Chapter 4 Reckless Husband

Song Xinning returned to the Yuling Palace and reported the process of this pursuit to the palace lord. At the same time, he learned from other people that this time the Nine Martial Groups worked together to chase down and kill 26 wicked people. Put aside those wicked people. Not counting the lackeys, five of them are the most famous villains on the list of demons, but it’s a pity that Hua Wuxin let him escape.

The good news is that one of the wicked men was beheaded by the big brother.

Song Xinning secretly admired the big brother.

In the Yuling Palace, the martial arts of the master is second only to the master of the palace. Everyone said that the master might be elected by the elder as the next master of the palace.

At the celebration banquet, the palace lord comforted the disciples who went out of the palace this time.

Yuling Palace has always been strict and strict, and the only time to relax is at the banquet. Taking this opportunity, the disciples gathered together and chatted. After the three rounds of drinking, they lost their usual restraints long ago. They laughed and scolded each other. Talk freely.

This time, the disciples who did not leave the palace surrounded the partners who participated in this hunting operation, asking for the details of this pursuit of the wicked person. And Song Xinning was also surrounded by the younger siblings, she answered with a smile, joking with the younger siblings, but when no one was paying attention, her eyes would look at the older siblings intentionally or unconsciously.

The big brother Yu Zhan is handsome and elegant, and when he looks at you, his eyes seem to be shining with all the stars in the sky. He always smiles, treats others with gentle and caring, letting you in front of him, even a willful eldest lady, will let go of her little temper and unconsciously soften down.

Although Song Xinning liked him, she would not circle around him like other juniors. On the contrary, she would keep a distance, not deliberately put it up, but fearing that she would get nervous and lose her attitude in front of him, because he only needs a look and a smile. It was enough to make her feel restless all day long, worrying about gains and losses.

So he always took the initiative to talk to her.

“Sister Xinning.”


She gave him a slight blessing, her eyes lowered, she did not dare to look directly into his eyes, for fear of revealing her confusion, but when she heard him call her name, she felt her ears. Child fever.

“Shencai couldn’t find you, thinking you were hiding from me.”

“How could it be, but seeing the big brother surrounded by so many people, I can’t go there and disturb.”

She has always felt that the big brother treats her. , It seems to be different from treating other juniors.

He will take the initiative to find her and talk to her, there is always an unspeakable ambiguity in the conversation.

“It’s a pity, I really hope that the younger sister will bother the older brother.”

Listening to it, like this, the voice is deliberately lowered, the words are intimate, and his eyes are deeper than usual when he sees her.

Is he suggesting something to her?

It’s a pity that every time she wants to check again, she is always disturbed by others. At this time, a group of juniors and siblings gathered around and interrupted the opportunity for the two to get along alone. He looked away and talked to everyone with a smile, while she was lost in confusion, entangled with what he just said. Does it mean something else?

She is twenty years old and it’s time to marry, and it is inevitable that she has a dream of marrying the person she loves.

She has been waiting for the big brother to speak, but apart from his gentle eyes and implicitly ambiguous words, he has never done anything to her.

If he says that he treats her no differently than others, he will give treatment that other juniors don’t.

He would accompany her to practice swords until late at night, and he would spend time with her to discuss her mind. When she was sick or injured, he would visit many times late at night, and gently tuck the quilt for her.

He would also deliberately come to find her when she deliberately alienated him, and narrow the distance between each other.

If you don’t care about her, when should you take care of her?

In his heart…should he have her too, right?