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Prologue The Legend of Stars between Light and Shadow

At Morinaga High School, which exists in Morinaga City like hope and brilliance, it seems that exciting things happen every day. Just like today, the important media of the whole country gather here, and the core of all discussions is around here, just for the sake of The young man who combines glory and wisdom.

“Soon Hee – it’s the Golden Prince Jin Soon Hee!”

“Ah! Senior Sun Hee is 3.4598 times handsomer than yesterday, I…I’m going to faint!”

“Chunxi I love you! You are Morinaga High School, no, you are the pride of Morinaga City, the whole earth, and the whole universe!”

At the commendation meeting, which was overwhelmed by the nymphomaniac remarks of the excited girls, the temporary podium was decorated with magnificent magnificence, and the live video of Jin Sunxi’s participation in the “International Middle School All-around Competition” was repeatedly played on the huge screen.

At the top of the screen, a dazzling banner reads in big golden letters:

Congratulations to Morinaga High School’s pride-Jin Soon-hee from the excellent class won the title of “International Almighty Excellent Student”!

Standing in front of the golden speaking platform almost buried by flowers, the protagonist in the neat uniform wrinkled his nose slightly, and took a step back secretly. The soft black hair on his forehead fluttered with the air flow, and was outlined by the soft and bright light of the morning. Out of the warm Phnom Penh, and his handsome face slightly raised, the flowers next to the podium lost their color in a moment of shame.

Everyone’s eyes are focused on this beautiful face like a god, but it seems to be separated from this world by a huge iceberg, cold, and can’t see the enthusiasm that a young man should have.

“I am very happy to be awarded the title of’International Almighty Excellent Student’. I will continue to work hard, thank you!”

Jin Sunxi frowned and looked at the speech draft prepared for him by the school. He only picked one sentence and said it, then his eyes dropped, making an expression that he didn’t want to speak any more.

The flashing lights around kept flashing, and the dean in charge of presiding over this commendation meeting was a little embarrassed. He walked up to the stage and smiled to round the stage: “Haha…Jin Sunxi is the pride of our school. Then, next is the free Q&A time, please Friends from the media feel free to ask questions.”

The audience suddenly became a sensation, and many reporters who came here raised their hands to ask questions.

“Excuse me, Jin Sunxi, what do you like to do in your spare time?”

“Student Jin Sunxi, do you have any secrets in learning?”

Under the dazzling sunlight, the whole body of the young man seemed to be shrouded in an iceberg, which clearly reflected thousands of brilliance but was extremely cold. He raised his eyebrows and replied, “No!”

Simply two words, and answering two questions at a time, such a cold attitude once again embarrassed the scene. The teaching director wiped his sweat and had to finish the field again. “Haha…Student Jin Sunxi spends all his energy on studying. Such a studious attitude is worthy of the pride of our school…Haha… If you have any questions, please continue. Ask questions.”

“Does Jin Sunxi like Kawaii’s HelloKitty?”

“Yes, yes, Jin Soon-hee must be so good because he loves pink HelloKitty…”

Suddenly two discordant sounds came from the venue, and then a large pink bouquet made up of many miniature HelloKitty dolls was handed to the stage.

There was a burst of laughter at the scene. Jin Sunxi looked down at the beautiful woman who gave “flowers” and the teenager in casual clothes — one was his mother, and the other was his best friend Li Xiuzhe, familiar with him. The two people who could no longer be familiar with each other were jumping and jumping like a flea full of food.


A small “crossroad” appeared on his forehead.

The teaching director hurriedly smiled and moved to the front of the stage, and whispered to Jin Soon-hee’s mother and yelling Li Xiuzhe: “Mrs. Jin, and Young Master Li, please stop making trouble. If you don’t host this commendation meeting, I will be expelled Yes, I beg you…” However, his pleading was like a small “crossroad” popping up from Jin Chunxi’s forehead, completely ignored by the cheering and whistling two.

The “Quiet Duo” raised a brilliant smile to Jin Chunxi on the stage: “Jin Chunxi, Jin Chunxi, please answer our questions, oh!”

