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Review Shuke and Peach Blossom Drama Ending

Review Shuke and Peach Blossom Drama – 舒克与桃花

Shu Ke gave up the opportunity to go abroad for Tao Hua, and also gave up his position as a designer, and came to Tao Hua’s mother, Ye Huifang’s advertising agency, which started from the bottom. Ming Wanpeng Design wanted to frame Ye Huifang and take the company as the company. As I have, his ambition was discovered by his son Mingyuan. Mingyuan didn’t want to see his father do such a thing, and decided to join Shu Ke to stop his father’s behavior. Ye Huifang was greatly irritated by this incident. Hypertension went to the hospital, and the company was temporarily handed over to Shu Ke and Mingyuan.

Shu Ke and Mingyuan worked together to save Ye Huifang’s advertising agency. Ye Huifang finally accepted the poor boy Shu Ke who was once impoverished. He impressed Ye Huifang with his ability and toughness, and finally married her beloved Tao Hua. Tao Hua finally Obtained his own happiness. During this period, Ming Yuan and Tao Hua’s best friend Zhou Yingying became a couple, and the fat girl was also moved by Beta. After many hardships, she was finally accepted by Beta’s mother and fell in love with Beta.

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