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Chapter 4 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)

Even if she likes Mingcheng, it doesn’t prevent her from admiring Mingjing’s face.

This face is impeccable.

“Does it look good?” he asked in a low voice.

She was hit with messy hair, her long slender legs curled up on the bed, her toes rubbed the sheets into a ball, she reached out and covered her eyes, “Ming Jing, please, please!” After

drinking, she was chaotic again. She was really crazy when she was caught on the spot by the family.

“Okay.” He whispered, his eyes flashing.

con man!

five minutes?

When I was a child, when my grandmother knocked on the door for the third time, “Sun Yiai? Give you another five minutes. Come out quickly. Don’t think about hiding and not come out.”

Sun Yiai opened his mouth and bit his chest in front of him. With a muffled snort, the searing fluid came out completely, spraying her flower path all over, the sensitive flower path was irritated and violently contracted, and her eyes were lost for a moment.

“Baby, let go of your mouth, we are going down.” His voice revealed satisfaction.

Sun Yiai returned to her senses. She glared at him in annoyance. He smiled and left her body. She only felt something flowing out of her body. She hurriedly brought her legs together, looking for clothes to wear when she got up.

“No bathing?” he asked her.

What bath is there! Let her take a bath, why didn’t he let her wash before? If she doesn’t go out again, her mother will come in with a knife.

Dong Dong, this time it’s Ming Mu. The door was opened with a gap, and one hand was holding a bag and hung it on the doorknob inside the door, “Yi Ai, this is the clothes. You can change your clothes and come down.” After speaking, Mingmu retracted her hand and closed the door and left.

Sun Yiai was moved by Ming’s mother’s kindness, pulled the quilt to cover herself, and wanted to walk quickly to pick up the bag, but as soon as she moved, she fell off the bed directly, and her two legs had no strength at all.

Finally, Ming Jing found out that he took her into the bathroom and put the bag aside, “Do you want me to help?”

“You go out.”

This time, Ming Jing was obedient, he went out, and he walked naked. When he got to the bedside, looking at the messy and obscene bed, there was a touch of content in Peach Blossom’s eyes, and he licked the corner of his lips. He picked up the cigarette from the bedside table, and the sparks flickered. He leaned on the bedside and took a lazy sip. Listening to the bathroom being quiet for a few minutes, the sound of water gradually sounded.

In about five minutes, Sun Yiai walked out, her movements were unusually fast, Yu Guang saw him smoking naked and turned around in fright.

Man, smoke turned out to be like this afterwards.

She blushed and heard him ask her, “Done it clean?”

How could it be cleaned? She was afraid that they were waiting in a hurry downstairs, and came out after taking a hurried bath. She didn’t dare to look at the ambiguous marks on her body. She nodded at random when she asked him.

Mingjing extinguished the cigarette and walked behind her, “It will be uncomfortable

if it is not cleaned.” She did not figure out what he meant, and he said, “After going downstairs, what are we facing, you know? ?”

What else can it be? Be scolded by her mother, looking for her all night, but she was messing with Ming Jing, she lowered her head and felt guilty in her heart.

“With the relationship between our two families, I wish we two were together…”

“Impossible, we are just a one-night stand!” She hurriedly interrupted him, because she did not dare to look at his naked body, so that she did not see the cold flash in his eyes when she blurted it out.

“One-night stand?”

“Yes, otherwise!” She asked back. She only regretted that the one-night stand was targeted by Ming Jing, the younger brother of the person she liked. This unclear relationship made her head confused.

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