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Chapter 1423 Master, You Lie

Chapter 1423 Master, you deceive

Xiao Yue: “You still have the strength of Shuyun. You have not only entered the global league, but also entered the world’s first league. The future is unlimited…”

Mo Shuyun: “Done?”

Xiao Yuesheng was afraid that Mo Shuyun would be impatient to hang up, so he had no choice but to open the door and say, “Hey, then I’ll just say it, Shuyun, no matter how good the caravan outside is, it is always an outsider. How can I have a home!

If you work for an outsider, then you might as well return to KNT to play games. I can assure you that all resources will be given to you to protect your results in the world’s first league.

As for the money, you don’t have to worry about it, just ask, transfer fees and liquidated damage It’s all from us!”

Mo Shuyun sneered in his heart.

It turned out to be digging people.

At the beginning, he was degraded as worthless, and he was thrown out as rubbish. Now that he has entered the world’s first league, he has come to pretend to praise him again, and want to use him to plate KNT.


For him, except for the Aurora team, they are all outsiders.

Only Aurora Racing is his home.

In this life he will betray no one else to betray his goddess…

“Oh, want to dig me? I don’t know what price Brother Xiao are you going to charge?” Mo Shuyun chuckled.

When Xiao Yue heard that there was a play, he immediately said, “Five million a year, how about it, is this price sincere enough?”

Mo Shuyun sneered, “Add two zeros, I can consider it.”

“Wh… What! Five hundred million? Why are you kidding me?” Xiao Yue on the other side of the phone was furious.

Because Mo Shuyun had no use value before, he swept people out.

Who would have thought that in less than a year, this kid changed his body and jumped directly to the world’s first league, causing him to be scolded by the boss.

Now he had to do a little procrastination and pay a big price to bring people back again. As a result, this Mo Shuyun actually didn’t know what was good or bad, and played him like a monkey!

Mo Shuyun ignored the thunderous Xiao Yue on the mobile phone, hung up the phone, and pinched the cigarette in his hand blankly.

On the other side, seeing Mo Shuyun and Zhou Yue leaving, Sun Shuoran immediately clung to Lin Yan and started crying.

He and Yunxuan reached the end at almost the same time just now, and almost lost.

“Master! How could you treat me like this! You have no sides to be eccentric! Albert rushed into the corner! I also want to learn!” Sun Shuoran pulled Lin Yan’s sleeves and began to sway.

Lin Yan: “You can’t learn.”

Sun Shuoran: “Why!!!”

Lin Yan: “This is a trick to pick people, you guys are not suitable, otherwise you must be taught.”

Sun Shuoran: “Master, you lie!”

Lin Yan was speechless He said, “Oh, why do you lie to you? You can do it, but I didn’t teach Yunxuan. Do you understand, are you a master or am I a master?”

Just after dealing with Sun Shuoran, Lu Sen ran away again. come over.

Lu Sen rubbed his hands and looked eager to try: “Hey, my dear, there is something I want to talk to you!”

Lin Yanguang knew what he was thinking by looking at his expression, “Brother Sen, we are all so familiar. I know what you want to say, no need. I am very good in Aurora Motorsport now. Langman and them are now on their own. In fact, it doesn’t matter if I come back.”

Lu Sen jumped anxiously, why didn’t it matter! This has a bearing on who will win the championship of the Pinnacle Tournament!

Originally, he was worried that Yeva hadn’t participated in the global league in recent years, and his level had declined. After the game just now, he completely dispelled his worries.

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