Chapter 7 Reckless Husband

After she left, the palace lord sighed faintly.

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity…”

I don’t know whether this sentence is a pity who is not, and it is a pity that who has no distinction, and Song Xinning returned to the house to pack up the burden after receiving the palace lord’s permission.

Five days later, news of Song Xinning’s decision to leave Yuling Palace and retreat from Jianghu spread all over the seven holes and eighteen gates of Yuling Palace. The reason was that she wanted to go home to marry.

She doesn’t like procrastination. Once she decides, she will do it. It only took a short day from receiving the urging letter from her home to telling her decision to the palace lord.

One day, she decided on the major events of her life.

Song Xinning herself is very calm about the matter of marrying, but for everyone in the Yuling Palace, it is a single stone that caused a thousand waves, from the master of the house, the guardian, the cook, the steward, and even the pigs and horses. As for the handyman, no one knows that Sister Yu Furong likes Big Brother Yu Zhan.”

Sister Furong, are you really going back to marry someone?” The Yuling Palace disciples circled Song Xinning around and asked in a rush, unable to believe that she was suddenly going home to marry.

“My family has booked a kiss for me, and I will get married next month. I have to go back to be married.” In the face of a pair of disbelieving eyes, Song Xinning was so free and smiled right, as if he was about to marry. She is looking forward to it.

Everyone glanced at each other, someone winked and bumped their elbows, and the person who was hit, under everyone’s gaze, finally mustered up the courage to ask everyone’s doubts.

“This…Does Senior Brother Yu Zhan know about this?” In the face of everyone’s staring gazes, Song Xinning realized that she likes Senior Brother’s things, everyone can see…

Fortunately, she has adjusted herself. My mood can be calm as usual all the time.

“Big Brother is out of the mountain, I can’t tell him in time.”

In addition to martial arts excellence, Yu Zhan is still a beautiful man. He and Song Xinning are in a tacit understanding, one move, one move, no words, and it seems like a natural success, so Song Xinning will definitely take her place with this move. And there are many female disciples who are thinking about the big brother, and there is bound to be a fierce competition.

Song Xinning insisted that the more sad the more she was, the more generous she would be. Let everyone be jealous. She always smiled, and people couldn’t find any doubts. Someone asked her who her future husband-in-law was? She also generously informed.

The person she is going to marry is the second master of Taiwei’s mansion.

Taiwei Zheng… That’s a high official who can enter and leave the imperial study room and meet the emperor directly! It turns out that their Sister Furong left Yuling Palace to become an official wife.

The court and the rivers and lakes are two completely different worlds.

Some people were surprised, some were envious, and some were reluctant. Under so many complicated gazes, Song Xinning jumped on horseback, smiled and said goodbye, pulling on the reins and riding the horse belly. What was left for everyone was the cool back of her riding away.

It was not an impulse to leave Yuling Palace and go home to marry someone. It was Song Xinning’s decision after careful consideration.

She stopped the horse and looked back at the mountain gate one last time.

I thought that when she was seven years old, in order to protect her mother, she ran to the martial arts Jindaomen to apprentice martial arts. I wanted to learn a martial arts, at least not to be bullied, but I happened to meet the palace lord walking through the Jindaomen and fell in love with her roots. Bone, took her back to the Yuling Palace and taught her martial arts personally.

She recalled all the past, women spent all their youth here, but… she never regretted it.

She curled her lips and smiled lightly.

Farewell, arena.

Chapter Two    Song Xinning rode a horse for half a day, and finally returned to her house.

This is a yard with three entrances. In addition to her and her mother, there is also a maid, a young man, and a couple of old servants.