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Chapter 0 (Entertainment Queen: Exclusive Unspoken Rules)

Gu Siqi and Xu Yiqing chewed on the name, suddenly a wry smile appeared at the corner of their mouth.

It is impossible to say love or not. For an orphan, love is too extravagant.

Only since her debut at the age of eighteen, she has been following in the footsteps of this man for more than ten years…

What does ten years mean to a woman?

That was the most beautiful moment of her youth and the most brilliant moment in her life. All this, Xu Yiqing gave to Gu Siqi without reservation.

And this man will never marry her…

Xu Yiqing understood this truth the night she got into Gu Siqi’s bed in a muddle.

But, for so long, she followed this man, after all, there were too many memories, stories, and entanglements.

It’s hard to make sense in the end.

So, when Gu Siqi had a showdown with her that night, she ran away.

It was a week before her death, and it was the last night between her and Xie Siqi.

Just after the passion, the man leaned on the bed and looked down at the screen of the phone slightly. The stock price of a few lines fluctuated, and there was no fatigue between his eyebrows and eyes.

Seeing everything as usual, the man lit a cigarette and said lightly: “In a few days, I may be engaged.”

Of course, the fiancee will not be her Xu Yiqing.

Although Xu Yiqing knew the facts for a long time, she still wanted to cover her ears the moment she heard it.

“…However, Yiqing, I can continue to maintain this relationship with you…I know, you love me…” Gu Siqi gently dusted off the soot, and the mellow tobacco smell emanated from the cigarette between his fingers.

Xu Yiqing was suddenly full of grievances.

She couldn’t say a word, she just wanted to find a place to be quiet.

Silently got up, walked out of the bedroom, and walked into a room randomly.

It is her exclusive fitting room.

Eighty square fitting rooms are surrounded by a wardrobe that is as high as the ceiling. Behind a large piece of dust-proof glass, her clothes, shoes, and bags are neatly displayed.

There is no shortage of Hermes, LV, Chanel.

But the most conspicuous place, in the independent glass showcase in the center of the fitting room, is a scarlet fishtail strapless dress.

She has many Chinese clothes, and she also moved several times, coming and going, wearing them all.

Only this one is placed in the most conspicuous part of the wardrobe every time.

She moved to this house two years ago, and she placed it in the center of this huge fitting room.

Once a home magazine made a special topic, visiting the private house of the red star Xu Yiqing, saw this dress, and asked a question.

“Miss Xu Yiqing, this dress is neither the most expensive nor the most unique in design. Why do you put it in the most conspicuous place?”

“This is the dress for the celebration banquet of “Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger”. In a sense, it is the starting point of my career.” Xu Yiqing’s answer was simple and official.

——This is indeed the dress she wore at the celebration banquet of “Hidden Dragon and Crouching Tiger”.

At the beginning, she suddenly embarked on the pinnacle of her life, and she was struggling with what to wear for the celebration banquet. Gu Siqi appeared at the right time and offered this dress.

She exclaimed to fit, and he chuckled lightly.

Lin Long, who entered Beiying from the orphanage with her, laughed at her: “It’s so stupid, Mr. Gu told me to do it in your size. How could it be inappropriate?”

She just knew that Gu Siqi was specially looking for a European designer to customize it for her.

Therefore, this heart, and the feeling that he waited for a few hours for her to wake up that night, and offered a glass of water, were all entrusted in this dress, and it has been kept to this day.

However, Xu Yiqing has another sentiment today, how important is it?

For Gu Siqi, she is just casual clothes.

Xu Yiqing sneered and put on a dress that she thought she would never wear for a lifetime.

This scarlet dress just made her skin white as snow, with a calm temperament.

Wearing today, there is more noble charm, seductive and dangerous.

Xu Yiqing was very satisfied, and then put on the makeup carefully and deliberately painted the most dazzling Chanel No. 7 color on her lips.

Going to the wine cabinet to open a bottle of red wine and pour two glasses, Xu Yiqing stepped on a 7-inch stiletto heel and swayed to the bed.

Gu Siqi on the bed smiled and squeezed out the cigarette, and took the wine: “You want to tell me that you will be by my side as always?”

Gu Siqi slowly shook the wine glass, watching the bubbles slowly hanging on the wall of the glass, feeling calm–Xu Yiqing had always been meek and dependent on him, and this time he was sure that she would not leave.

Xu Yiqing smiled slightly and drank all the wine in the glass.

Then he put down his wine glass and calmly rejected the man: “I wish you a happy wedding and a good marriage for a hundred years. Since Mr. Gu’s life is going to be more and more colorful and the people are prosperous, I don’t need to get involved. I still have an appointment. Go clubbing with Marco, goodbye.”

No longer looking at Gu Siqi, Xu Yiqing carried her bag and went out into the boundless night.

Since then, the house full of memories of the two of them, until death, she has not stepped further.

However, after that, she started to sleep night and night.

Always think irresistibly, can they be possible?

The answer is obvious: He is unpredictable and rests.

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