Chapter 2 Reckless Husband

Speaking of Hua Wuxin, his guilt was listed on the Demon List, saying that he used a woman as a furnace, harvested yin and nourished the yang, and practiced magical skills secretly. I don’t know how many innocent girls have been ruined.

If this harm can be eliminated, it will be a blessing to all the women.

Hua Wuxin stared at her, and the corners of Junyi’s mouth evoked a wicked smile.

“For the past year, Girl Furong has been entangled with

her father unrelentingly. With such kindness, the godfather can’t bear to refuse any more. Today, Master decided to fulfill Girl Furong’s infatuation and is willing to go to the clouds and rain with you.” This year, Song Xinning and Hua Wuxin She has fought against him many times, and every time he speaks frivolously, she turns a deaf ear to her ears. This time she still doesn’t say much nonsense, and she suddenly shoots out the sword, the sword is fierce, and it is all decisive killer moves.

“Don’t worry, the Lord didn’t tell you not to give it to you, but the anger left you cold? Although the Lord is romantic, he is only pretending to be

you— “Eh? Be careful, this is the Lord’s baby, without it, Lord How can I give you rain and dew? You need to know that the grandfather is a great job, and the girls who have used it say yes—

“Don’t slap your face, your face is very valuable. Your grandfather is too handsome to wear it. The mask concealed one or two, lest the girl would look at it and miss her life–“The

flowers are flying, the petals are like rain, and the two figures shuttle between them, high and low, left and right, the speed is as fast as a ghost, if there are others. Witnessing will only be dizzy.

The master’s tricks were a hundred tricks in an instant, and every trick changed rapidly. Suddenly, with a “clang”, Hua Wuxin’s machete fell off and the sword pierced her chest.

He stiffened, as if he couldn’t believe it. He looked down at the stabbed chest, where the blood was flowing, right in the middle, and it would be hard to save the gods.

Song Xinning drew his sword, and he knelt on his legs and fell into the flowers. This Asura Valley has actually become his burial place.

Song Xinning looked at the man who fell to the ground coldly, and breathed a sigh of relief. In order to hunt down Hua Wuxin, she spent a lot of energy studying the person’s whereabouts, habits, and martial arts skills. After a year of hunting, she finally killed the martial arts scourge.

She squatted down, stretched out her hand to take off Hua Wuxin’s mask, and looked at him carefully. This was the first time she saw him.

It is indeed a handsome face. I don’t know how many girls have been deceived by this face.

She coldly raised her hand, and raised her sword to cut off his head and take him back for business. At this moment, Hua Wuxin’s eyes suddenly blinked at her.

Song Xinning was shocked, and instantly understood that he was in the middle of the game.

Hua Wuxin turned over and pressed her into the flowers.

“I caught you.” The man smiled, and his body approached with evil spirits, his strong chest pressed against the softness of her chest, and the stiff part under him was also close to her legs.

There was a rare panic on her face that had always been calm.

“The rivers and lakes are dangerous, even if you are facing the dead, don’t be careless.” The

man’s heat is in the ear, and the man’s body temperature is still burning her skin through the clothes.

She was shocked that she was unable to move.

“You poisoned?”

Hua Wuxin took a moment to appreciate the panic that accidentally leaked in her eyes.

“Do you know why this valley is called the Asura Valley? It is because there are many poisonous flowers hidden in the flowers all over the world. These poisonous flowers have absorbed how much blood from the corpse to make the mountains and valleys colorful and beautiful. Now, here is about to be

Add your hibiscus flower again.” Song Xinning suddenly realized. When the two played against each other in the valley, it was inevitable that they would be stabbed by the flower thorns. She didn’t care about it, so she fell into the trap. And Hua Wuxin knew that it was poisonous, and he led her to this place, and she must have taken the detoxification pill in advance.

Song Xinning felt desperate. She didn’t expect that she would eventually be buried here, and this man was so brave that he must have destroyed her innocence before he died. Since he is in danger, he can only accept reality.