Chapter 5 Reckless Husband

He didn’t say what was the relationship between the two, and she didn’t dare to ask, always struggling with suspicion in her heart.

She didn’t know how long this situation would last, but someone took the initiative to help her ask her doubts.

“I like big brother.”

Huang Ying’s voice came from the bamboo forest softly, and Song Xinning was surprised.

There is a bamboo forest in a remote part of the hill behind Yuling Palace. There are sparsely populated places and few people come here. She usually likes to hide here for a while, and the elegant bamboo leaf scent lingers around her nose, which makes her feel peaceful, but she didn’t expect to hear the confession of the younger sister to the senior brother today.

Her concealed breath is very clever, as long as she is silent, no one will be able to spot her.

“Sister, you are still young.”

“I’m fifteen years old and I can marry someone.” Sister, I’m 20 years old and

I’m not married. What are you worried about? Really! The young female disciples now don’t know what reserve is.

Song Xinning was even more focused, and listened carefully, because she wanted to know more, how would Senior Brother answer?

“Thanks to the kindness of the younger sister, the older brother took it.”

Song Xinning curled her mouth.


Senior Brother have someone he likes? I heard… Senior Brother is very different to Sister Furong. Does Senior Brother like her?” Song Xinning was deeply concerned.

“Sister, you have passed.”

“I don’t believe that Senior Brother likes her, Sister Furong is not beautiful enough, she is cold, boring, and she is

old– ” Hey Hey-which disciple are you? Dare to arrange me behind!

“She is not worthy of the big brother.” After the impolite little sister said, she wept loudly.

Why are you crying? ! Swearing and being wronged? What a long experience.

Song Xinning was very depressed. She knew that she was not beautiful enough, but compared with the disciples of Yuling Palace, when she came out of Yuling Palace, her appearance could crush a bunch of people, okay?

It turns out that I look like this in the eyes of others, so I don’t know what the big brother thinks of her? Does he also think he is cold and boring?

She had known this for a long time because she knew that she was inferior to others, so she practiced martial arts harder than others since she was a child.

She made up for the lack of appearance in martial arts, and she was really favored by the palace lord, and accepted her as a personal disciple, becoming one of the seven major disciples of the palace lord and the only female disciple of the palace lord.

The big brother sighed softly and grabbed Song Xinning’s mind back, and his heart tightened.

“She and I are the same master, so you should take more care of her. You think too much.”

“Is that so?” The little junior girl cried, adding more joy.

“As the seven major disciples, I have more responsibilities than other disciples. The palace lord has extremely high requirements and expectations of us, and will take over the responsibilities of the elders in the future. Therefore, she and I must constantly supervise each other and learn from each other. Wugong, discussing the mind, naturally spends more time together than others, and is more intimate.”

“So that’s it…”

“Therefore,” Senior Brother’s gentle voice turned serious. “You can’t think too much, and don’t guess randomly. I am a man, and there is nothing wrong with me. But Furong is a woman. The innocence of a woman is more important than fate. If you say that today, you can no longer speak to others. If your Sister Furong’s reputation is broken, the senior brother will enforce the palace rules and severely punish you for your disrespect.”

“Ah…don’t be angry, senior brother, I know it’s wrong, don’t blame me…” the little sister said Jiao Didi, timidity is true, but acting like a baby makes up seven points.

The big brother sighed lightly again. “Don’t be so capricious in the future…” The tone turned back to gentle, and it was actually more spoiled.