Chapter 0001, the most miserable son-in-law in history

Yujia Villa on the outskirts of Qingyun City.

In the gloomy dungeon, faint candlelight was shining.

“Finally succeeded!”

Looking at his wife, the look in Yi Qianmo’s eyes is a bit complicated, “I hope you can keep your promise.”

“Yeah, it finally succeeded!”

Opposite him, there was a woman sitting cross-legged.

The woman is extremely beautiful, wearing a red gown, outlines her plump figure, white skin, smooth as jade, without the slightest blemish.

This is his wife, the first beauty of Qingyun City, the jewel in the palm of the Yu family, Yu Youwei.

Compared with his wife, Yi Qinmo was pale, skinny, deep-set eyes, a pair of gray eyes, full of unwillingness and powerlessness.

Yu Youwei got up and looked down at him. There was not the slightest feeling in his eyes when his wife saw her husband. Instead, her tone was full of pity: “I will keep my promise and let you go, and I will save your family.”

Hearing this, the powerlessness in Yi Qinmo’s eyes disappeared a lot, and there was hope on his face.

When he was five years old, he awakened the body of nine suns, but this physique did not bring him good luck, but brought disaster to him and his family.

All this is because his family is a small family that doesn’t enter Qingyun City.

As a result, the suppression of the major forces followed one after another, and it became more and more fierce.

In order to protect him, his father was killed in front of him, and the whole family was close to the ruin.

At the critical moment, the fish family came to help, but the condition was that he should be admitted to the Jiaoyu family.

In order to preserve the family, Yi Qianmo became the son-in-law of the fish family.

He originally thought that the fish family had taken a fancy to his beauty and wanted to cultivate him.

But he didn’t expect the fish family to call him into the family, just to make a double-rest stove for this palm-shaped pearl fish young Wei who has the body of nine yin.

Yi Qianmo was extremely desperate, but he knew that if he didn’t build this furnace, the Yi family who lost its shelter would be destroyed.

Yu Youwei also promised him that as long as he cooperates, she will let him go when she succeeds, and keep his Yi family safe.

Thirteen years!

I spent 13 years in this gloomy dungeon, and finally waited for the day to see the light again.


Yu Youwei groaned, then suddenly pulled out the saber around her waist and stab at him.

The sword light flickered, he couldn’t resist at all!


Looking at the broken veins in his right hand, Yi Qianmo was shocked and angry, “I have cooperated with you for thirteen years, and now you have gathered nine yin and nine yang to become a fairy, why do you treat me like this!! !”


Yu Youwei was expressionless and said, “Do you think that 13 years ago, several big families joined forces to go to your Yi family to persecute, just because of your nine-sun body?”

Having said this, a chuckle appeared at the corner of her mouth, “In their eyes, the body of the nine suns is just an opportunity. What they want is your Yi family’s Great Yi Sword Art. According to legend… it is close to the fairy family’s swordsmanship. , If you succeed in cultivation, this entire Qingyun City, I am afraid that no family can compete with your Yi Family!”

“If my Yi family really has this class of swordsmanship, how can a few big families come and kill my father!!”

Yi Qianmo’s pained face was full of resentment, “How can I be willing to be your son-in-law of your fish family, and be your Yu Youwei’s furnace tripod!!!”

“Now what’s the use of hiding?”

Yu Youwei laughed and said, “Do you really think that you have entered my fish house and no one knows about secretly practicing sword art?”

“How could you…”

Yi Qianmo’s heart trembled, and he couldn’t believe his ears.

“How could I know?”

Yu Youwei took his words with pitiful eyes in his eyes, “The Yi family’s father is also a good calculation, even if his son was killed, he did not hand over the Great Yi Sword Art.”

“He was afraid and knew that even if the sword art was handed over, the Yi family could not escape the disaster, so he simply agreed to let you join my fish family. If my fish family were not strong, I am afraid that the end would not be much better than your Yi family. If you have cultivated a sword art, I am afraid that my fish family, and even the other families in Qingyun City, will be cut to death by you!”

After speaking, Yu Youwei picked the long sword without mercy.

