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Chapter 1427 The Contest Between Father and Son

Chapter 1427 The contest between father and son

late at night, after confirming that Lin Yan was asleep.

Pei Gan on the bed immediately opened his eyes and poked his head to show off to his brother who was sleeping on the other side of his mother.

“Don’t pretend, wake up. How about it, have you taken it?” The little guy’s eyes were sparkling in the dark night.

Pei Li opened his eyes and said blankly: “What are you taking, are you crying badly?”

Pei Gan didn’t care about Pei Li’s mockery: “What’s wrong with me crying! What can be solved by crying, why bother? You have to do it! Hmph, let me tell you, you can’t do it like this, like a dull gourd, it’s not cute at all. Mom won’t like such a child.”

Pei Li was silent for a while: “How cute is it?”

Pei Gan suddenly Can’t help showing off: “Then you are asking the right person. For example, when you talk, eat, eat, eat, sleep, sleep, take a bath, take a bath, and repetition can greatly increase your cuteness. .”

Pei Li had a disgusting expression that he would waste time listening to him: “…just like a mentally retarded.”

If it weren’t for the mother’s sleep, Pei Gan’s little paw could not help but greet him, and now he can only lower his voice. “You’re mentally retarded!”

Pei Li: “Anything else?”

Pei Gan looked proud: “Of course I have it, cute but a technical job! For another example, send a message to mom, don’t use a full stop after each sentence is over. , Use the tilde, don’t make a smiling expression, make a shy expression.”

Pei Li: “What’s the difference?”

Pei Gan shook his head sympathetically: “Tsk tsk, I don’t understand this, you really are not cute at all. . “

Pei ceremony:.” I do not need that kind of stuff, “

Pei dry triumphantly:.” so, ah, you never beat me no way, become my mother’s favorite child, “

Pei ceremony sneer,” my mother’s favorite child , You are too passionate.”

Pei Gan exploded his hair, and almost rushed towards Pei Li when the quilt was lifted, “Who do you think is affectionate! I am!”

Pei Li: “You are not.”

Pei Gan: “I am! I am not, are you!” “

Pei ceremony:” Why can not I be. “

Pei dry:” anyway, you probably are, of course, should I be “!


side of the city Pei Yu jump jump forehead, sighed, opened his eyes, first leaned help Pei Qian He Pei Li put the quilt on, and then said: “If you don’t want to have more competitors, just give me sleep.” The

two little guys suddenly stiffened, and they all fell silent.

What do you mean by multiple competitors?

Multiple competing…children?

Is it going to have a second child! ?

Pei Gan suddenly looked vigilant: “Do you want to have another mother with your mother?!”

Pei Li also cast doubtful eyes.

Pei Yucheng: “Is there a problem?”

Pei Li twisted his face and glanced at the father on the side: “Your current identity is just your mother’s boyfriend, giving birth, will you think too far?”

Pei Gan “That’s the beauty you want!”

Pei Li: “What’s more, it’s just a boyfriend. You can change at any time.”

Pei Gan: “Yes, you can change at any time!”

Pei Yucheng raised his eyebrows slightly: “You better expect me Can be re-elected.”

Pei Li: “Why?”

Pei Gan: “Yes! Why?”

Pei Yucheng: “If your mother is still with me, we already have two children, so under normal circumstances, there is no need for anymore. If you want one child, even if you want another one, your status will not be greatly affected.

However, if she falls in love with others and marries others, she will very likely have another one. Based on the principle of loving the house, she should love the child in her life even more. “

Pei Yu city paused, continue opening:” Chinese state-owned sentence, called the father of the child with you. “

Pei Li: “……! “

Pei dry:” ……! “


?? Pei total, so you pit your son, your wife know ???



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