Chapter 1 Helicopter Reporting

Tunghai University.

Today is the day to welcome the new life. The weather in September is still scorching hot and horribly hot.

Song Qingwan took out a pack of tissues and gently wiped the sweat beads on her head.

“Qingwan, do you remember?”

“On the confession wall a few days ago, someone asked if he could come by helicopter!”

“I guess which freshman spoofed this? How could someone actually fly a helicopter?”

Shen Mengqi couldn’t help but gossip.

Song Qingwan raised her eyebrows slightly: “Ah, someone has already refuted the rumors. Is this a joke made by a sophomore classmate?”

Shen Mengqi was stunned: “Huh? Why didn’t I see it?”

“Huh? Then maybe you didn’t pay attention, did you?”

At this moment, a twisted figure came forward.

“Song Qingwan, would you like to drink milk tea?”

A boy handed out two cups of milk tea to Song Qingwan, with a shy smile on his face.

Song Qingwan was taken aback for a moment, took the glass water cup on the side and shook: “Sorry, I brought water, thank you.”

The boy’s face became stiff, with a little loss on his face, before he could react, he was squeezed away by a few people.

“Student Qingwan, do you want snacks? I bought a big bag!”

“Song Xuemei, all he has is fried food, and it is easy to get fat and acne after eating. All I buy are fruits!”

“Classmate Qingwan, I bought you…”


Seeing several people in front of him, Song Qingwan had a headache.

This scene made Shen Mengqi on the side jealous.

Song Qingwan became a school flower from the first day when she came to Magic City University.

He even gained a lot of fans because of a profile photo that became popular on the Internet.

In school, Song Qingwan also has many suitors.

But until now, I haven’t heard of anyone she has been in love with. Although she is polite to these suitors, she has an attitude of rejecting others from thousands of miles away, and has never received any benefit from anyone.

Looking at the iced milk tea in front of him, Shen Mengqi’s throat was about to smoke.

She gritted her teeth and took all the big and small bags in front of her.

“I am Qingwan’s roommate. Qingwan’s face is not so embarrassing. I accepted it for her. Thank you!” Shen Mengqi said with a smile.

“Well, you are all gone, Qingwan still has something to do!”

Song Qingwan was stunned by Shen Mengqi’s trick.

The suitors looked at each other, but thought that since Song Qingwan’s roommate accepted it, it means that Song Qingwan himself accepted it, so they left one after another.

“Meng Qi, what are you doing!” Song Qingwan chopped her feet anxiously.

Shen Mengqi directly took out the milk tea, inserted the straw in it, and said disapprovingly: “What’s the matter, isn’t it just a bite to eat?”

“I have no idea of ​​falling in love with any of them, why are you accepting their things for me…”

Shen Mengqi snorted: “I know you have a high-sightedness, but you just collect some snacks. There is no need to make a fuss?”

“I’m not high-sighted, I just don’t want to fall in love! But you are like giving them hope…”

Before Song Qingwan finished speaking, he heard bursts of exclamation.

“Fucking Ferrari Super Run!”

“Ferrari, I didn’t have it when I was born, I guess I won’t have it in my life, right? Properly rich second generation!”

“Did you report in a luxury car? You deserve to be a boss!”


A Ferrari roared in and stopped at the school gate.

Shen Mengqi immediately recovered from the sluggishness, took out her air cushion to touch up her makeup, and put on a red bean paste lipstick by the way.

This is the most cut-off man’s fake makeup and pure desire makeup!

The car door opened, and an energetic figure got out of the car, and everyone was boiling.

Brioni’s clothes, Armani’s pants, Casno’s leather shoes…

This is a proper rich second generation!

After getting off the car, the second generation of Fu caught Song Qingwan’s figure at a glance. After all, beautiful women are always eye-catching.

He smiled, straightened his tie, put on a gentleman’s smile, and went straight to Song Qingwan.

Shen Mengqi suddenly collapsed.

This look was directed at Song Qingwan.

Sure enough, there is the school flower of Song Qingwan, and she is just a green leaf as a foil. How can she have Shen Mengqi’s play?

She is still very self-aware.

“Sister Song Qingwan, can you take me to go through the formalities?”

The fiery eyes of the rich second generation made Song Qingwan feel uncomfortable.

She took a step back and opened a safe distance.

“Are you from the Chinese department?” Song Qingwan asked.

“I’m from the sports department.”

Song Qingwan breathed a sigh of relief and pointed to the opposite side: “The welcome volunteers from the physical education department are over there.”

The rich second generation smiled: “Senior Sister Song Qingwan, I did this school for you.”

The surrounding audience immediately began to gossip.

“Damn, it’s because of our school that Song Qingwan took the exam?”

“Sure enough, if you have money, you can do whatever you want. Going to college is like playing!”

“Can the local tyrant’s request be lowered?”

Song Qingwan smiled politely: “Sorry, I am from the Chinese department.”

Shen Mengqi rolled her eyes and immediately said enthusiastically: “School brother, Qingwan is not free, can you see if I can take you through the formalities?”

Song Qingwan didn’t want to take it, she thought!

The rich second generation glanced at Shen Mengqi faintly, but only smiled politely: “Thank you for the kindness of this senior sister, but I still want Senior Sister Song to take me there.”

Then, he looked at Song Qingwan again: “Sister Song Qingwan, in this school, which student is more suitable for you than me?”

Song Qingwan frowned slightly: “Sorry, I haven’t planned to fall in love for four years in college…”

At this time, someone who was not too busy to watch the excitement shouted: “There is a helicopter driver!”

“Hurt! What are you playing around? This is just a spoof.”

“Yeah, how can someone actually drive a helicopter to school these years?”

“If someone drives a helicopter, I’ll gnaw this table on the spot!”

Song Qingwan’s face became a little ugly.

At this moment, the sound of the engine came, from small to loud, from far to near.

“What sound is this?”

“Look at the sky, that’s… a helicopter?”

A helicopter drove directly into the school and stopped on the playground.

Everyone is boiling.

“I got a big slot! I really came to our school!”

“Huh? What about the old iron who just said gnawing the table?”

Lin Chen sitting in the cockpit of the helicopter was full of black lines.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the task for the first time and receiving a reward: Waterfront Yaju Yunshuijian Villa.

Note: The key is in your pocket, and the real estate certificate and other materials are in the first drawer of the villa study table. 】


Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, and the task was finally completed.

Yesterday, the system suddenly appeared and gave him a task-to report to the school in a helicopter.

Fortunately, my parents went on a trip, otherwise I would be scared to death by seeing a helicopter in my house.

For fear of being noticeable, Lin Chen didn’t dare to pack anything, and drove out the helicopter directly.

But now, it seems to be even more compelling.

What’s wrong with the system?

After sorting out his emotions, he got off the helicopter directly, looked for the Chinese department brand, and finally locked in a direction.

Seeing Lin Chen coming over, Song Qingwan was dumbfounded.

Someone really came to the school by helicopter. Is this person from their department?

The rich second generation was also dumbfounded. The helicopter driver really rob Song Qingwan with him?

Seeing the sign of welcome volunteers, Lin Chen looked at Song Qingwan and asked, “Senior sister, I am a freshman in the Chinese Department. May I report here?”