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Chapter 3 Chasing his wife all night

Fu Jiaye ate a few pieces and felt thirsty. There was no water in the glass. He picked up the water glass and poured water. Before going out, he turned his head and said to Mo Lianqian, “Teacher Mo, I will get you a glass of water later.”

“Okay, thank you.” Mo Lianqian replied. Suddenly, she saw Fu Lixing, who was sitting on the sofa, looking at herself. She suddenly became a little nervous and hurriedly looked away.

After Fu Jiaye left, only Fu Lixing and Mo Lianqian were left in the room.

Mo Lianqian had finished eating the biscuits, a little hopeful that Fu Jiaye would come back soon, because she felt it was a bit dangerous to be in the same space with Fu Lixing.

Fu Lixing stared at Mo Lianqian. She wore a loose T-shirt with a pair of close-fitting jeans, but couldn’t hide her curvy figure in the slightest. He leaned forward and stared at her side face. She said, “Are you afraid of me?”

Mo Lianqian turned her face and saw Fu Lixing’s face close at hand, but she still subconsciously kept herself calm, and said to him in a calm tone: “I don’t what.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Lixing stretched out a hand in front of her, and her eyes widened in fright, but he just held her chin and gently wiped away the cookie crumbs left on her lips with his fingers.

It was the first time that Fu Lixing had such a gentle behavior towards a woman. He stroked her lips. Her lips were soft and full of elasticity, which made him have the desire to have a kiss, but he restrained that impulse.

He said to her: “I won’t eat you again, why do you always avoid me? Are you afraid of me and what is it?”

Mo Lianqian was frightened and didn’t respond for a long time, just staring blankly. Holding Fu Lixing until she heard footsteps coming from the corridor outside the room, she blinked, turned her face away, and avoided Fu Lixing’s hand.

Fu Lixing withdrew his hand from her lips as if nothing had happened, and sat back on the sofa upright. Just now he wanted her to think about being his girlfriend. He didn’t expect Fu Jiaye to come back, so he had to find another opportunity.

Fu Jiaye didn’t notice something wrong in the room, handed Mo Lianqian a glass of water, sat back on the chair, and said to Fu Li: “Uncle, grandma just came to you, let you go to her.”

Fu Lixing was a little big. When his mother was looking for him, she must have wanted to introduce him to a woman, and there was an interested person in front of him, but he couldn’t move.

But how could he give up easily with a woman he rarely liked? Hearing what Fu Jiaye said, he got up and left the room. Just before leaving, he took a look at Mo Lianqian. She said that she didn’t want to find a boyfriend. The reason for her refusal was very honest. He was happy to know that she was single, but even if she had a boyfriend, he was confident enough to make her. Be your girlfriend.

After all, what Fu Lixing wanted, before he got it, would never give up easily.


finishing her tutoring, Mo Lianqian left Fu Jiaye’s room and closed the door for him. Quietly in the corridor, she was blocked by Fu Lixing at the top of the stairs.

It is false to say that it is not nervous, Mo Lianqian nodded politely to Fu Lixing, and wanted to walk past him sideways, but unexpectedly, he blocked her way.

Mo Lianqian looked at Fu Lixing, wondering what he wanted. Although, her heart is getting more and more nervous, just want to quickly escape from him.

Fu Lixing looked at Mo Lianqian, her face was a little tired, which made people feel a little distressed. If she promised his girlfriend, she would no longer need to work so hard, so he said to her: “When it comes to my girlfriend, you Do you want to think about it again?”

“No!” Mo Lianqian shook her head vigorously. She really didn’t want to find a boyfriend so quickly. You must know that there are many boys in the school chasing her, but she always puts her studies first and doesn’t want to. Distracted. Even if she is about to graduate now, she is thinking about putting her work into practice first, and then discussing relationships when the family’s financial situation improves.

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