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Chapter 5 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)

A strong aura belonging to him surrounded her. She heard him ask, “You said, in the hour we didn’t go down, did they know what we were doing?”

She lowered her head shyly, her white ears stained. It’s pink.

“Guess what they will say?” he asked.

She murmured, “What can I say, it’s nothing.”

“Heh.” He chuckled lightly, with a hint of mockery.

“It was originally!” Her voice became lighter and softer.

He raised his eyebrows, and for her self-deception, he cruelly pierced her, “They will want us to marry.”

“Marriage!” She opened her eyes wide and looked up at him, looking terrified, she didn’t even think about it. I want to say, “I don’t want it!”

“The rape is in bed, what else do you want to deny?” he asked.

“Yesterday we just rolled the sheets accidentally.”

“They don’t think so.” He whispered maliciously, “They might ask, why did you roll the sheets with me yesterday, and you said you were drunk. But why are you drunk?”

She was shocked, and she stood there all over, confused, yes, how to put it, because the love Mingcheng got married, she was overwhelmed and drank too much, and finally rolled the sheets with Ming Jing. If she dared to say this, her parents would beat her to death.

Besides, Mingcheng is married. He likes his wife very much. If she really said that, it would be too shameless.

Even if she can’t be with Mingcheng, even if he doesn’t understand her intentions, she doesn’t want them to fall into the embarrassment of seeing each other, he just thinks of her as his sister.

Ming Jing dropped these words and went into the bathroom. She stood there, thinking about it for a long time, and soon he walked out, still naked, as if it were normal in front of her, she blushed. He whispered inwardly at him as an exhibitionist, and turned around.

After a rustling sound, he got dressed.

“Sun Yiai.”

“What are you doing!”

“After you get married, I won’t care about you.”


“As long as you are a good wife on the surface, you can do whatever you want, I won’t care about you. “

He said as if she was married or unmarried. Is there such a good thing? She looked at him, and he was wearing a dark gray tracksuit, with a relaxed attitude.

“After getting married, if you meet someone you like, we can get a divorce.”

“Ah!” She stared at him blankly.

“After dealing with the elders, you can do whatever you like.”

“Ming Jing.”


“Yesterday, did I take the initiative?” She asked hoarsely.

Ming Jing was silent for three seconds, then slowly replied, “Yeah.” As expected, it

was her overlord who stubbornly bowed.

“Why don’t you reject me!” She doesn’t believe that he can’t push her away. After all, he is a man and he is stronger than her.

He snorted, “Sun Yiai, I am a man.”

Yes, men and women have different physiological structures. Whether they like it or not, they will not refuse the initiative of a girl.

Thinking of this, she felt even more uncomfortable. Sun Yiai could think of what kind of storm they would face after going downstairs. She didn’t dare to go downstairs, but after listening to him, she felt like she hurt him.

Marry him, he doesn’t care about her, and he can divorce even if he wants to get a divorce.

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