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Chapter 1425 No wonder it’s so cute

Chapter 1425 It’s no wonder that

Pei Li is so cute and his face instantly changed: “You are less affectionate! I don’t care about you!”

Pei Gan: ” Don’t be affectionate anymore! Who cares about you!”

Pei Yucheng pushed his glasses: “Then go out. Let’s play.” The

two little guys didn’t expect to be commanded by the army and failed to complete the task assigned by their mother, so their faces were a little unsightly.

After a long silence, Pei Li took out his mobile phone from his pocket and directly dialed his mother’s mobile number while standing in the study.

And, the speaker was turned on.

Soon, Lin Yan’s voice came from the phone, “Hello, baby?”

Pei Yucheng heard Lin Yan’s voice, his back stiffened slightly.

Pei Li: “Sister!”

Pei Qian: “Mom!”

Pei Li: “According to your schedule, uncle should now rest and go for a walk.”

Pei Qian: “But, uncle is still working!”

Two little guys The complaint was filed with tacit understanding.

Pei Yucheng: “…”

Probably he did not expect to be treated by the two little guys in their own way. Pei Yucheng’s face was a little indescribable.

Lin Yan on the other end of the mobile phone immediately became angry when he heard this, “What did you say!? Lie to me again!!! You give him the call!”

Pei Yucheng’s face looked a little helpless, he pinched his eyebrows, and took off the glasses on the bottom. , Took the call from his son, “Xiaoyan…”

Lin Yan: “Pei Yucheng! How did you promise me? So when I was away, you never did what I said to take a good rest?”

Pei Yucheng: “Oh , No, I just forgot this time, I will go now.”

Lin Yan: “Then you open a video call and I will watch you rest!”

Pei Yucheng: “Okay.”

Xing Chen and Cheng Mo, who stood by the door, looked at each other, full of sympathy in their hearts.

It seems that they have learned some life-saving stunts…

So, the two little guys escorted their father to take a walk, and they must take a walk for ten minutes, no less than a second.

It can be said to be quite conscientious.

Until the end of the break, Pei Li turned off the video call.

“All right?” Pei Yucheng looked at his two sons.

Pei Li glanced at the time on the phone, “Now you have one hour to work, and one hour later is dinner time, don’t forget.”

Pei Gan: “Don’t forget.”

Pei Yucheng: “Thank you for reminding.”

Pei Angrily glanced at Pei Li, “Why are you always robbing me?”

Pei Li glanced at his younger brother and ignored him.

The ignored Pei Gan was about to talk, Yu Guang suddenly saw the mobile phone that Pei Li was holding in his hand, and saw the little crab hanging on Pei Li’s phone.

He just found out that Pei Yucheng’s mobile phone also had an identical little crab pendant.

And Pei Li seemed to cherish this little crab very much.

Pei Li noticed Pei Gan’s sight, stuffed the phone into his arms, and said vigilantly: “What are you looking at?”

Pei Gan coldly snorted, staring at the colorful mobile phone and the stupid little crab, disgusting. He said: “Why, are you afraid of me grabbing it! It’s so naive to use this kind of thing!”

Pei Li touched the phone and the little crab pendant, and said unhurriedly, “These are from my mother. “

Pei Li instantly widened his eyes: “…!!!”

What? Mother sent it!

No wonder it’s so cute!

I! and also! think! want!

Pei Li seemed to see the murderous look in Pei Gan’s eyes, and narrowed his eyes: “I want to fight, I will accompany him.”

Pei Gan squeezed his small fist and tried to calm himself down.

no! can not fight!

Can’t beat it!

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