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Chapter 2 Chasing his wife all night

Fu Lixing glanced down at the banknote she was holding back in her hand, smiled lowly, and looked back at her figure walking downstairs. He felt that the girl was a bit temperamental, but from the information revealed by what she said, she is currently single. , He still has a chance.


back to the apartment rented off campus, it was almost ten o’clock, and Mo Lianqian was taking a comfortable hot bath in the bathroom, and she felt relaxed both physically and mentally.

The sound of the water rang loudly. She looked at the naked body in the mirror and didn’t know what was going on. During this time, her bust was a little bigger, so today it is not so much that she hit someone, it’s that she hit her chest. people.

When she touched her chest with her fingers, it still hurt a bit, and she couldn’t help but think of that cold face.

That person is very direct. Only the first time I met, I asked her to be his girlfriend and gave her money. I don’t need to go out to work. Think about it, that’s great, but she’s not the kind of person who likes to work and doesn’t want to rely on. A man pays himself money, because there must be a corresponding price in the middle.

Although it is a bit tiring to earn money part-time, she spends her own labor in exchange for remuneration, and she feels at ease.

As a senior student, she has recently completed the internship stage. The next step is to prepare for the thesis defense. While paying attention to her work, she is doing tutoring at the same time, thinking that she can have a sum of money for daily expenses after graduation. A year ago, her father’s business failed and the family was in trouble. In order to relieve the pressure on the family, she began to work part-time, which solved her needs in life and also paid off some debts to the family.

What she is looking forward to is the job after graduation. As long as she works hard, the situation at home will surely get better.

As for Fu Jiaye’s uncle, how much does she know about him? He is the president of the Fu Group and his name is Fu Lixing. She had considered entering his company to find a job before, but after what happened at night, she just Don’t consider it.

Next, if she went to teach Fu Jiaye as a tutor, she would try to stay away from him and stop offending him.

Several times to the Fu family to teach classes, Mo Lianqian no longer let herself be reckless, once or twice saw Fu Lixing, she avoided him, not letting herself be alone.

Fu Lixing noticed that his nephew’s tutor always looked like he was afraid of being eaten by him every time he saw him. He stayed away from him, and he had no chance to get close to her.

But he, a thirty-year-old man, is not so hungry and thirsty to chase a little girl like those hairy boys, but the more he looks at her, the more interesting he feels.

When he came back from a business trip that night, he brought back the butter cookies his nephew loved as a souvenir. Unexpectedly, Mo Lianqian was there, so he gave her a copy.

I don’t know why, but when I returned home from a business trip, it felt good to see her in my own home.

Fu Jiaye ate the cookies and was very happy, and said to Mo Lianqian, “Teacher Mo, eat them quickly. These cookies are super delicious. Uncle buys them for me every time he travels to Tainan.”

Mo Lianqian smiled at Fu Jiaye, took another look at Fu Lixing, and opened the exquisite gift box. A strong fragrance rushed to her face. She took a cookie to her mouth, opened her mouth and took a bite. The crispy taste , She continued to eat in small mouthfuls, the biscuits melted in the mouth, full of creamy taste, satisfying her taste buds.

Fu Jiaye said, “How about it, isn’t it delicious?”

Mo Lianqian smiled and nodded, but did not dare to look at Fu Lixing again. She was a little puzzled that Fu Jiaye was a warm man, but why his uncle kept his face cold. Every time she saw him, she would be extremely nervous.

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