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“Shangyang Fu” Zhang Ziyi’s gang shot full exposure

Zhang Ziyi’s first TV “Shangyang Fu”, from filming to broadcasting, caused a high degree of discussion. (Provided by eight major TV stations). Zhang Ziyi’s first TV series “Shangyang Fu” was filmed in 2017, and it was not broadcast until early 2021. She played on the stage of returning to her family after getting married. In the play, she played with her brother and turned around, and the skirts of her costume also fluttered up. , But what she wore under her feet was not a pair of costume shoes, but a pair of sneakers that traveled to ancient times. Netizens could not recognize her sour: “What about dedication?”

This is because the piercing shots with the whole body in the lens are very obvious, and the keyword “Shangyang Fu Zhang Ziyi wears sneakers and piercing shots” also occupies hot searches on Weibo. Some netizens recognized that Zhang Ziyi was wearing Hogan brand sneakers with an asking price of more than 15,000 yuan. Song Hye Kyo also wore the same shoes in “Descendants of the Sun”. In the picture, Zhang Ziyi is happily spinning in a period costume, and the moment of wearing a gang is funny and embarrassing.

Zhang Ziyi’s piercing lens has aroused heated discussion among netizens. (Flip from Weibo)
“Shangyang Fu” is adapted from Meiyuzhe’s novel “Emperor Industry” and starred by Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Yiwei and Yang Youning. Since Zhang Ziyi started acting as a girl, it caused many netizens to criticize her for not being girly. Zhang Ziyi responded: “There is nothing wrong with girly feeling, but please don’t impose it on me.” Zhang Ziyi is due to the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” “Starting the road to the international market, she, known as the “International Chapter”, did not show weakness in responding to the comments placed on her. Some netizens supported her, thinking that Zhang Ziyi, who was a 15-year-old girl at the age of 38 at the time, could still hold the scene. Source: Mirror Weekly

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