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Chapter 0 (Lights Talking about Life)

Chen Hao chased his horse for a whole day and night. Early the next morning, the horseshoe prints on the road were getting fresher and fresher. Chen Hao knew that he was not far from these people. If there were no accidents, it would be fine if there were no more than three hours. Catch up with these three people.

Inquiring along the way, he knew that these three people were heading towards Lizhou, and Chen Hao, the post and tea shop passing by, asked him. Many people also knew him as the’Northwest Tiger’, so they all told him the truth. Often walking on these roads has brought him a lot of convenience. Chen Hao drank the last bit of wine in the wine pouch and raised his spirits.

He hasn’t rested for a long time. The horse under the crotch is also very tired, but the horses outside the pass have amazing endurance and only need to feed some grass fodder water. , And did not delay too much travel. Letting the horse take a breath, Chen Hao picked up the gun and mounted the horse again, and walked forward.

Soon I came to a town, which Chen Hao was familiar with. It was called “Shima Town”. The town was not very big, and most of them were locals. They depended on the official road to the north for their livelihoods by growing crops, fishing and hunting. There are quite a few people coming and going. There is a river going east across the north of the town. The river can be considered wide, so the bridge is built in a narrow place a dozen miles upstream. If you cross the bridge, you have to turn back a few miles to get on the official road, so there is a ferry crossing to the north of the town. If you cross Hebei here, you can save a lot of journey.

There is a wine restaurant next to the ferry. The owner is from the middle of Sichuan province. He fled a few years earlier and stayed here for a long time. He cooked good food. Chen Hao had a few drinks at that restaurant and was impressed. As for Baishili to the north, there were sparsely populated areas and no place to stay. Chen Hao judged that the three of them would stop here to rest.

Chen Hao rode a horse through the town, and saw the wine shop from a distance. There were several horses tied to a few low trees in front of the wine shop. Three of them were tall and handsome, with animal skin bags hanging on the saddles. Chen Hao secretly said in his heart: “Sure enough, I didn’t expect it, I finally caught up with you.”

Chen Hao rode his horse slowly and walked slowly towards the wine shop. About twenty steps away from the wine shop, three hungrily men walked out of the wine shop. They were dressed in black-gray coats with sabers on their backs. Go to lead the horse.

Chen Hao sank the tip of the spear, and immediately said: “You don’t need to lead the horse, here is your end point.”

Hearing Chen Hao’s words, the three of them looked over and found that it was a man with a spear with an extraordinary bearing. Listening to his tone, he was afraid that the person would be unkind. So the three of them stopped, pressed the knife and stood still. One of them asked, “Dare to ask which way the brother is, can you recognize us?”

Chen Hao snorted, and said: “Two days ago, when you passed by Sanchuan Town, did you kill a few hunters?”

The man sneered and said: “Where did we kill those things that got in the way?”

Chen Hao bit his bronze teeth and said, “Sure enough, who are you from Xixia?”

The man continued: “Xiliang Mansion Jindingjiao, dare to ask any advice?” Seeing Chen Hao only one person and one ride, these three people did not put him in their eyes, thinking that they were nothing more than a lamb to die. That’s it.

Chen Hao laughed and said: “I didn’t expect Jinding to teach wild dogs. Is your young dog owner Ning Lingge’s injury good?”

The totem of the Jinding Sect is a wild wolf, so the leader is also called the wolf lord, and their young wolf lord is Ning Lingge. Unexpectedly, the man in front of him dared to insult the sacred totem of Jinding Sect and their young wolf master. Ning Lingge was seriously injured when he returned to Xiping Mansion three months ago. He is still unresolved and left a long scar on his left cheek. Listening to what the horseman said, this matter is related to him. So the leader asked, “Who is your Excellency and why do you know about our Jinding Sect?”

Chen Hao laughed and said, “As far as you and Sanhuatang are concerned, do you think you can hide it from the sky? Sooner or later I will sweep the Xiliang Mansion with a gun and pick your old wolf master!”

The man was sullen and said, “It seems that you are absolutely impossible to be kind today, then our brothers and sisters will come to learn and teach your master!” After finishing speaking, he winked at the other two men, and the two men went on. In the previous step, he drew a long knife from his back, and one of them said, “Brother, this kid doesn’t need you to take action and look at me.” After speaking with a loud shout, he dragged the knife and rushed towards Chen Hao.

