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Chapter 2 – 3 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)

“A Jing! Get up quickly, Yi Ai is gone, and didn’t go home yesterday! You quickly get up and help find it.” Ming Mu opened the door and walked in with a worried expression on her face.

Ming Jing moved quickly to hug Sun Yiai under her body, and quickly pulled up the quilt with one hand to wrap the girl’s naked body tightly, but at the same time that the quilt was pulled, their feet were exposed instead.

Ming mother looked at the entangled feet. One pair of feet belonged to her son, and the other pair of white and delicate feet obviously belonged to a girl. I didn’t see the scene that I shouldn’t watch, but looking at the entangled feet is enough to make people think about it. My Mingmu’s face is slightly red, young man.

“How about it, is there any way Ajing can contact Yiai!” Grandmother also went upstairs, and continued to call her daughter without giving up.

“Ah, Mom, Aunt Sun, close the door first.” Ming Jing whispered.

When Ming’s mother stretched out her hand to close the door, grandmother saw the clothes falling by the door, a light purple dress. This was Sun Yiai’s dress last night. Her eyes slowly scanned Mingjing’s room. The clothes of boys and girls were scattered on the floor, “Wait a minute!”

Chapter 3

“What’s wrong?” My Ming mother looked at her.

The grandmother took a deep breath awkwardly, “Ming Jing, Yi Ai is in your room?” She also saw her feet tangled together.

Ming Jing looked at Sun Yiai, who was so stiff under her that she wanted to pretend to be dead. In the sight of no one, she hooked her lips and said innocently, “No.” The

grandmother was not blind, so she yelled, ” Sun Yiai!” The group

of people waiting for news from downstairs also came up, and asked in a rush: “What’s the matter? I found Yi Ai?”

“Where is Yi Ai?”

” Where is Yi Ai?”

“Sun Yi Ai, five minutes, come out!” Grandmother closed the door angrily.

Ming’s mother was stunned, “Is this Yiai inside?” The

grandmother was embarrassed and found her son’s bed with her daughter, and she nodded her head lightly.

In the room, Sun Yiai really wanted to faint, but he didn’t. What’s more annoying was that the man pressing her suddenly moved. The memory of last night was a little fuzzy, but at this moment it was exceptionally clear.

Suddenly, a flower in front of her eyes moved from the dark blue sheet to the white ceiling, and instantly, she met the man’s face.

It was a face different from Mingcheng, Mingcheng was gentle and steady, while Ming Jing’s facial features were more refined. When she looked at the person with peach blossom eyes, she looked ruthless and passionate.

He was hanging above her, his Adam’s apple was rolling sexyly, his arms descended down her waist, and stopped on her hips, his trim nails pinched her hips fiercely, and his breath brushed her. There was a sexy hum from his cheeks and throat.

She blushed, her eyes bewildered by the male look in front of her.

Ming Jing is very sexy, she is sexy in her bones. She is obviously a man, but she is like a walking aphrodisiac. When people look at it, his legs are weak. What’s more, the appearance of him on the bed at the moment is almost killing her.

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