Chapter 1 A detailed work sent by your father


Several photos were retaken on the coffee table, and an angry voice soared to the soprano: “These are the masterpieces that you asked for credit yesterday?!”

“This prince is willing to take pictures for you. It’s already a big deal for you. Who knows that bad high-end products need to be focused! You know my mother ruled me not to go out after 9pm. Yesterday, I sneaked in to help you take pictures. When she came out, she was caught upright. After returning, she interrogated me for three hours! She didn’t let me sleep at all!” The golden prince beside the coffee table was also thunderous with a look of sleeplessness, but it was a pity that his voice was obviously weak. He said that his eyelids were so heavy that he could immediately fall asleep as soon as he closed them.

“Prince Golden, you, a guy who has done less than done and has done more than failed, you can’t tell the difference between people and dogs in the photos taken!” the soprano shouted angrily.

The photo on the coffee table is perfectly showing the darkness in the dark environment, just like Picasso’s work, only the outline of a group of unknown objects can be vaguely seen. In one sentence, “the crow flies in the dark”.

“I think it should be a panda or a panda…” Xiao Chi looked at Xiong Xing’er with a narrow smile on his face.

“Snoring all night has made me guilty of the taboo of beauty sleep, Lin Shiyue, just wait and see! Humph, no matter what, I will not admit defeat! Today’s failure means-tomorrow, Lin Shiyue will be Even worse! Within three days, within three days I will definitely drive Lin Shiyue out of this house!”

Xiong Xing’er gritted his teeth and said bitterly, there were two thick dark circles on his white face.

Three days later, the dusky sunset lightly enveloped this quiet little mansion. Prince Jin and Xiao Chi had gathered next to Xiong Xing’er again, but her dark circles had been painted around her eyes like ink.

“You two guys are too weak… Why is Lin Shiyue still staying in this dormitory because of what you are talking about ?!” She leaned on the sofa with a sullen expression, and pointed weakly at her side. The boys on both sides complained.

“Isn’t my method bad? I tortured Lin Shiyue both mentally and physically. But I found the stinky socks and stinky T-shirts replaced by all the boys in the sports club, and asked her to wash them…”

Xiao Chi blinked his eyes with a smile, and said his strategy calmly. Prince Jin looked at his triumphant smile. Although the two were clearly from the same country, he still couldn’t help muttering to himself: scum!

“Okay, very good, I really thank you!” Xiong Xing’er bounced from the sofa, Hengmei coldly said to Xiao Chi from the gap between his teeth, “It turns out that Lin Shiyue spent three whole days on my piece. Thousands of newly bought dresses, mixed with those stinky socks and washed until I can’t remember the original color of the dress! It’s you—a great idea!”

Xiao Chi was seen to despise, boosted the spirit of the Prince stood up, thick black eyebrows excitedly beating:. “I had any brains, Xiao Chi will be on paper, but I did not contribute less, ah, Lin October beds I secretly saw my foot broken! How about, did she fall on all sides in the middle of the night? Hahahaha!”

“Yes…your plan is very successful, my dear Prince.” Xiong Xing’er gasped and leaned over to show him a charming smile, although two thick dark circles made this smile so strange. In the next second, she gritted her teeth, her eyes seemed to be burned crimson with anger.

“Can you do the thing I told you even once! Lin Shiyue’s bed collapsed, yes, but she slept in my bed for three days! Every night is like a war! Either snoring or dreaming, Either kicking people or pushing on the quilt… My dark circles are tortured like this!”


After an unprecedented silence, Xiao Chi rubbed his temples and looked at Xiong Xing’er thoughtfully:

“Unexpectedly, we were going to forestry in October, but on the other hand, she was almost killed by her… This girl looked dumb, she wouldn’t be pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!”

“Regardless of whether Lin Shiyue is real or fake, I will never allow spies around me! In short, I must drive Lin Shiyue out of the cattery! I will never see Lin Shiyue’s shadow again in this place!” Xiong Myolie clenched his fists and shouted angrily.

But as soon as she finished speaking, October jumped out like an obedient summoned beast holding a pile of debris, with an innocent smile on her face: “Hey, what’s the matter? Did you call me just now?”

The golden prince who was about to serve tea and drink water was frightened, and the tea splashed on the floor: “Where did you come from?”

“I’m about to wash the sheets! I’ll wipe it, I’ll wipe it…” October hurriedly rushed to wipe the floor, while the golden prince standing aside dodged, stepped on the greasy water stains. , Slammed into the sky with a bang.

“Ah! My ass…” The pain like cracking of the tail vertebra made Prince Golden grin in pain. He wanted to stand up but couldn’t move.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it…” October was so scared that she covered her mouth, and stretched out her hand to help Prince Jin up…

“do not move!”

The golden prince held back the pain with a cold face, and immediately waved his hand: “…you, don’t come over! Keep a distance of more than five meters from me!”

“But… I…” October was at a loss, looking guiltily at the golden prince who was lying on the ground like a stomped frog.

“I’ll do it!” Xiao Chi held back his smile, rolled up his sleeves, and easily lifted the golden prince horizontally.

Prince Jin turned his head in surprise, and suddenly met Xiao Chi’s smiling eyes. The two were very close, and he only felt the refreshing grassy breath on the boy’s body.

“Can’t you move, Prince Jin? How about Xiao Chi hug you to bed…” Shi Yue looked at the two nervously.

With a thump, because of the appearance of sensitive words, the heart in his chest was beating fast inexplicably.

“Prince… Why is your face red?” Suddenly October held out her finger at Prince Jin, her surprised voice was extremely clear in the air, and then she suddenly felt like thinking of something, blushing even worse than Prince Jin, and quietly lifted it up. Looking at the two of them, “Actually, the scale I accept is quite large. Don’t mind my existence.”

Prince Jin, who finally understood Lin Shiyue’s meaning, closed his eyes, lying in Xiao Chi’s arms with a face of shame, and now he wanted to die. After a second, Xiao Chi’s body stiffened suddenly, his face even greener than that of a frog.

Inexplicably, she put another one!

Xiong Xing’er gritted her teeth, frowned her delicate eyebrows, and handed her 50 yuan to Lin Shiyue, just wanting her to disappear quickly!

“October, you go out to buy 10 cans of Coke!”

“Yeah!” October nodded vigorously. After receiving the money, she said with concern to Xiong Xing’er as if she was thinking of something, “But Xing’er, drink less Coke, your dark circles are getting worse, are you drinking too much Coke didn’t sleep well at night?”

“Leave me alone! Now! Right now! Go buy it now!”