Chapter 1 If there is no tomorrow

There are still three days to be the Mid-Autumn Festival, the 39th Mid-Autumn Festival that I have spent in this world. Except for the more and more expensive mooncakes, and the increasingly sparse foreheads, this Mid-Autumn Festival is the same as the previous thirty-eight, and it is boring.

The colleagues in the business department took the filled-in customer list and took turns to find the supervisor Zhao Juemin to sign in order to deliver moon cakes and red wine to their customers before the Mid-Autumn Festival. Wu Antong’s performance is the best in our department, so his client list is relatively long, with two full pages of A4 paper in size 5.

There were only six customers on my “moon cake” customer list, which was proportional to my work performance in the first half of the year. Zhao Juemin signed me without even raising his eyelids. I didn’t dare to put my favorite list in the company’s client list like Wu Antong did, because I wanted to keep this terrible job. If the job is gone, when my wife calls me “wasteful”, I feel more confident.

In fact, it’s okay for her to call me awkward. She used to call me that way when she had sex before. She just shouldn’t repeat these three words endlessly in front of her son. Ugh! With the same three words, changing the context also changes the nature. Since the separation, it is estimated that she has assigned me to be stupid than Big Big Wolf in front of her son.

So, I’m pretty sure, the first person my son learns to despise is me. My son is already in the first grade. I went to his school to hold several parent-teacher conferences. The teacher said that my son didn’t pay attention to the lectures in class. The teacher also suggested that I take my son to see a psychiatrist, saying that the teacher can’t manage my son’s problems. I’m not too worried about my son’s problem, because it was the same when I was a child. In fact, I am also like this now.

Zhao Juemin read the list of Wu Antong’s customers over and over several times. He placed his fingers on the two female names at the top and the end of the list, and asked Wu Antong without raising his eyes: “What is the business relationship between the two of them and the company?”

Zhao Juemin’s tone seemed to be asking about Wu Antong’s sexual relationship with them. Wu Antong put his half-smoked “Soft Zhonghua” firmly in Zhao Juemin’s ashtray full of “Zhongnanhai” cigarette butts, and said unhurriedly: “My business is done by women. You are not secretly doing it.” Do you encourage this kind of business relationship? You are so concerned, is it because the company wants to pay me a sperm loss fee?”

Zhao Juemin laughed twice and said, “Who doesn’t know that your Wu Antong’s energy is inexhaustible, and if you pay you a sperm loss fee, that’s humiliating you.”

After Zhao Juemin finished speaking, he smirked twice and signed two pages of A4 paper. Wu Antong lost a piece of soft China on Zhao Juemin’s desktop, and he was still calm and unhurried: “Humiliate me, shame me if you spread the joy! As long as the subsidy is enough, I can bear it… …”

This is Wu Antong, whose mouth can kill. Therefore, I try to avoid communicating with him in the office. If I have to say something, I also try to say it without leaving anything behind. When I finish speaking, I quickly touch the phone to contact the business. In fact, I don’t have that many business calls. Once, Wu Antong snatched my call, and when he heard the busy tone on the phone, he asked me with concern: “Can you die without pretending to be calamus?”

Others may think that our relationship is not good, maybe it is not good, but I still admire Wu Antong in my heart, and think that the whole society is equipped for people like them, so he scolds me, and I am not angry.

When I was about to get off work, I waited until a few sharp-eyed guys in the company had left, and then I got up and went to the Human Resources Department to look for Annie Liang. Liang Anni believes in Buddhism. Every holiday, she kowtows her head and burns incense. She even has her nail clippers and hairpins opened by a high monk. She is extremely religious. As soon as I walked in, I went straight to the subject, and I asked Annie Liang: “Can I pay for myself and buy some company group-buy moon cakes and red wine for my friends?”

Annie Liang gave me a warm roll of eyes and asked me how many people I had, and asked me to give her the name list and address, so I didn’t care about other things. This is the ideal result I want. I know this little Nizi is a bit interesting to me, but I don’t know why this pretty little Nizi is interesting to me with a short stature and a bald head. In terms of work, Wu An is more capable than me; in appearance, Zhao Juemin is more decent than me. The only thing I can convince myself is that Liang Anni, a little girl who has a unique eye after believing in Buddhism, discovered that I was a heartless stranger.

Annie Liang added the additional list I gave her to General Manager Wei. She said: “General Manager Wei has a lot of gift lists and gave me a stack of business cards. He won’t be able to see if there is one more or one missing. .”

We both let out a sigh of relief when the main thing was done. Annie Liang put down the list and waited for me to thank her with a nice smile, but I left her office anxiously. Because Zhao Juemin has always wanted to hook up with Liang Anni, I don’t want to be a cannon fodder in the middle. Although I also like Liang Anni, for a married man of my age, survival is more important than promiscuity.

Annie Liang asked me how to arrange the Mid-Autumn Festival. I didn’t dare to say that she would spend the festival alone, so she perfunctorily said that she would take her son to Happy Valley. Annie Liang said that you can’t stay in Happy Valley for three days. I said that one day to Happy Valley, one day to Shijingshan Amusement Park, one day to the zoo. Annie Liang asked me: “Does your son have ADHD?”

I said: “It’s a little bit more or less.”

I saw Liang Anni’s disappointed eyes, and didn’t dare to stay any longer. Under her somewhat annoyed eyes, I smiled and went out.

I have lived in this city for nearly 20 years. At first, the excitement I had when I entered the big city from the Micang Mountain in northern Sichuan was long gone. I still clearly remember the feeling of being dizzy when I came out of Beijing Railway Station. Although I only have a pair of white pull back shoes all over my body, I feel that a new page in my life has been opened. My father strongly advocated buying the white shoes for me. He said that my children would be laughed at when they were admitted to the university in Beijing and they would go to university wearing Jiefang shoes.

According to my mother’s idea, a pair of pull back shoes is equivalent to more than 20 world classics. My father is a salesman in a pickle factory, and my mother is a teacher in elementary school. They caught up with the “Cultural Revolution” before graduating from high school. Therefore, going to college has always been the dream of the two elders. After I graduated from university, the country no longer includes work assignments. I know that my brand new page has passed. I can’t help but Lu Fumeng, my university classmate, I didn’t return to Guangyuan, Sichuan, but stayed in Beijing until today.