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Chapter 0 (Rebirth of Last Days Unrequited Love)

Lin Meng and Su Rui stopped eating, got in his car and prepared to go to Sunshine Community to see how the house was going down. She sat in the passenger seat and chatted with Su Rui next to her.

Lin Meng saw the car driving for more than half an hour before it arrived, so she couldn’t help but ask how far it was, “Su Rui, how long will it take to arrive.”

Su Rui smiled, “It’s too early. We have just entered the city. If there is no traffic jam, it will take an hour to arrive. If there is no traffic jam, the time will not change. Now City A is getting bigger and bigger, and more people come. The more cars there are, the more cars there will be, and now it’s over with just one block.”

Lin Meng nodded, thinking that if City A was not big, I wouldn’t be here. “By the way, since your home is so far from the city, doesn’t your brother get up to work early every day?”

“No, my brother and I both have houses in the urban area. We rarely live in old houses. Yesterday, I went to the old house specially to catch the wind for us. There are no servants in the houses in the urban area. By the way, The Sunshine Community is very close to where we live, so you can come to us if you have something to do.”

you guys? She is a little curious about two big men living together? “Do you live with your brother?”

Su Rui glanced at me strangely, “Don’t you think it’s a little weird for two big men to live together? After all, everyone has their own private space. My brother and I live in the opposite door of the apartment. Just open the door. Can see each other’s home.”

Lin Meng sighed enviously, “You and your brother have a very good relationship, and I also want a relative to care about me.”

After hearing what Lin Meng said, Su Rui asked in a tentative tone, “Do you really want a relative?”

“Family? I think so, but if it’s the one who gave birth to me, then forget it.”

Last night, after Lin Meng returned to his room, his eldest brother gave him a copy of Lin Meng’s detailed information, which recorded Lin Meng’s life experience in detail, including her biological father, her father’s current family situation, her mother and her Mother’s lover and child.

Lin Meng’s father is the head of the contemporary Bai family. There are four major families in City A, the Bai family, the Su family, the Li family, and the Wang family. The Bai family is the head of the four major families. Even the brother who is the Su family head meets The Patriarch of the Bai Family must give three points of courtesy, not to mention other people. The Patriarch of the Bai Family’s surname is Bai Mingzhi. From the name, you know how difficult it is for Bai Mingzhi to ascend to the position of Patriarch. Only two characters can be used for the name of the direct line. As long as the name of three characters is derived from the collateral line, you must know that since ancient times, the head of the family is usually found from the direct line. If the collateral line wants to get ahead, it is difficult to go to the sky. This is why the white How difficult it is for Ming Zhi to be the head of the Patriarch. How difficult is this person Bai Mingzhi!

Bai Mingzhi’s wife is a prostitute of the Li family. He was able to ascend to the position of the head of the family. His wife contributed a lot. He and his wife have a son and a daughter, and the husband and wife have a very good relationship. Otherwise, they belong to the same four families. Miss Li would not marry a collateral child, or why would she say that Lin Meng’s mother, Lin Jing, was a personal thing. She stole his seeds after Bai Mingzhi was drunk, and wanted to make the man live a rich life in one fell swoop. . Unfortunately, Bai Mingzhi’s attitude was firm. Her plan did not succeed, so she had to get some money, and the child was handed over to the parents in the country.

Lin Jing put the child with her parents and returned to City A. She quickly met a man who was the son-in-law of the Liu family among the eight families. In City A, there are eight families in addition to the four major families. If the four major families are counted as nobles, then the eight families are the legendary nouveau riche. The four major families have never been replaced in a hundred years, but the eight families are the best Repeatedly, it is the type of you who will be on stage today and I will be on stage tomorrow, and the eight people are: the Liu family, the Sun family, the Zhao family, the Shen family, the Situ family, the Huang family, the Wen family, the Shen family, and the head of the Liu family has only one daughter. Her daughter is not inferior to men in the shopping malls. She has developed the company well and is a famous iron lady in City A, but she does not look very good at finding men, otherwise she would not raise an outside room outside.

From the information, Lin Meng also has an older brother, a younger sister, and a younger brother. The older brother and younger sister are half-parents, and the younger brother is half-father. I really don’t know whether to be happy or sorry for her. Forget it, don’t tell her the information in advance, everything will follow.

Speaking of the Bai family, I think of Lin Meng’s half-sister, Bai Qianqian. At the beginning, this one must be the wife of the eldest brother, but the eldest brother can be chased fiercely against the eldest brother. Later, the eldest brother made her crazy a little bit extinguished through Bai Mingzhi, but also, the eldest brother took the position of the head of the house at the age of 27. In the eyes of a woman, he is a diamond-like celebrity. If there is no woman chasing it, then It’s strange.

Fortunately, the car did not encounter a traffic jam on the road. After an hour, she arrived at the Sunshine Community. Su Rui did not rush to take her into the community. Instead, she went around and told her where the supermarket is, and then brought her there. A Brilliant apartment stopped at the entrance and told her that this is where he lives. You can come to him if you have nothing to do. After reading the land type, he drove the car to Sunshine Community. To be honest, Sunshine Community and Brilliant Apartment are not far away. It’s 2 blocks away, and it’s only a ten-minute walk. And she found that this area seemed to be a residential area.

“Su Rui, is this a residential area?”

“This is a famous residential area in City A. It is usually a place where senior white-collar workers or small businessmen live. The quality of the people here is generally very good, and the security here is good.”

“By the way, here is so close to where you live, why did you buy two houses in the first place?” She asked a little strangely, is it possible that the thinking of rich people is different from that of ordinary people.

Su Rui scratched her head and said embarrassedly, “Back then, my brother bought a house in Brilliant, and I wanted to live with him a little closer, so I bought this house in Yangguang District. Later, my brother was opposite. The house was for sale, so he bought it, and I moved in like this, so the Sunshine apartment was vacant.”

“That’s right, you and your brother have a very good relationship.”

“Of course, my brother has taken special care of me since I was young. In fact, I am not much younger than him. In my heart, he is not only my brother but also my father.”

“By the way, I still don’t know your age. I am 24 years old. How about you?”

“I’m 25, my brother 29.” Su Rui reported all his family history in a single mouth. “We’re here, get off the car.” Su Rui looked downstairs and quickly parked the car, turned on the safety and took it away.

Lin Meng watched the car stopped, and took off the seat belt and got out of the car.

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