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Chapter 6 Chasing his wife all night

“Let’s talk about it, why don’t you want to find a boyfriend and refuse me again and again.” He has never been a person who compromises easily. He just wants to figure out what she thinks.

Mo Lianqian had to tell the truth, “I want to stabilize my work before…” She looked at Fu Lixing and hesitated. In fact, she still has some suspicion towards him in her heart. How could such a man not have a woman?

Fu Lixing only felt that Mo Lianqian in front of him was a fool, so he seriously said to her: “There is no conflict between falling in love and looking for a job. You don’t need to worry too much.”

Mo Lianqian still couldn’t convince herself. , Said to Fu Lixing: “But I am still not mentally prepared, I’m sorry.”

Fu Lixing nodded, and said to her: “Then, when you are ready, come and tell me.” I

don’t know why, in other matters, he Pay attention to speed, but for Mo Lianqian, he can always restrain his impatientness and give her enough patience.

Mo Lianqian didn’t know how to respond to Fu Lixing, fell silent, and turned to look at the rain outside the car window.

Fu Lixing looked at Mo Lianqian’s profile, and he liked her the more he looked at it. He didn’t understand what was going on this time, but he became more and more concerned about her. It was ridiculous to think about sending a woman home on a rainy day, but this happened to him for an unprecedented time.

After ten minutes, the rain was lighter, and Mo Lianqian thought that she was finally going to end the tense and uneasy atmosphere, so she turned her head excitedly and wanted to tell Fu Lixing that she could leave when the rain was light, but she didn’t want When he turned his head, he ran into the deep eyes that had been falling on him. His eyes were facing each other, and the fire was splashing. For a while, he seemed to be caught in the eyes of the opponent, and he did not avoid it.

After a while, it was Mo Lianqian who became shy first, blushed and looked away, but she found that the rhythm of her heartbeat was faster.

Fu Lixing only felt a strong gravitational force, and he couldn’t help leaning forward slowly, wanting to kiss Mo Lianqian, but when he was about to kiss her, she hid.

There is a feeling of you chasing me, making him feel itchy, he puts his arms around her shoulders to kiss her, but does not want a soft palm to block each other.

“The rain has stopped, you can send me home!” Mo Lianqian said anxiously.

Fu Lixing’s lips touched Mo Lianqian’s hand, raised his eyes, and saw her blinking big eyes, which were very moving. He kissed her hand and sat back to his original position.

In the coming days, he is bound to win her.

The car started, and he drove to her residence.

Mo Lianqian held her hands on her knees, and Fu Lixing kissed her, and the numbness of the palms of her hands was still there, and it felt very subtle.

This is the first time in her life that she has experienced intimacy. Her fierce heartbeat has not yet calmed down. She secretly glanced at Fu Lixing’s side face focused on driving, thinking that she would have to avoid him in the future and not be alone with him.

When I arrived near my residence, the rain was still pattering. The apartment that Mo Lianqian rented was relatively remote. The road outside was washed by rain, and it was wet, shining coldly under the dim street lights.

Fu Lixing was uneasy and took the umbrella in her hand. She opened the door one step and got out of the car. After closing the door, she walked to the front passenger seat and opened the door, holding the umbrella to let Mo Lianqian get out of the car.

After Mo Lianqian got out of the car, she refused to let Fu Lixing know where she lived, so she refused: “I can go by myself. It’s very close.”

“It’s okay, I have time. I will give it to you.” Fu Lixing insisted. When he was very young, he pushed the umbrella on top of his head onto Mo Lianqian’s body, his shoulders were soaked in the rain, and he didn’t care.

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