’t be too happy, and rushed over to make an appointment for the next one: “Otherwise, let’s have a few more games!”

Mo Shuyun said with a face. Horror, come again?

Do you still feel that they are not being abused enough?

Is this determined to find a place for Mi Xiu?

It’s too cruel!

“Okay.” Lin Yan shrugged indifferently.

Zhou Yue and the others didn’t dare to go on again and waved their hands again and again. “Sister Yan, I…we will not be together anymore, let’s go to the next race track!”

They already felt what it was like to be a dimensionality reduction blow . They had already seen the world, so there was no need to be abused.

Mo Shuyun was about to talk when his cell phone rang, and his expression of salvation suddenly appeared, “Oh, goddess, I will answer the phone, you guys come first, don’t worry about me!”

Mo Shuyun hurried away after speaking. .

In the lounge, Mo Shuyun looked at the caller ID notes on the phone screen with a somewhat complicated expression.

KNT team manager Xiao Yue…

Xiao Yue personally removed him from the team back then, but never contacted him again. What did he call him at this time?

Mo Shuyun lit a cigarette and put on the phone: “Hey.”

“Hey, Shuyun! I haven’t contacted for a long time, how are you doing?” Xiao Yue’s warm greeting came from the other end of the phone, which was a bit sour and mocking. The attitude is very different.

Mo Shuyun frowned, “Manager Xiao is looking for something to do with me?”

“Hehe, there is something, are you busy now, let’s find a place to have a meal together? I invite you!” Xiao Yue invited.

“It’s very busy, taking the team members to train, let’s talk on the phone if you have anything.” Mo Shuyun said.

“Hey, I know that Captain Mo, you are very busy now, but you always have the time to have a meal. How can you say that you were from my KNT team at the beginning, and you don’t give Xiao brother this little face?” Xiao Yue’s tone sounded Somewhat unhappy.

Mo Shuyun sneered at the corner of his mouth.

At the beginning, all his credits and achievements were wiped out, and he was forced to be removed from the team, but now it seems to have given him a great favor.

“Manager Xiao, it’s boring to say this now. How did you treat me in the first place, you forgot it so quickly? If you have something to say, just let it go. I don’t have the time to go around with you.” Mo Shuyun directly Speak unceremoniously, don’t want to waste time with him.

Xiao Yue was silent for a while, but for a moment he was in a very flattering tone, “Oh, Shuyun, look at you, I still remember something so long ago, I had no choice back then, you also know that the person has a little background. Everyone has to hold him, who knows he can’t afford to support him!”

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