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Chapter 0 (My Little Sweet Wife)

Xiao Wang was almost curious about the relationship between Mr. Ye and Miss Bai, but no one answered him, so he was about to compile several versions of the story about Ye Sinian and Miss Bai.

Could it be love at first sight, President Ye likes people unilaterally, but Miss Bai has no intention of him.

Could it be a commercial marriage? Could it be that Mr. Ye is already married? Ms. Bai is his marriage partner, but the two are married in a family and have no affection.

But it doesn’t make sense, why they don’t live together after getting married, and Mr. Ye doesn’t even know where they live.

Xiao Wang feels that curiosity can really kill a cat. In this short period of effort, he is about to compile dozens of versions, but no one has verified the true and false for him. He overthrew it after thinking it out, and it was almost uncomfortable. died.

When he arrived at Ye Sinian’s house, Xiao Wang parked his car and took the key to hand it in. It was bound to be a report.

Sure enough, Ye Sinian was sitting in the living room waiting for him. There was a computer on the coffee table, which should have just been used for official business. There is a cup of coffee next to me, and I have already drunk most of it.

Xiao Wang quietly took a look at Ye Sinian’s house. Although President Ye was only a single man, the villa was really clean and tidy, and the sense of luxury was revealed everywhere. The same is a single dog, why his apartment is dirty and smelly, and he doesn’t want to step down, the gap is too big.

Ye Sinian sat down on the sofa, did not look at the computer, his eyes were close to Xiao Wang, “How is her leg? Is it serious?”

Before Xiao Wang left, he anticipated that Ye Sinian would have this problem, so he deliberately took a look, “The leg injury should be quite serious. Miss Bai’s center of gravity was a little unstable when she walked.”

Ye Sinian’s complexion became slightly colder, and he continued to ask, “Did she eat the meal you ordered?”

“Miss Bai won’t let me send her upstairs, but she carried it up by herself, and she should be able to eat it.” Xiao Wang confessed honestly that he didn’t dare to hide anything. He didn’t dare not take this posture of President Ye seriously.

After asking some questions about Bai Shinan, Ye Sinian nodded, “You will pick up Miss Bai to go to get off work tomorrow morning, and take her home on time after work. You are her assistant these days. What is her need? Help her for a while.”

Xiao Wang was stunned. What does this mean, it means that he has been sent to Miss Bai in the past few days? “Mr. Ye, what about you?”

“You don’t need to worry, just take care of her.” Ye Sinian pressed his lips slightly.

“Okay.” Xiao Wang stood there, holding back for a long time, and finally asked, “Mr. Ye, can I ask one more question?”

“Huh?” Ye Sinian raised his eyes to look at him.

“You and…Miss Bai?”

A moment of pain flashed across Ye Sinian’s face, and when Xiao Wang looked closer, he found that there was nothing but coldness, “You are still the same as today, don’t mention anything related to me.”

Xiao Wang finally mustered up the courage to be bold, but he didn’t ask anything. Ye Sinian left this sentence and let him leave, obviously not wanting to say more.

Thinking carefully about the expression that just flashed on Ye Sinian’s face, Xiao Wang shook his head and felt it was incredible. It is too rare for Mr. Ye to have other emotions and such expressions.

This also made Xiao Wang even more curious about the relationship between the two. The person who made Mr. Ye care so much, who was Mr. Ye’s, and what was the relationship between the two.

Xiao Wang’s gossip desire is burning, and he can’t wait to hire a private investigator to investigate the relationship between the two, but the idea is quickly disillusioned. If you want to investigate Mr. Ye, it is better for the next life.

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