Chapter 8 Reckless Husband

Song Xinning reined in front of the door, knocked on the door, handed the horse to the young man who came to answer the door, and stepped into the hospital.

The old servant Mei Shu saw her and greeted her in surprise.

“Big girl!”

Where is my mother?” “Madam is in the house.”

Song Xinning nodded, and strode towards the hall.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw that his mother was busy instructing people to sort things out, and Song Xinning raised her eyebrows.

“Mother, are you moving the whole house away?”

Yanniang looked back at her daughter, and immediately greeted her with enthusiasm, and took her daughter’s hand to the inner room.

“You came back just right, and my mother showed you something good.”

Seeing her mother’s face, Song Xinning looked very happy, and looked very different from the appearance of a deep-seated woman in the past . His whole body was full of vibes, and he looked several years younger.


dragged her daughter to the inner room and pointed to the big wooden box on the floor and asked, “Guess what’s inside?” Song Xinning looked at it and said with a serious face: “The face my mother brought me.” Yanniang tweeted

. “Nonsense!”

“Huh? Isn’t it?” Song Xinning looked disappointed, and shook his head with excitement. “I thought you figured it out. Go buy a man to come back to bed.”

Yanniang was too lazy to tell her more, and couldn’t wait to take the initiative to open the wooden box to her daughter.

“Look, we’re rich!”

In addition to the jewellery, the wooden box contained silk cloth.

Compared to Yanniang’s excitement, Song Xinning is still calm.

“It looks like Master Song has negotiated a good price this time for the business.” No need to guess, she knew it was sent by the Song family.

Master Song is the father of Song Shiren and Song Xinning, but she never calls him father, they are all called Master Song.

Yanniang asked curiously, “What business?”

Song Xinning spit out three words with a smile. “Sell your daughter.”

Yanniang paused first, and then twisted her eyebrows. “Nonsense again! This is a betrothal gift, a betrothal gift! Your father said in the letter, it is only a small part, first send it over to make new clothes for us, and be decent when we go back.”

Song Xinning shook her head. “You guarded your widowhood for more than ten years. You bought you with a few boxes of money, and you were sold to pay for the number of people. You really didn’t see the coffin without tears.”

Song Xinning knows that women like mothers are everywhere. All their lives can only lie down on men, no matter how much wronged men have suffered, as long as men turn their heads back, they will comfort themselves and show women’s tolerance and generosity.

She was too lazy to tell her mother that she turned around and went out of the house and called Aunt Mei to boil a pot of hot water. She wanted to wash away all the dust.

Yanniang hurriedly locked the wooden box, put away the key, and hurried after her daughter with her skirt.

“Ning’er, he is your father after all–“

“I know, you are his outside room, I am his illegitimate daughter.”

“Hey! You deliberately pissed me to death–“

“I can’t die. You have a tough temper and don’t admit defeat. You have been here for thirteen years, and finally waited until the heartless person picked you back. How could you be willing to die?”

This is the truth.

Yanniang gritted her teeth. “Can’t you say it better?”

“Faithful, the truth is not good.”

“Look at you—I don’t know who you look like!”

Song Xinning entered her room, put the sword on the table, and fell for herself. Drinking a glass of water, Yanniang’s nagging came again.

“My mother has endured for so many years. Isn’t it for you? Now it’s hard to look forward to your father coming to pick us up and let you recognize your ancestors and return to your ancestors. It would be nice for you to talk to your mother as soon as you come back. Do you have a conscience!” Yan The mother was wronged and turned her sleeves to find a veil to wipe her tears.