Chapter 6 (Coaxing Wife Like The Beginning)

Isn’t he very pitiful?

After all, he is not a golden bachelor after he is married. Even if she doesn’t pay much attention to him, she often hears from her mother that Ming Jing set up a financial company by herself as soon as she came back from the United States. She didn’t understand very well. , But her mother said he makes a lot of money.

Her mother often said that Ming Jing, who is handsome and excellent in career, is admired by many celebrities and daughters. Not relying on Ming’s family, Ming Jing made a career on his own, coupled with his appearance, most of the girls chased him.

There is no shortage of girls who like him.

She became even more discouraged, “Ming Jing, if you marry me and get divorced in the future, you will be second-hand.”

“It’s like you’re not the same.” He laughed again.

She stared at him irritably, like this since childhood, he just liked to bully her.

Of course she knew that after the divorce, she was also second-hand, but she just wanted to tell him that the consequences would be serious, but he looked silly and didn’t care at all.

She sighed in her heart. She forgot that Mingjing’s personality was different from Mingcheng. Mingcheng would be very considerate and attentive in everything he does, but Mingjing is not. He does everything he wants.

“Sun Yiai, after the divorce, girls generally suffer more than boys. If you want to worry, you also worry about yourself.” He put his hands in his trouser pockets leisurely, his expression cold.

“Oh.” She replied in a low voice. She didn’t care about marriage or divorce. Anyway, she had never talked about love. After so many years of crushing in love with Mingcheng, the girl’s feelings were all still dead, and she felt that she would never again. Who are you falling in love with?

“Are you wronged for me?” He stroked her hair with an empty hand.

“You are losing.”

“No loss, if you marry you, my mother won’t urge you to marry, let alone she likes you so much.” When

she was about to speak, he added, “And I really like your body.

Yes .” When the words came to her lips, she swallowed them back abruptly, neurotic! Why did she think he was pitiful just now, he was wronged, he is simply a stinky man with a worm’s upper body!

“Don’t worry, after we get married, we are the same as we are now.”

She thought about it, and it didn’t seem impossible to get married.

He spread his palms toward her, palms toward her, “Let’s go, they’ve been waiting downstairs for a long time.” It

‘s not because of his brutality that they have been waiting for a long time! She glared at him, still placing her hand on his palm obediently.

He tightened his big palm, wrapped her white tender hands, and led her downstairs. She followed him, and the corners of her lips wriggled a few times. He wanted him to let go of his hands. His strength was so strong that he caught her. ‘S hand hurts a bit.

“Wait a minute, you don’t have to say anything.”

Her mind was shifted by his words, “Hmm.”

“Leave it to me.”

The three words made her nervous heart relax strangely, and she secretly glanced at him, the person, or that person, but I don’t know why, he seems to be a little more mature.

She nodded gently, “Okay.”

But the next moment, she took back what she had just thought, what the hell was he matured!

“Parents, Uncle Sun, Aunt Sun, I and Yi Ai are planning to get married.” It was

not an explanation, and Sun Yi Ai was dumbfounded by the solemn announcement.

In the end, a few men went to the study to discuss. Sun Yiai was pulled by her Ming mother. Her Ming mother looked happy, “Oh, I have coveted Ai Ai to be my daughter-in-law for a long time.”