Oh yeah? Excuse me, what is there to “Oh Yeah”?

Jin Chunxi held his forehead with a headache, frowned into the microphone: “I refuse to answer.”

In the audience, a girl who always kept a lady’s smile looked at the “rolling” scene on the stage, and turned to ask the curly-haired girl who was playing mobile games happily next to her: “Hehe, that Li Xiuzhe is really naive! Envy! Ni, he is your No. 99 target demon, hasn’t he taken the bait yet?”

The girl with brown curly hair raised her beautiful and delicate face and looked at the young sunshine boy jumping around under the podium in front. Her lips were hooked and she showed a very cute smile: “Of course I got the bait, what is my Guo Xianni? People? The famous’devil hunter’, those cocky guys who dare to entertain girls, I, Guo Xianni, will definitely make him taste the pain!” But then, her brows frowned and her tone became extremely depressed. “But he really I’m an idiot, what I confessed…what is it, “Please have a baby with me”… Jingmei, I really want to get rid of him now…”

“If you want to get rid of it, you can do it anytime. Anyway, we have already taught Yuan Caixi-senpai the’big devil’ who yelled and yelled at her. Your undefeated record has added a glorious touch. , Congratulations!”

“Haha, it’s because of Jingmei, you gave me some advice!”

Guo Xianni smiled happily, and hugged Zhang Jingmei next to her. At this time, Bingberg’s gaze on the stage just swept lightly from her side.

The inadvertent gaze didn’t have a specific point, so he brushed past gently.

Light… like a feather accidentally lost when an angel passes by.

The most perfect celebration will always be accompanied by some small accidents. On this side, Morinaga High School’s exciting commendation ceremony is still going on, but a black evil atmosphere is surging in a corner of the neighboring school-based high school.

The hedgehog-headed boy with the words “SK” on his black uniform publicly smiled with satisfaction, turned a pure white lace dress into the big gift box covered with white feathers, then closed the lid, and handed the gift box to an absolute “Heavyweight” is on his respectful brother.

“Remember, you must send this to Jin Chunxi in front of many reporters, oh no, it’s the’Princess Golden’, hahahaha…”

“Boss, is it really okay to do this? The teachers and dean of Morinaga High School are there…” a boy with cold eyes reminded by the boy Hedgehog Head.

“Yeah, yeah, the dean is terrible!” The “heavyweight” little brother had a bitter face, holding an oversized pink gift box that was completely inconsistent with his own image, and complained to his boss with a lack of confidence.

“Teacher and Dean are Ps!” Hedgehog Tou Longri angrily slapped K on the head of the “heavyweight” brother, “Hurry up, don’t mess with the SK company if his chick is crooked!”

“Yes, that’s right, the boss is right, the instructor is a P, SK is the best!” Another straw-headed teenager next to Longri echoed, kicking the little brother who was holding the gift box towards Asa Morinaga. The road to high school.

Bencheng High School is unwilling to reach Morinaga High School. You can reach the back door of Morinaga High School through a path through the side entrance of Bencheng High School.

The wind is light and the clouds are light, and the weather is so good that you can see angels at any time. Thinking about this, Peng and the “heavyweight” little brother who was spinning around on the playground really saw the angel.

Under a swing frame surrounded by green vines on the side of the playground, there is a soft light that seems to be completely different from all the light textures of this world. The light comes from a teenager. The boy leaned on the swing stand, holding a book in his hand, warm brown soft hair floating quietly in the breeze, beauty was the velvety exquisiteness, and he wore different student uniforms. But still exudes a completely different noble temperament.

“Wow…” The “heavyweight” brother rubbed his eyes and exclaimed, thinking that Long Riyi’s boss once called Jin Sunxi the “Golden Princess”, and seeing this young man who is more holy than an angel and prettier than a princess. He nodded sharply, “Well, he must be Princess Golden!”

About to approach…

“Icanbeyoursunshine! Youcan”tlivewithoutyasunshine…”

Accompanied by a burst of deafening music, a super dazzling red Ferrari roadster rushed over from the other end of the playground.