When Chen Hao looked at the man who was dragging the knife, he had a plan in his mind. If he dragged the knife, he just wanted to take advantage of the momentum to cut straight, slash or pick up. This is the characteristic of the sword technique outside Guan, he is good at borrowing force, and Fierce and fierce, this has nothing to do with them fighting on the horse all year round.

After seeing through the opponent’s tricks, Chen Hao figured out a countermeasure. When the man was ten steps away from him, he suddenly opened his bow and shot an arrow towards the man’s door. Then he patted the saddle with his hand and leaped forward with a spear. Got out.

The man’s eyes were quick. When he saw the flying feather arrow, he hurriedly dodged his back. The energy in his hand was already relieved. He just dodged the feather arrow, and the cold tip of the spear had pierced his throat. Chen Hao’s throat was snapped off by Chen Hao’s spear. Chen Hao turned over in the air and landed with his spear on his back. However, the man’s long knife slid down, his knees fell on his knees, his hands covered his throat, and his mouth rushed. Neighing, blood slowly flowed from his mouth and fingers.

Chen Hao succeeded with a single blow, and did not turn his head back, but stared at the two Jinding teaching men on the other side. The man who had pulled out the knife earlier saw Chen Hao’s move that ended his junior brother’s life. He was shocked and angry. He roared and took Chen Hao with a straight knife, holding the knife in both hands, and walking steadily. Chen Hao saw this man coming aggressively, so he didn’t dare to be careless.

The man was still three steps away from Chen Hao, so he leaped up, slashed out, and slashed towards Chen Hao from top to bottom. Chen Hao saw the sword’s force sinking vigorously, but he didn’t make it hard, so he leaped to the right and drew away. After cutting the blade, he stabbed the man’s left shoulder with a shot.

The man slashed to the ground, and the blade soared, cutting the ground into a deep ditch! Seeing the tip of the gun that had been stabbed at him, he hurriedly retracted the knife to block it, and swiped it to the left with all his strength, and the blade hit the barrel of Chen Hao’s gun. With a “clang”, Chen Hao’s spear was swung away.

Chen Hao took advantage of the momentum to turn to the right, turned the spear head in the air, and reduced the power of the gun with his right hand. A shot was pierced from his back and pierced at the man. The man’s strength was still on the knife. He did not expect Chen Hao’s marksmanship So fast, the tip of the gun pierced his chest in a blink of an eye, and it was too late to jump back and dodge, and watched the black iron gun head plunge into his chest!

After a cold chest, the lung tube was cut off by the tip of the gun, and the hand instantly lost strength. The long knife shot out and stuck it on the dead tree stump. Both hands instinctively grasped Chen Hao’s gun. With the little strength left, he wanted to push the tip of the gun out of his body, but Chen Hao firmly grasped the barrel of the gun with his left hand, where he could push it.

Chen Hao yelled and drew out the spear, blood gushing out of the man’s chest, and his body lay weakly on the ground.

With the spear in his right hand, Chen Hao walked past the corpse of the man and walked to the last man, the blood dripping from the tip of the spear, sliding down one by one.

Seeing that Chen Hao had only two tricks, he killed his two juniors and was shocked. Although his two juniors were inferior to him in martial arts, they were also rare masters in teaching. He never expected to be in Chen Hao. He couldn’t even go through two tricks in his hand, so he asked, “Who are you?” There was a hint of fear in his tone.

The corner of Chen Hao’s mouth rose slightly, and he said: “Ghosts at the border see sadness, Northwest Tiger of Gongzhou.”

A gleam of light flashed in the person’s eyes, and he said, “Are you the Northwest Tiger Chen Hao who has picked several cavalry wolf soldiers?”

Chen Hao replied, “Yes! I will also pick you today and avenge my eldest brother.”

The man’s face became cold, and he lowered his body and said, “It’s not always true who is dead!” The palms have already had their power while speaking, and the internal force is gathered in the palms, and they are about to be split out. Suddenly his eyes paled, blood was vomiting, and his body leaned on the ground feebly, with two elm chopsticks inserted behind him!

Chen Hao glanced at it. There was a man standing at the entrance of the wine shop. The man was only thirty years old. He was dressed in brown leather and dressed in a black wolf fur cape. He carried a black-backed broad knife around his waist and stepped on a pair of gray beasts. With leather boots, his eyebrows were bold and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. Looking at Chen Hao, Chen Hao put away his spear and smiled at the man.

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