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Chapter 1426 Whose Son Is It?

Chapter 1426 Whose Son Is It?

Pei Gan snorted, “Fighting and fighting, I know fighting all day long, do you think I am a violent man just like you!”

Xing Shen and Cheng Mo on the side: “…”

Don’t doubt, you are all the same!

The rest of the time passed peacefully, Xing Chen and Cheng Mo were really grateful for the wisdom of the boss.

Just one sentence controlled the three demon heads at the same time!

In the study, Pei Ganzheng was so bored that his eyes flashed green. The next second, he suddenly raised his ears, and then his figure disappeared in place like lightning.

“Mom -“

Lin smoke just got out, Pei dry immediately swoop past, hugged thigh began to cry, “wow mama ooo, ooo hum hum …… -“

cry it a pear With rain, the liver and bowels are broken.

Lin Yan was cried and dumbfounded by the little guy, “Uh, what’s the matter? Who is bullying you!”

Pei Gan choked as he cried , and the big teardrops poured down, directly slamming Lin Yan. The legs of her trousers were all wet.

“What the hell is going on?” Lin Yan looked at Pei Yucheng and Pei Gan who came out of the house, and asked: “Someone bullied and did it?”

Pei Yucheng: “No.”

Pei Li: “No.”

Pei Gan suddenly Staring wide-eyed, staring at Pei Li and Pei Yucheng’s mobile phones, there was a small crab hanging on each of their phones, and they cried even harder, “Wow, oh… yes… they bullied and fucked…”

Lin Yan coaxed and asked, “Huh? You said that Xiaoli and Uncle bullied you?”

Lin Yan thought it was impossible, but the little guy cried so sad that he didn’t want to lie.

“Why did they bully you?” Lin Yan asked.

Just as Pei Gan was about to speak, he found that there was an identical one hanging on Lin Yan’s phone, which stabbed a hornet’s nest.

Pei Gan’s posture is almost comparable to Meng Jiangnu crying on the Great Wall: “Crab…crab…wow woohoo…”

Lin Yan was stunned, “Crab…what crab? Okay, why don’t you cry or cry? Tell me about the matter!”

Pei Gan was heartbroken, and pointed to the little crab hanging on Lin Yan’s phone: “Xiao Li’s brother and uncle have them, and my mother has them, I don’t!”

“Uh…” Lin Yan’s mouth twitched slightly. Some were dumbfounded, “Just because of this? It’s just a small pendant. I just have one. I’ll give you one later, OK? Stop crying!”

Pei Gan’s big watery eyes lit up and he hugged Lin Yan. His legs raised his head, “Really? Did my mother give it to me?”

“Of course it is true, what did my mother lie to you!” After Lin Yan finished speaking, he realized that he had been taken astray by Pei Gan, and he actually claimed to be wrong. Mom, but it didn’t make any corrections.

Pei Gan apparently discovered this, and he was almost exasperated, and immediately stopped crying a lot.

Lin Yan continued: “By the way, I have a mobile phone. Buy one for you too, so that you can call mom directly if you have something to do.”

“Thank you mom! Mom is the best!” Pei Gan hugged his thigh and cast a glance at his home. My brother.

Have you seen it, learn it!

Fight fights, fight all day long!

Pei Li just looked at Pei Gan’s expression and knew what he was thinking, but gave him an expression of disdain and disdain.

After coaxing Pei Gan, Lin Yan sent a text message to Xiao Yao.

She directly sent Pei Li’s purchase link for the same children’s mobile phone.

Xiao Yao: [? After

receiving Lin Yan’s text message, Xiao Yao clicked on it and saw that it was a link to pay on behalf of him, so he sent a question mark in confusion.

Lin Yan: [I bought a children’s mobile phone for Gan Gan, and you will reimburse it. There is also a mobile phone pendant that you don’t need to pay, it counts as a discount for you. ]

Xiao Yao: [……]

her son buy a mobile phone, but let him be reimbursed?

Whose son is it?

Lin Yan: [What’s up? You can be responsible for your own misfortune! ]

Xiao Yao: […]

He thinks his father should be responsible.

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