Chapter 3 Reckless Husband

“Hua Daxia, before I die, can you give me a wish?”

The three words “Hua Daxia” made Hua Wuxin frowned. “You say.”

“I die, please my corpse to cover up, do not let people find.”

“Huh? You do not ask how I save you?”

“You practice magic, specifically to women as a furnace tripod, certainly will not Let me go, even if I am not poisoned to death, I will definitely be taken to death by you. Since it is always a death, it is better to ask for the dignity of a dead person. Don’t let me be clothed after death and shame my mother. Put my body Hidden, she only treats me as if I wander through the rivers and lakes, so as not to live in the grief of bereavement.”

Hua Wuxin was surprised to see that although her face was a little pale, she was able to remain calm and calm in the face of life and death. Surprisingly, wandering around the rivers and lakes, most of them are people who put life and death out of control. What he felt is that the women who encountered things like robbery were mostly panicked and cried for mercy, but this woman did not ask him to let her go, but just begged After he was done, he clothed her to cover her body and helped destroy the body.

Hua Wuxin didn’t answer immediately, but just put her face with one hand, staring at her face and looking up, as if thinking about something.

Probably because he had been staring for too long, Song Xinning couldn’t help being a little anxious, fearing that he would die soon, and he would not have time to wait for his promise.

“I only have this wish, and it will not be against you. If you are afraid of being caught up by others because of the delay, you might as well scratch my face so that people will not be recognized, and then take off my clothes from the Jade Spirit Palace. , Find a chance to burn it, how about?”

Hua Wuxin supported her cheek with one hand and stroked her face with the other. The skin under her fingertips was soft to the touch.

A living little beauty, when she is about to lose her virginity, she does not cry or make trouble, and even calmly advises him on how to destroy the body in the shortest possible time… How can this sound more lethargic than a woman’s groaning? Is he excited?

“Not good,” he said.

Seeing her disappointed look, her eyes were desperate. Despite this, she didn’t lose her mind because of this, but she pressed her lips tightly and stopped talking.

His palm fell, rubbing her neck, and his thin lips rubbed her ears and temples. Seeing her closing her eyes, he seemed to be planning to endure the next unbearable humiliation.

“I lied to you.” His voice was low, and he chuckled in her ears. “The thorns will not poison people, but will only temporarily paralyze the limbs.”

Song Xinning opened his eyes to look at him quickly.

“But you have seen the true face of the master, and the master should kill you.”

Her complexion became stiff, and her bright eyes turned dark again.

“But you have chased your master for a year anyway. Although your master is called Hua Wuxin, he is not really heartless.” He suddenly touched her clothes and tore off her belly pocket.

“Master first take care of it, it will be our love. Remember, you owe your life.” The man held her earlobe, licking and teasing, his voice was dumb, but the words were clear. “You still owe

him a bridal chamber.” His kisses stimulated her nerves, causing her to shiver. Suddenly, the pressure on her body disappeared, she opened her eyes, and no one was seen.

Song Xinning was stunned, and it took a while before he realized that he had escaped from the dead and had escaped a catastrophe.

When she found that she could move her hands and feet, she immediately jumped up from the ground, the joy of escape overwhelming the advantage she was taken.

What is a bellyband? Her name is not written on it. Hua Wuxin would regret not taking the opportunity to kill her. She was not a weak woman who was kissed and found alive, she was bitten by a dog.

This time she was careless, and she would never make this mistake again next time.

After taking care of herself and making sure that there was no abnormality on the surface, she joined up with the other people who came after her, followed the others for another two days, chasing them to the riverside before stopping.

The river is wide, and because most people don’t dare to cross the river hastily because of the poor water quality, they are afraid that they will lose their lives if they encounter an ambush in the water. After everyone discussed it, they decided to go back first.