Chapter 0002 The Great Sword Maru

Yi Qianmo found that there was a silvery white around him, and some strange pictures appeared in his eyes. The pictures were connected together. At first, the speed was very slow, but as time passed, it became faster and faster.

“Cultivation… Fairy family… Sword Jue… Fairyland… Great Emperor Changsheng!”

The images in his eyes continued to flow, and when he finally stopped, he felt his mind almost exploded, “This is… a memory… a memory of practice!”

What circulates quickly in front of him is a complete memory, a detailed record of a person’s life, and this person turned out to be the longevity emperor of the fairyland!


In Yi Qianmo’s eyes, the fairy family is already an inaccessible existence, but the owner of this memory in front of him has surpassed the fairy family, entered the fairyland, and became the supreme existence of the great emperor!

“No matter who you are, since you can unlock the seal set by the emperor, then you are a descendant with the blood of the emperor…”

A voice full of vicissitudes of life sounded in his mind, and Yi Qianmo recovered from the shock, but not in the dungeon, but in a silver-white space.

This voice is the master of this memory, called the Changsheng Great Emperor Yi Haoran.

In his narration, he has fallen, this is a sword pill he left behind, and Yi Qianmo is in the space of this sword pill.

The reason for the fall is because of the calculation of the enemy.

But when he fell, he evacuated the sword pill he had built and set a restriction, only those who had his own blood could open it.

“Sword Maru?”

Yi Qianmo recalled what his grandfather gave him when he entered Zhuyuyu’s house, “The thing that grandpa gave to me is obviously just a small piece of animal skin. After asking me to write down the sword art above, he let me swallow it. What sword pill?”

Just as he was puzzled, the voice came again: “The emperor knows that those guys will rush to kill, and will not give the emperor a chance to recover, so when Jianmaru escaped, he had turned into a vulgar thing, that is, the descendants of the emperor. To untie, one must also be tenacious and experience great grief…”

Only then did Yi Qianmo understand that the Changsheng Great Emperor had concealed the enemies, so he made a suspicion formation, and used means that were not from the immortal family to restrain the sword pill.

“You can unlock the seal of the sword pill and you will be the descendant of the emperor, and the sword pill will be used by you. You must not easily expose the existence of the sword pill and the Dayi sword store in it, especially the sword store! Otherwise…”

The last paragraph, apart from the exhortation, is a warning.

Yi Qianmo was terrified. If the pain that he had just experienced was still looming in his mind, he himself would think it was a dream!

But he knew it wasn’t. He got the inheritance of a great emperor, and he couldn’t believe that he actually had the blood of the fairyland great emperor.

Rao has experienced Yi Qin Mo that is different from ordinary people since childhood, and it is difficult to calm the excitement in his heart.

“Although the seal of Kenmaru was unlocked, my ancestor still set a seal for me, which shows how deeply he fears those opponents!”

Yi Qianmo didn’t dare to imagine what a fairyland was. In his opinion, the fairy family was beyond reach.

After a long time, he calmed down the restlessness in his heart. Although these memories entered his mind, they were sealed into many segments, almost one segment.

In the words of this ancestor, if you accept all the memories at once, let alone an ordinary practitioner, a golden immortal will become an idiot.

After sorting out for a long time, Yi Qianmo put the first memory into his mind, and this memory was nearly sixty years old.

In his memory, the first realm he came into contact with was the Qi Refining Period.

Mortal cultivation is divided into third-rate, second-rate, first-rate, acquired, and the highest innate realm!

That was also the realm that Yi Qianmo had previously dreamed of, because as long as he entered Xiantian, even if he could not be invincible in Qingyun City, he would at least not worry about being bullied and the Yi family would no longer be destroyed.

However, this innate realm has not even reached the threshold of the Xian family. Only breaking through the innate, entering the Qi refining period, absorbing the aura of heaven and earth, and transforming the true energy into spiritual power, is the method of the Xian family.

“My current state…”

When that voice disappeared, Yi Qianmo opened his eyes, but was taken aback, “The day after tomorrow’s peak!”

He found that he had directly crossed the first three realms of the martial artist and directly reached the acquired realm.

The most incredible thing is that his muscles and hamstrings that were broken by Yu Youwei have all recovered as before. In addition to his thin face, his skin is tender and can be squeezed out of water.

“So powerful!”

Yi Qianmo tried to operate his zhenqi according to the method in his memory, and suddenly a powerful qi gushed out of his dantian, instantly flooded with limbs and corpses.

The broken dantian and body had recovered as before, and the true energy in his body was like flames, but it hadn’t burned his skin.

He knew that this was the effect brought by his body of nine suns, that was the true energy of the nine suns!

“Yu Youwei said that she has entered the fairy house, and should be at the level of Qi refining at this moment.”

Yi Qianmo stood up slowly, a ray of murderous intent flashed in his eyes, “Qi refining level is only the threshold of the fairy family, Yu Youwei!”

Even if it only unlocked the seal of the first memory, Yi Qianmo’s vision at this moment has far surpassed Yu Youwei, and even the entire Qingyun City, that is sixty years, a memory of a Jiazi!

“Originally, I tolerated the practice of sword art, just want to deal with a few big families, I still have a trace of affection for you Yu Youwei, but!!!”

Yi Qianmo is not an unreasonable person, but today’s events have caused his hatred of Yu Youwei and even the Yu family to the point where he saw his father die tragically, “I didn’t expect you to be so cruel and vicious! You! Wait for me, for today’s insult, I will ask you to repay it ten times!”

“Why did the young lady keep him, kill him, and tell the Yi family that he was violently ill, wouldn’t it be fine?”

A voice came from the tunnel leading to the dungeon.

“I don’t know, but since the young lady said that his dantian has been abolished, this is tantamount to destroying all his foundations.”

“The steward deliberately delayed for a few days, and I don’t know if he is dead.”

The voice was getting closer and closer, and after a while, two young men dressed as guards walked in and saw Yi Qianmo standing there with a ruddy complexion and couldn’t help being surprised.

After staring at each other for a while, the headed Yudong didn’t have any doubts, because the young lady said that after abolishing his dantian, he swallowed an immortal family medicine.

Seeing Yi Qianmo’s appearance at the moment, the person in charge only felt violent, and said with contempt, “Have you considered it? You only have one chance to choose.”

Yi Qianmo knew them, and these were the two guards who were in charge of guarding him, Yudong and Yuxi.

In recent years, every time they brought food to themselves, they would fall to the ground and take away the chopsticks, making him beg for food on the ground like a dog.