Chapter 6 Reckless Husband

Song Xin listened quietly. Until today, when she listened to him from the perspective of a third party, she suddenly realized that his gentleness is not her exclusive.

The younger sister felt that the older brother treated her Song Xinning with a special attitude, and from her Song Xinning’s perspective, why did the older brother treat the younger sister special?

It turned out that she was passionate about herself.

In his eyes, what is special about her is that they are both the seven major disciples of the palace lord. He treats her kindly, and it is also human nature.

Although the older brother and younger younger sister left for a while, she still lay in the pile of bamboo leaves and did not move.

The bamboo leaves all over the floor cover her body, and the fragrance of bamboo leaves that she loves the most on weekdays, but today it has a green bitter taste.

No, it’s not Zhuye’s bitterness, but her   heartache . It turns out that her heart has been blinded by herself for a long time and can’t see the truth…

It wasn’t until dinner that Song Xinning returned to the house where she lived.

She is a direct disciple of the palace master, and she should have lived in the same courtyard with the other six direct disciples, but because she was a woman, she was able to own a small courtyard.

Now, she is very fortunate that she has a private courtyard, so that she won’t be able to see the disappointing tears on her face.

Even if she cried, she was dull and silent, and stopped after two tears, because crying and swelling her eyes would be troublesome, and it would be troublesome to explain when someone saw her.

Look, she wasn’t so sad either, the tears stopped at the thought of trouble.

She also considered things like a god, and only after washing her face, someone came to her door.

A handyman disciple sent a letter, which was a letter from his mother.

She closed the door, sat in front of the case, and opened the letter to read. After reading it, she sat in a daze, and did not even go to the lobby for dinner.

She stayed up all night, watching the stars fall and the East was white. When the morning sun rises, it is also when the disciples of the Yuling Palace are practicing in the morning. Song Xinning used to go to the martial arts field to instruct the juniors and younger sisters to move, but after washing up today, she left the house and walked towards the palace lord’s cave.

After hearing her decision, the palace lord of Yuling Palace was a little surprised, but she knew her apprentice’s temperament well, and after thinking about it carefully, she didn’t seem so surprised.

The palace lord of the Jade Spirit Palace is nearly sixty years old, and her wise old eyes seem to be able to see through people’s hearts. For decades, she has been in retreat in the bridal chamber, but naturally someone will report to her regularly about what happened in the palace.

She looked at the only female disciple lovingly. This apprentice has always been calm, reliable, and deliberate before deciding anything, and never reckless. She has always liked this apprentice.

Unfortunately, this apprentice has excellent aptitude, but in the face of love, he is still a little tender.

“You know that this palace originally planned to announce next month that you will succeed the elder Yu Liuli and take over the position of the eighth master. If you leave, you will be handed over as the master of this family.”

“Furong knows.”

“You I know that marriage is not a trifling matter. It’s a woman’s life. Do you really regret it?”

“Furong does not regret it.”

“You raise your head and look at this palace.”

Song Xinning raised her head, showing her admiration. Apart from the mother in this world, the palace lord is her second relative.

“Furong is fortunate to be a disciple of the palace lord, and she has been cultivated by the lord of the palace. It is the third life of Furong. However, her mother’s kindness of nurturing must be reciprocated. Therefore, Furong decided to follow

her mother’s wishes.” Her eyes were firm, her voice was sincere and her face was firm. There is no hesitation on it.

The palace lord looked at her and nodded gently. “Now that you have thought about it clearly, that’s fine. Five days later, you go to the palace gate of the elder Yu Changqing and go down the mountain with the palace card.”

“Thank you, the palace

lord .” Song Xinning banged his head at the palace lord three times. Respectfully exit the cave.