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“Hua Chenyu child’s mother” Zhang Bichen was once a Korean girl group!

“Hua Chenyu child’s mother” Zhang Bichen was once a Korean girl group! I met 6 years ago… the scandals are all true.

Singer Hua Chenyu announced on the 22nd to be a dad, and at the same time confirmed that the child’s mother is the actress Zhang Bichen. The news hit the show business circle and aroused many people’s curiosity about “Who is Zhang Bichen.” In fact, Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen knew each other before they became popular, and their friendship can be traced back to 2015 at least, and the scandal spread as early as 2018. Now everyone is surprised that “it turns out to be true.”

Zhang Bichen is 31 years old this year, a few months older than Hua Chenyu. He first debuted in South Korea and joined the women’s group “Sunny Days” in 2013. However, he quit after less than a year of activity. She went home to develop her hometown, won the championship in “The Voice of China 3” and became popular. In 2015, she participated in the variety show “Sing You The World”. Because Hua Chenyu was also one of the show crews, many people thought they knew each other at this time, but in fact, 2 people were even more. There was a relationship long ago, and Zhang Bichen also sang for the man’s album.

The scandal between Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen has been reported since 2018. Netizens have repeatedly found that they are wearing the same ring, hat, and jacket; when the man flew to Changsha to record “Singer 2018”, the woman was also witnessed low-key travel to the same location. However, Zhang Bichen’s staff once said that the scandal was “nothing.” In addition, the two people acted very low-key. Even the fans thought that the two were just ordinary friends. Unexpectedly, they discovered that the scandal was not groundless.

Hua Chenyu and Zhang Bichen once filmed the show “Singing Touring the World” together in 2015. (Photo/Reversed from Weibo/Jiangsu Satellite TV Touring the World)

Zhang Bichen issued a post on the 22nd confessing that he has a daughter. In the fall of 2018, he found out that he was pregnant unexpectedly. He was completely panicked. “Although Huahua and I are together, we also look forward to living in the future, but we never planned to have children and get married. At least not in a few years.” She unilaterally severed contact with Hua Chenyu, concealed the news of her pregnancy, and quietly gave birth to her daughter. It was not until later that she wanted to confess it to her husband. Now she decided to raise her daughter together, but she didn’t. Unmarried. Source: ettoday

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