Chapter 0003 Blood splattered three feet

“Considering what?”

Yi Qianmo suppressed the hatred in his heart and asked calmly.

“You don’t pretend to be garlic, the lady gave you the choice, either stay in this dungeon for a lifetime, or…get out of here, so as not to dirty the land of my fish house.”

Yu Xi said with a look of disgust.

After hearing this, Yi Qianmo remembered Yu Youwei’s last words when he left. If he wanted to leave, she would never force him to stay, and even let the servants in the house send him back to Yi’s house.

Sure enough, Yudong on the side continued: “If you leave, we will personally send you back, but… as long as you step out here, you will no longer be the son-in-law of the Yu family.”

After listening, Yi Qianmo frowned suddenly. He tolerated for 13 years, and his mind was naturally deep, not to mention the 60 years of cultivation memory of a great emperor who had just obtained Jian Wan.

This is the equivalent of a person’s life of sixty years, and it is no different from living two lives.

After a little pondering, I understood the mystery.

“If I step out here at this moment, my Yi family will be destroyed immediately!” Yi Qianmo’s face was covered with frost.

Looking at the prisoner in front of them, the two guards were really surprised, but they didn’t take it seriously. After all, the pubic area was abolished, and no matter how clever it was, it was just a waste.

Yu Dong sneered: “You are smart, but it’s a pity that you were born in the wrong place. Now your Yi family has something close to the fairy family’s swordsmanship, which has spread throughout Qingyun City. If you leave, your family will definitely be destroyed.”

“But if you don’t leave, you can only stay in this gloomy dungeon for a lifetime, begging for food like a dog, but your Yijia can indeed continue to be protected by my fish family. At least a few big families don’t dare to be right. You change your home.”

He just finished talking, and Yuxi immediately said, “However, even if they dare not do anything on the face, I believe that several big families will have many ways to make you unable to live in your family. As far as I know… today… The young master of Lei’s family has already gone to Yi’s family to propose marriage and wants to take your sister as a concubine!”

As soon as Yi Qianmo heard it, his eyes flashed with murderous intent: “It turns out that she had planned it a long time ago. Even if I am alive, I have to live better than die. What a vicious heart!”

Yu Youwei destroyed all of his foundations, not counting, but also laid a dead end for him.

The news that the Yi family possesses the Great Yi Jian Jue must have been released by the Yu Family, but even if the Yu Family does not release it, it is actually the same. Those big forces that know the secret will still act on the Yi Family.

In the past thirteen years, the Yu family was able to force Yu Youwei to become an immortal family, so that they strongly suppressed other forces and did not allow them to change their families, but now it is different.

The Yu family got what they wanted. Even if Yi Qianmo stayed here, they would not be able to suppress several big families like before!

No matter how he chooses, the Yi family cannot be saved, and he can only die here in despair!

“What did you say?”

After listening to the two guards, their expressions suddenly changed.

“I said Yu Youwei is a vicious bitch!” Yi Qianmo stared at the two coldly.

“Little beast, you really think you are the son-in-law of the fish family after eating the bear heart and leopard gall?”

If just now, they thought they had heard it wrong, but now they heard it really, and Yu Dong violently punched it and hit Yi Qianmo’s front door.

With the strength of his second-rate martial artist, let’s not say that a mortal who hasn’t practiced, even an ordinary martial artist, would also be beaten to death. His punch was murderous.

But Yi Qinmo didn’t evade, raising his hand and pouring his infuriating energy into his hands, and then he fisted to meet him.


There was a muffled noise in the air, and two fists fell together, like the collision of two rocks.

“Ka Ka”

Immediately afterwards, there was a bone cracking sound, and a painful roar came from the dungeon, but it did not come from Yi Qianmo.

With this fist, Yu Dong was directly affected by the infuriating qi from Yi Qianmo’s hands, and he broke his right arm, and flew out, holding his hands and almost fainted.

Yuxi on the side was stunned. If it wasn’t for Yudong’s biting wailing, he even thought he was dreaming?

He looked at Yi Qinmo, his eyes were full of perplexity and perplexity, didn’t he be costed by Dantian? Isn’t it a waste?

Why is this happening!

“Unfortunately, she miscalculated a bit. My Yi Family’s Great Yi Sword Art is not just close to the Xian Family, but the real Xian Family. It’s not true, it’s even surpassing the so-called Xian Family in your eyes!”

Yi Qianmo stared at Yuxi coldly, releasing his breath.

“After… the acquired realm!” Yuxi’s mouth opened wide, and an egg was stuffed into it.

Yudong, with a painful complexion, felt the breath, his eyes were full of fear, and he didn’t understand what had happened!

However, Yu Xi was surprised, but at any rate he was the loyal guard of the Yu Family, a second-rate warrior, he didn’t believe that the young lady would lie to him, he even thought that this was the effect of the young lady’s immortal family medicine.


Yuxi drew out his saber, his infuriating energy circulated to the blade, and his figure flashed, and he slashed towards Yi Qianmo heavily.

Don’t say that waste like Yi Qianmo is a second-rate warrior, so it is impossible to do things with a single knife in person and empty-handed.

He is extremely confident with this cut!


There was a sound of metal rubbing, Yu Xi looked at the person in front of him in horror, watching the scene in front of him, if he hadn’t cut the knife himself, he suspected he was dreaming.

Yi Qinmo actually used two fingers to clamp his mortal knife. No matter how hard he tried, the knife was embedded in the two fingers, and he didn’t move at all.


Yi Qianmo twisted his fingers, and the force of terror directly broke Yuxi’s wrist holding the knife.

The knife was thrown from the air, and the position was reversed. A slender hand held the handle of the knife. The owner of this hand took a step forward and swung the knife down.


A head rolled down, leaving a headless corpse standing there, blood gushing like a fountain.

“Why did the young lady lie to us!” Yudong, who was holding his arms on the ground, looked at the falling head and corpse, falling into extreme fear.

“Your young lady didn’t lie to you, but… she made a mistake and didn’t kill me directly. This is the biggest mistake she made in her life!”

Yi Qianmo slowly walked towards him holding the knife.

“You… don’t kill me, please forgive me, I am willing to serve you as a slave, just begging you…”

“Have you ever had mercy when you asked me to beg for food like a dog on the ground? When you were upset, punched and kicked me, did you have pity? When you wanted me to die suddenly, did you have pity?”

Yi Qianmo stared at him coldly, recalling the insults he had suffered over the past thirteen years.

“You can’t be good…”

Yu Dong seemed to know that he had no way out, and roared a vicious curse in his mouth.


Without waiting for his “death” word to be spoken, Yi Qinmo slashed off with a knife, and the hatred in his eyes disappeared a bit.

“What happened, fish guard…you…”

The noise inside shocked the outside world. Several fish guards rushed over, looking at the corpse on the ground, and then at Yi Qianmo, who was holding a knife like a demon at this moment, and they were all startled.

“It’s killing… it’s killing someone upside down…”

After a while, several guards reacted and screamed. One of them immediately fled to report.

“Starting today, your good days are over!”

Yi Qianmo smiled indifferently, carried a knife and chased after him, raising the knife in his hand, like cutting a watermelon…

Half an hour later, Yi Qianmo walked out of this fish house in the suburbs and looked at the city in the distance: “Qingyun City, here I am!”

The mountain villa behind him was filled with a strong smell of blood, which has not dispersed for a few days.

It wasn’t until ten days later that the servants of the fish family came to give them a gift, only to find that all the people in the villa had gone to see the King of Yama.