Sitting in the car was a young man with long and honey blond hair. Although he was dressed eccentrically in a red trousers and black shirt, he could hardly conceal his innate beauty. He gave birth to a pair of beautiful apricot eyes that even girls could not match, and when he laughed, he lifted up slightly at the Spring Fair. With his fair skin and rare honey blond hair, he looked like Prince Apollo from afar.

“Prince Apollo” was sitting in the driver’s seat of the sports car, driving with one hand and holding the other high. The prince drove to the crowd and waved to the crowd on the side of the playground, his blurred face gleaming in the sun. A purebred tabby cat with sunglasses squatted in the front passenger seat of the sports car. It is said that Mao is naturally afraid of life, but this is because cats are obviously different from ordinary cats. Sitting in a car at such a high speed, they are still motionless, as stable as Mount Tai, uh…or rather dumbfounded.

In short, the combination of one person and one cat is very strange, but very dazzling.

“Ah ah ah-it’s Jing Shengxi -“

“Yeah, yeah, he’s waving at me!”

“Idiot! He is waving at me! Brother Shengxi, I am here…”

Amidst the screams of nympho from the girls, the red Ferrari whizzed past the “heavyweight” brother who was holding the gift box. The “heavyweight” brother was taken aback and rushed forward. After passing by, he was rushing to the feet of the “angel” who was taking care of him.

“Why is it so unlucky today… Boss, why don’t you ask someone else to come here? Oh…” The “heavyweight” kid mumbled frustratedly on the ground, still holding the oversized pink gift box firmly in his hand.

“Are you okay?” The noble “angel” stretched out a hand to him, Chunjia finished a moment, smiling like a god, “Get up, the ground is dirty.”

“Ah…oh…um…” It’s so gentle and approachable! The “heavyweight” brother blinked his small shrimp eyes, looked at the angel’s warm smile, and listened to the angel’s gentle voice. He was moved to cry, “Excuse me…you are the golden princess…oh, no, is it Jin Sunxi?”

“No.” “Angel” shook his head, the warm brown hair did not make a graceful arc in the air, “My name is Ming Zeyu.”

It turned out to be mistaken. There is such a holy and gentle boy as an angel in the school. This school is so… so cute!

The “heavyweight” boy got up from the ground with tears in his eyes, and stepped aside to pat the dust on his body with one hand, while the other hand was struggling to hold the big gift box.

Huhu, if you ask this “angel” classmate Ming Zeyu, you should be able to find the “golden princess” Jin Chunxi soon, as long as you find him…

Suddenly, his hand slapping the dust stopped.

On the ground in front of me, a black shadow with full of deterrence is slowly approaching…

At the same time, a creepy voice rang above his head: “Get out of the way! Do you want to die?”

This voice…

The “heavyweight” boy slowly raised his head…

At 30°, a pair of dust-covered limited edition APESTAR sneakers came into view first.

At 60°, the uniform with several holes appeared in the field of vision. Although the visitor was in a pose with his hands in his trouser pockets, the smell of gunpowder sprawled at him from a few meters away.

At 90°, I finally saw clearly the face of the young man with a big silver hair. He has a pair of rare sapphire blue eyes, the deep blue in the eyes, like a lake in the night, mysterious red with a slight coldness, with a tall nose and sexy that even Greek gods can’t match. With thin lips slightly pressed, the whole face is satisfied with an indescribable arrogance and domineering. And, and…

He is not–

Is Morinaga High School’s well-known bad boy Yoon Jung Hyuk? !

“Heaven…” The “heavyweight” brother weakened his legs when he saw Yin Zhenghe clearly, and he shook his hand holding the big gift box, and threw the gift box out, just to Ming Zeyu’s body.

The lid of the gift box was opened, the lace dress fell out, and the feathers of the dress flew to the ground in an instant.

In the bright noon sun, the background color is lush green grass, and next to it is an iron swing frame covered with evergreen vines. The young man with a face that is softer than an angel raised his head in astonishment in a feather.

