The rest of my life is with you, sweet and warm (Novel)

In “The rest of my life is with you, sweet and warm”, 囧囧you demon continues the humorous style of writing. The interaction between the hero and the heroine is real and full, with full of laughter. Supported by a large amount of material and survey data, the whole story is both novel and interesting, but also well-founded, with a solid foundation for film and television adaptation.

The main line of the story is the growth and struggle of the heroine Lin Yan in the entertainment industry. Interspersed with the career history of the heroine as a racing driver and the emotional development of the heroine Pei Yucheng.

The author regards the entertainment circle as the heroine Lin Yan’s struggle workplace, carefully setting up multiple script plots. As an actor, Lin Yan interprets the script and story with different roles. The setting of the play in the play makes Lin Yan’s image more diversified and three-dimensional, and the whole story is richer and thicker.

In addition to the actor, Lin Yan also has an identity, that is, a former top racer born in a “cars family” who retired due to injury and returned to China for development. This information about racing continues to flash in the form of memories. Lin Yan, who still possesses superb racing skills, always solves various situations unexpectedly. In the face of a declining family, whether Lin Yan can reverse the status quo with his own technology has also become another highlight of the story that readers pay attention to. The reasonable integration of the fresh elements of “racing car” and “vehicle” has increased the fun and freshness of the whole drama. In the race track competition of urban emotional works, the difference is significant.

Embarrassed with demons-“The rest of my life is with you, sweet and warm”

In addition, the setting of the actor Pei Yucheng in the work is also quite unique. As the person in charge of a huge business empire, in the separation and recombination with Lin Yan, Pei Yucheng has grown from indifference to gentleness, from extreme to knowing how to love, and the character arc is complete. Pei Yucheng is not simply a background board for the growth of the heroine Lin Yan, but a real individual with full of emotions.

From the perspective of adaptation, the ecology of the entertainment circle constructed in “The rest of my life is sweet and warm” is authentic, three-dimensional and full of characters. While presenting the heroine’s hard work, the story also pays attention to the portrayal of details. In particular, the scenes described in the work, such as the crew, audition, and filming, are very detailed and the plot density is high, which is very suitable for conversion into lens language. In addition, the use of brainwaves, soft science fiction and other elements in the work adds a touch of romance to the advancement of the whole story.

“The rest of my life is with you, sweet and warm” while describing sweet love, it focuses on the exploration of the characters’ self-growth and human nature, and uses the “emotion +” story model to find another way. It has a strong differentiated competitive advantage in the current market and is worthwhile attention.