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Chapter 5 Chasing his wife all night

After getting the seat belt, Fu Lixing turned to look at Mo Lianqian’s face. If it wasn’t enough concentration, so close, he wanted to kiss her.

But he just buckled her seat belt silently, sat back in the original position, and started the car.

Mo Lianqian relaxed a little. She admitted that Fu Lixing was mature and stable, with extraordinary appearance. He was the kind of man who made many women’s hearts moved. She just didn’t know what he liked about herself.

She would tell her to let her be his girlfriend at the first meeting. Perhaps, for his question, she could try to get to know him for a while before making a decision.

But as soon as she realized that she had actually done something for him, her heart was shaken, and she was busy stopping her thoughts.

The rain was heavy, and there was noisy rain outside the car. Fu Li was not driving fast. Rather than ensuring the safety of driving on rainy days, he wanted to stay with the girl around him longer.

Mo Lianqian felt a little cold, and hugged her arm.

Fu Lixing noticed it and adjusted the temperature in the car.

“Thank you.” Out of courtesy, Mo Lianqian broke the silence between the two in the car.

Fu Lixing felt that Mo Lianqian was very polite to people, did not like troublesome people, and had a good personality, but she refused to agree to be his girlfriend, which made him a little unhappy, but the more so, the more she aroused his desire to conquer. , No matter what method is used, he must achieve his goal.

Mo Lianqian saw the rain on the windshield blurred his vision, and the visibility ahead was very low. Although the speed was not fast, there were still many dangerous factors.

She said to Fu Lixing, “Mr. Fu, the rain is so heavy now, how about finding a place to park and waiting for the rain to get lighter before leaving?”

Fu Lixing was focusing on driving and heard Mo Lianqian say this. He agreed and said to her, “Okay, I’ll find a place to park now.” The

car stopped in the temporary parking space, and the two of them were silent in the car, and the atmosphere was subtle.

Fu Lixing tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, and he felt very good with the girl next to him.

Mo Lianqian regretted suggesting that Fu Lixing should stop, which meant she would stay with him longer and stay in a limited space. Facing a man who pursued herself, she was a little panicked, so she subconsciously embraced her with both hands. Own.

Fu Lixing felt Mo Lianqian’s nervousness, and he said quietly, “You haven’t graduated, why don’t you live in the school?”

Mo Lianqian didn’t expect Fu Lixing to detect this, so she replied, “Because I work. Sometimes I go back late and the dormitory has an entrance guard, so I rent a house off campus.”

Fu Lixing nodded thoughtfully. He turned his face and looked at Mo Lianqian’s face and said to her: “If you are economical If you encounter any difficulties, you can talk to me at any time. I don’t mean anything else, but I think girls shouldn’t work so hard.”

Mo Lianqian looked at Fu Lixing, his concern made her a little moved, and she smiled at him faintly. , Said to him: “I won’t work very hard, because all I meet are very good people.”

Fu Lixing smiled and said to her, “How do you know which is a good person and which is a bad person? The girl is outside, no matter who you are, you still have to pay more attention.”

Mo Lianqian heard Fu Lixing say this and cast Take his meaningful glance.

Fu Lixing realized that what he said probably made her treat herself as a bad person. He didn’t want to be guarded by her, but seeing her holding his arms and the fullness of his chest more obvious, he couldn’t move his eyes away.

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