The surroundings seemed to be soft-focused with a soft halo, and the air seemed to show a completely different transparent texture because of his existence. A pure white lace dress was flying in the air, as if an angel opened its white wings again, and feathers fell silently…

Seeing the feathers falling down, Ming Zeyu’s soft face flashed in a panic. He hurriedly covered his nose and mouth with one hand, and at the same time stretched out the other hand and waved it in the air, as if he wanted to All the flying feathers drove away from him.

However, it was useless. Soon, his breathing became hurried, and his brows were twisted together in pain. The book slipped off his body and fell to the ground.

Immediately afterwards, Ming Zeyu, who was panting painfully with his hands on his chest, tilted his body and fell heavily in the soft flying feathers in the sky.

Yin Jung Hyuk, who happened to pass by, only felt that the silhouette of the people around him flashed, and he conditioned his hand to reach out, and the boy who was holy like an angel was held firmly in his arms…

Time freezes.

The flying white feathers fluttered and danced in the air, softening everything around them under the sunlight.

The arrogant young man with short silver hair frowned and looked down into his arms. In his arms, the young man with brown hair as soft as coffee was panting in pain, and his long eyelashes were like a butterfly with wet wings. Trembling weakly.

A pure white lace dress lies quietly at the feet of the two of them… The beautiful picture like a dreamland is full of imagination.

The beautiful picture instantly attracted a large group of girls screaming and approaching madness.

“Oh my god! Yin Zheng Hyuk is holding Young Master Ming…”

“The hug of two beautiful boys! I’m going crazy!”

“It’s so beautiful! I really want to cry…”

“Why cry? I’m going to die. Master Ming has an asthma attack. It must have been caused by Yin Zhenghe…”

“Master Ming, you have to hold on, I will buy medicine for Master!”

“Yes, yes! Master’s medicine…”

There were screams again, and another group of girls rushed to the school infirmary and the pharmacy outside the school. The whole playground was boiling… The venue where the commendation meeting was being held was finally shocked.

The reporters turned their heads to see what happened, and some even raised their cameras and started taking pictures. The dean of instruction ran out of the venue, wiping his sweat, and when he saw Yin Jong-hyuk, he suddenly lost his breath: “Yin Jung-hyuk is in the downtown again! It seems that these students have reached the point where they can’t handle it!”

A few days later.

In the serious director’s office, the principal and the dean stood respectfully facing the woman sitting behind the large mahogany table.

“Chairman, look at this…” The principal peeked at a few newspapers on the mahogany table in front of him, and cold sweat came out from his forehead. The newspaper impressively carried a large picture of Yin Jong Hyuk hugging Ming Zeyu, and the picture of Kim Soon Hee standing on the podium accepting the award actually took up only a small part of the corner of the page.

The woman called the “chairman” raised her beautiful eyes, glanced at the principal and the dean coldly, and slowly said: “It’s fine to sabotage the school’s commendation meeting, and she even caused Ze Yu to be admitted to the hospital. Are these the students educated by Morinaga High School, which is known as “all elite education”?”

The tone is not heavy, but the meaning of accountability is obvious.

The principal shuddered, and said only innocently: “Yes, yes, what the chairman said is that this group of problematic students headed by Yoon Jung Hyuk has indeed destroyed our Morinaga High School’s excellent school spirit of’all elite education’ and is the black sheep of our school… “

“It’s not just a black sheep…” The chairman raised the volume, turned the swivel chair, and turned his back to the principal and the dean of teaching. “Seeing that the college entrance examination is about to be taken in the third grade, the students in the excellent class are also working hard. We must not let these black sheep destroy the good learning atmosphere that we have worked so hard to create…”

“The chairman’s meaning is… to dissuade all the students with these problems?”

“Huh!” The chairman of the board snorted coldly, with anger convolving in his cold eyes, “If I can persuade me to retire, do I still have to find such a headache? There are many parents of students who are very famous… …”

The principal reacted quickly and suggested: “It’s better… we set up a special class to include all the students with these problems…”

“Huh…special class?”

“Yes! It’s called-Morinaga High School Three-year Group Two.”

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