Chapter 9 Reckless Husband

Song Xinning took out the veil from his sleeve and handed it to her. “Here.”

Yanniang took the veil, wiped her eyes and wiped her tears.

Song Xinning was indifferent and said indifferently, “Everything does not go to the Palace of the Three Treasures, who is Master Song? He is a businessman, and a businessman is not profitable. He raised you outside. Over the past ten years, he has treated us Mother and daughter are indifferent. At this time, they suddenly want to pick us up. Do you treat him as a conscience finding? In my opinion, he found that we are profitable.”

Yanniang paused with her hand in her kerchief. Thinking about what she said.

Song Xinning kindly reminded. “Squeeze tears do not rub, you’re not too tired, I feel for you tired.”

Yan Niang “cut” a cry, pulled a chair to sit down next to her and asked: “? What is his view of profit ‘

‘ If I’m right, the marriage that Master Song ordered for me must be a big problem.”

“How come? Your father ordered Taiwei Zheng’s second son!”

Song Xinning added a cup of tea to herself. , Took a sip slowly before speaking slowly.

“Master Song has one wife, four concubines, and three sons.

Regarding the daughter, I don’t count it. There are four daughters, three of whom have reached the age of marriage, all of whom have not been out of the cabinet.” For Song Xinning, it is necessary to investigate the Song family. The background of the members is not difficult.

When Yanniang heard her daughter say this, she first wondered, and then she realized something, her face changed, and she suddenly understood her daughter’s meaning.

If Tai Wei Zheng’s marriage is so good, why doesn’t Song Shiren choose one of the three married daughters to get married, but find the illegitimate daughter born outside the room?

No matter how stupid Yanniang is, she knows that there is a big problem with this marriage.

Seeing her mother finally understood, Song Xinning reminded her heartlessly. “Being married to an official family and having an official family as a backer is a lot of benefits for a businessman. As for the shamelessness of the groom’s official, it’s not about his Song family. Anyway, it’s not his daughter who married. It’s a big deal. Sacrifice an illegitimate daughter.”

Yanniang’s original joy disappeared, replaced by anger.

“That stinky man actually hit the idea of ​​selling his daughter. It’s really awkward!”

Yanniang was overwhelmed by desire. She had been looking forward to one day that she could get her name and return to the Song family in a fair manner, so she became Song Shiren. When she said she was going to pick up their mother and daughter back to Song’s house, she thought that she had finally come to her pains, but she didn’t know that the man had used it.

Yanniang was filled with enthusiasm and was ruthlessly poured cold water, old hatred and new hatred, she regretted it.

“No, let’s reject the marriage!”

“Do you think this matter is up to you?”

Yanniang was choked. If the surname Song is so easy to send, her Yanniang will stay in this village to be an outside room? can only wait? Can only blame God and others?

To put it bluntly, she is just a weak woman who can only rely on a man to feed her. What is the ability to refuse a man’s decision?

Yanniang was hit with guilt, and finally bowed her head to admit her mistake.

“Daughter, my mother is wrong, what do you say? My mother listens to you.” This time it was not pretending to cry, but genuine tears.

The daughter has always had a big idea and has always been the backbone of the family. Yanniang is very fortunate to have such an opinionated daughter. For more than ten years, her husband has ignored her. Thanks to the long years of her daughter’s company, she was left alone. There is a hope that the days of keeping an empty boudoir will not end in depression.

She was also fortunate that it was right to promise her daughter to go to martial arts. Her daughter entered the Yuling Palace at the age of seven.

Even if Yanniang was looking forward to returning to Song’s house, she would not sacrifice her daughter in exchange for it.