Yi Qianmo was like a fish on a chopping board, his left hand tendon was cut off by this sword, and blood was flowing like a fountain.

“Unfortunately, your old man made a mistake. What my fish family wants is not the sword tactic, but your Nine Suns Body! The only thing I don’t understand is why you can cultivate but the others in the Yi family can’t?”

Yu Youwei asked.

“You damn poisonous woman!!!”

Yi Qianmo, whose hand muscle was broken, couldn’t help but feel the anger in his hearts, like a wild beast.

When he entered Zhuiyu’s house, his grandfather taught him this sword tactic, hoping that he would use the shelter of the fish family to cultivate this sword tactic.

Like a dog in the fish family, he endured for thirteen years, whether as a stove or being humiliated by the messengers, he showed meekness, because he knew this was his only hope and he had to success!

He didn’t want to repeat the scene 13 years ago!

“Don’t tell me?”

Yu Youwei glanced at him coldly, and dropped two consecutive swords blankly, breaking Yi Qianmo’s hamstrings, “It’s okay, I’m just curious anyway.”

“Even if your Yi Family’s sword art is more sophisticated, what can it do? It is only close to the Xian Family, but now I have broken through the innate and become the Xian Family!”


Yi Qianmo’s body trembled, and his face was full of painful curses, “You must not die!!!”


Yu Youwei smiled softly, “Do you think this is over?”

“You…what else do you want to do!”

There was a look of horror in Yi Qinmo’s eyes. Not to mention that his hands and feet were broken, even if he faced Yu Youwei before, he had no chance of winning.

Beyond the innate, that is the realm of the fairy family!

“To break your hand and hamstrings is to make you unable to take the sword and walk, but it is not enough!”

She flashed in shape, came to him, raised her hand and landed a punch on his lower abdomen, and the domineering force directly knocked Yi Qianmo out.

The severe pain made Yi Qianmo almost fainted.

“Only by abolishing your dantian can all your foundations be broken.”

Yu Youwei walked in front of him, raised her hand to seal a few big holes on his body, and took out a pill, forced it into his mouth, and whispered, “But I promised not to kill you. It’s just…I will help you along the path of this fairy family, so you can be a mortal here with peace of mind!”

“You vicious bitch!!!”

Yi Qianmo screamed like an evil spirit with a disheveled head.

If only the hand tendons and hamstrings are picked off, relying on the sword intent in his chest, as long as he enters the innate, he still has a chance.

However, the dantian was broken, which also meant that the foundation was destroyed, and he could only become a useless person, even if he possessed the sword intent, it was of no use.

Grandpa’s expectations of him, as well as 13 years of forbearance, were all destroyed in this dynasty.

He wanted to tear the woman in front of him, but he could do nothing!

“I have ordered the next person to not stop you from leaving, but I think it is better for you to stay here.”

Yu Youwei didn’t even look at him, put away the sword, turned and left.

“So this is what you call keeping promises!!!”

With blood in his mouth, Yi Qianmo lay on the ground and roared in pain.

After 13 years of Shuangxiu, he even placed a trace of affection on Yu Youwei in his heart, but he didn’t expect Yu Youwei to be such a vicious person.

Yes, she kept the promise, but also destroyed all his hopes, he was not reconciled, because this was also the hope of his family!

“I can not be reconciled!!!”

His eyes glowed with blood red, and the anger and unwillingness in his chest ignited the sword intent he had cultivated in thirteen years.


There was a blast in his head, as if opening up the world, that ray of sword intent burned like a raging flame, piercing through his limbs and a hundred skeletons. .

“The great Yi goes back to Tibet, whether it is extremely peaceful, there are inherent deficiencies, and the day after tomorrow will make up for it…”

A loud voice suddenly resounded in his mind, and the blood-red eyes flashed with a ray of silver-white light.

This light swallowed his eyes in an instant, and infected his body just like his sword intent.

If Yu Youwei was still here, she would be shocked.

Because at the moment, Yi Qianmo was floating out of thin air, shaped like a piece of jade, exuding a silvery white luster.