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Chapter 1365 Teach Me To Drive

Sun Shuoran: [Master, don’t! Actually, I didn’t do it for myself. The main thing is, if that kid really wins, with his current arrogance, he will go to heaven in the future. ]

Langman: [Yes, master, I am not for myself, mainly because I must not make that kid too proud. ]

Butcher: [Yes! Master, I think it’s better to let Mi Xiu run naked. Cough, let him run naked. It’s better than letting the four of us streak, right? Master? ]

Yeva: [Oh, you also know shame? ]

Seeing the forest smoke really angered a few people finally anxious.

Originally, I wanted to put Mi Xiu together, but who knew that he would lift a rock and hit him in the foot in the end.

Just when several people were in a hurry, a message appeared in the group:

K: [Red envelope] Master Congratulations to

Fa Cai, Wan Guan Lin Yan, who originally cursed people, after seeing the red envelope message sent by K, his eyebrows raised slightly.

Afterwards, Lin Yan tapped his finger on the screen and clicked to receive it.

After being inspired by K, Langman, Butcher, and Sun Shuoran immediately followed up and issued red envelopes to Lin Yan.

Lang Mang: [Red Envelope] Master gets rich overnight!

Butcher: [Red envelope] Master becomes the richest man in the world soon!

Sun Shuoran: [Red Envelope] Master Bafang has made money all the way!

Lin Yan accepted the red envelopes one by one, feeling a little more relaxed.

Although the second child has a dark belly, he is indeed aware of current affairs at critical moments.

Seeing that Lin Yan received the red envelope, the few people finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Sun Shuoran: [Then…Master…In this competition, you will definitely win the championship, right? ]

Yeva: [Look at your mood. ]

Lin will be directly related to the smoke leaving a group chat.

In fact, she was just scaring these bear children, otherwise they would have turned the sky upside down.

This competition is very important to her. It is related to the team’s many big endorsements that cost a lot of advertising. How could she lose.

Fortunately, after accepting Yunxuan, she no longer planned to accept apprentices.

I just closed the group chat. At this moment, I suddenly received a transfer message on her mobile phone. She received one million transfers on her card, and the name of the transfer showed Xiao Yao.

Why did you call her so much money suddenly?

Lin Yan was so excited that his heart was beating wildly, and he hurriedly called Xiao Yao: “Boss, you transferred the money just now?”

Xiao Yao’s tone was flat: “Well, you won the prize for this competition.”

Lin Yan suddenly His eyes lit up: “Thank you boss! Boss atmosphere! Boss, don’t worry, the next few games will be done properly, and you will definitely not lose money!”

After a long while, Xiao Yao replied: “In addition , There’s something else.”

Lin Yan: “What’s the boss, don’t hesitate to say!”

Xiao Yao: “Accept me as an apprentice.”

What…? ? ?

The expression on Lin Yan’s face was blank for a moment, “Boss, what did you just say?”

Xiao Yao: “Teach me to drive.”

Lin Yan recalled Xiao Yao’s disaster-like driving skills, his expression was indescribable.

She swallowed hard and spit, “This is not necessary, boss, your car skills are so good, you are simply talented, where is it necessary for me to teach, I am not a classmate. No way, no way, absolutely not!”

Let her accept Xiaoyao as an apprentice, kidding, all the wiseness of her life must be ruined.

Xiao Yao: “One hundred thousand a month.”

Lin Yan: “Huh?”

Xiao Yao: “Tuition.”

Lin Yan: “Deal, no problem!”

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