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Reversal and Victory Chapter 1

[Beginning of the text]

The clan member saw Heng Jiang after getting off the car, staring at her with complicated eyes, “Second girl, what do you mean, first of all, we are not allowed to go to the capital. We are just about to leave, and then they catch up and push me.” After getting on the carriage, the second girl still has no resentment towards us.”

Heng Jiang was startled when he heard the words, and then he was even more sure that this was Jiang’s handwriting. “A few uncles and uncles have misunderstood, it may be that my elder mother had some misunderstanding. The arrangement is wrong, but the niece has been looking forward to it at home. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the patriarch grandfather.”

The patriarch who came after hearing the news heard their conversation, “Yes, the girl started to eat and drink early in the morning and was worried about everyone going out. It’s too early to take care of breakfast, and people have to prepare a hot breakfast. How can you stop you

from getting to the capital?” The family members who were thinking of coming from the carriage after hearing that said they all looked at each other, and then think about what Heng Jiang said just now. This matter seems to be related to the Jiang family. When thinking about Heng Jiang, who is standing in front of him, everyone is thinking about it from the family. If there is anything else they don’t understand, even the patriarch who is standing on the side thinks about it.

“Jiang seems to be a gentleman, but he didn’t expect to be so light-eyed.”

Heng Jiang saw that everyone thought it through, and didn’t care about what they said just now. Just let everyone know who did it. In the future, the division of the family will also require the testimony of the patriarch and family members. This time, the Jiang family will help. Up her.

Heng Jiang smiled and took everyone to the main hall for dinner. The mother Xu and others next to her naturally knew what Heng Jiang thought, so they also greeted the Heng family more thoughtfully. Everyone was full of praise for Heng Jiang.

It was only half an hour later that Jiang knew that Heng Jiang had already taken the clan relatives to his house, and he was coming to her at the moment, preparing to go to the ancestral hall to start the adoption ceremony.


Jiang threw the tea cup in his hand angrily, and hit it by the door. The woman standing at the door was so frightened that she knelt down. “The old slave really saw the family members drive the car with his own eyes. I left after returning. I don’t know how the second girl took the person back.”

This old mother was the dowry of the Jiang family , and she was naturally trustworthy, because she was trustworthy and she was safe in doing things. I asked her to do it personally. I don’t know what went wrong in this, Heng Jiang unexpectedly took the person back under her nose.

“I don’t blame you, get up, and be more careful in doing things in the future.”

The old mother stood up thankfully thankfully, and quietly went to tidy up the broken tea cups at the door. Jiang estimated the time, and the hands in the sleeves were secretly clenched. At this moment, I’m afraid it’s not easy to stop. , An inattentive person may take oneself in.

All this is to blame Heng Jiang, if it weren’t for her restlessness, how could she have lost so much, and what happened before, her sister would not be abandoned by her husband’s family. Thinking of these Jiangs, she would just want to eat Heng alive. ginger.

But instead of waiting for Jiang to figure out how to eat Hengjiang, Heng Jiang and others have already brought their clan members to the Prime Minister’s Mansion. The ancestral hall is in the Prime Minister’s Mansion. Next year, Heng Jiang will also come with his parents to worship his ancestors, so he can be considered familiar. beaten track.

Heng Changsheng also received the news here. He was already waiting at the entrance of the ancestral hall. When he saw the patriarch of the Heng family coming, Heng Changsheng bowed his hand and humbled his hand to invite the patriarch and others to enter.

From the moment Heng Min entered the Prime Minister’s Mansion, her clenched fists did not loosen, and her tight lips were faintly white. Heng Jiang naturally noticed. Before entering the ancestral hall, taking advantage of Heng Changsheng’s greetings with everyone, she pretended to Heng Min Adjust the collar.

“If you can’t bear it, you will be in a big way. Remember what you said a few days ago. What you want is for them to be fair, not for a while.”

Although Heng Min is young, he has experienced the warmth and warmth of human relationships and is more mature than his peers. For Heng Jiang’s child, he can naturally hear what Heng Jiang said. At this moment, no matter how much he makes trouble, it is just a child’s arrogance to Heng Changsheng.

What he wants is for Heng’s family to bow their heads to admit their mistakes, what he wants is Heng Changsheng’s confession, what he wants is the life of his mother who killed his mother, and what he wants is justice.

Heng Min took a deep breath, looked at Heng Jiang who was close at hand, and smiled stiffly with gratitude, “Thank you, elder sister for reminding.”

Seeing that he really listened to it, he was sure that there would be no trouble in a while, Heng Jiang also He breathed a sigh of relief. After a while, the ancestral hall was opened. Today’s affairs are a major event. As a female family member, Jiang is not suitable for entering and leaving, so he can only wait in the side hall of the ancestral hall. The men of the Heng family rush to the patriarch in front.

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