Chapter 1 It’s my king who disturbed the princess’ good deeds

Chapter 1 It’s my king who disturbed the princess


Su Banxia grinned in pain a moment ago, but was stunned the next moment.

Wait, wasn’t she being chased off the cliff during the mission, why didn’t she die?

And underneath this body is still soft, like…

“I heard that the princess is in poor health. This king came to visit specially, but didn’t want to be here with other men Yunyu. It really disturbed the princess.”

Listening to the sound of gnashing her teeth, Su Banxia looked up, only to notice that she was in an antique back garden, and she was lying on a half-naked man, not far away, there were a bunch of people standing there. .

I saw the head of the man, he was dressed in a black robe, his handsome face was green, and his cold eyes even wanted to turn into ice skates to stab her to death!

Then, a memory that did not belong to her poured into her mind.

Su Banxia, ​​the first daughter of the Prime Minister’s residence in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, was the first ugly woman in Beijing. She was obsessed with Nan’an Wang Xuanyuan for sixteen years and became a good couple. She married for more than three months.

Regarding this marriage, Xuanyuan Fu was disgusted, even disgusted.

It’s a pity that Su Xiangye’s power is placed there. The imperial decree has been laid down, and Xuanyuanfu cannot resist the decree, so the life of Su Banxia after marrying into the palace is not easy.

Memories came this morning, and a little maid said that the prince was looking for her.

Because Xuanyuan Fu didn’t like her, let alone the bridal chamber, she didn’t even want to see herself when she saw her on weekdays, but today she said she wanted to see her. How could Su Banxia, ​​who was full of joy, not be excited, so she came.

Never thought, but fell into the trap of others.

“Oh, elder sister, how can you lose the face of the prince by doing such a thing.” By Xuanyuan Fu’s side, a beauty in a bright red dress said.

This is Liu Xian’er, the beauty who entered the mansion of Xuanyuan Fuxin. She was born as a dancer, and she looked like a big white lotus.

Su Banxia gathered the chaotic memories in his mind and sneered in his heart.

Thinking of her, Su Banxia, ​​the most powerful detoxist in the 21st century, now it’s nothing more than crossing, and she is still dressed so uselessly.

But, since God gave her life, how could she not pretend?

Then, Su Banxia stood up, looking extremely calm, even patted the dust on her body.

“My lord, I don’t know this man. He has been pestering me. I had to climb a tree to keep my innocence. It was a coincidence that I was bumped by everyone just after I fell.”

The so-called adulterer put his clothes together and said, “Wang Hao, you can’t get out of bed and don’t recognize people, have you forgotten our love for so long?”

Su Banxia looked back at him and smiled.

The other women laughed, they were all beautiful, but it was Su Banxia’s smile that shocked the world, and his face was so disgusting that the adulterer on the opposite side almost vomited directly.

“Okay, how long do you think we have known each other, how did you hook up with the prince behind your back, and when was the first time we met?”

While Su Banxia raised questions one by one, people were already approaching the adulterer step by step, and when she got closer, she moved her ugly face up.

Although her face is ugly, but those eyes are like obsidian, as if you will be absorbed into it in the next instant.

But the moment he met Su Banxia’s eyes, the adulterer stiffened and was stunned for a moment.

Su Banxia’s mouth twitched, and she thought that although she had just learned this hypnotism, it was only a second-hand, but it was still enough to deal with such a small vagrant.

At this moment, the scene was silent as death.

Seeing this, Xuanyuanfu seemed to feel that something was wrong. He narrowed his eyes and was about to say something, only to see the adulterer kneeling on the ground suddenly, kowtow towards Xuanyuanfu and plead guilty, with a dull expression that was unspeakable weird.

“Please forgive the prince. I have never met the princess. Someone bought me and asked me to have an affair with the princess. Then he took the opportunity to let the princess see. This is the silver that the man gave me today, and I haven’t spent it yet.” At the same time, he also took out a bag of silver money from his arms.

He is such a poor man, who looks like a person with this talent, at first glance, he was given by someone else.

Su Banxia smiled in satisfaction, looked up at Xuanyuanfu’s side, frowning.

“Lord, look, I didn’t force him to do this, he is telling the truth all by himself, and the concubine is really wronged.”

Liu Xian’er didn’t expect that things would develop into this way. She secretly glared at the adulterer and scolded him as useless, but she was still delicate and weak, and said to the man next to her.

“Prince, if that’s the case, if I want to come, my sister was really murdered. You must call the shots for the princess and find the person behind her back.”

Xuanyuanfu deliberately took Liu Xian’er into his arms in front of Su Banxia, ​​”I don’t care who she has to do with this king, as long as you don’t die on this king’s territory, this king’s heart, only Xian’er you alone…”

While talking, he also pinched Liu Xian’er’s slender waist, making Liu Xian’er too jealous, and directly limp in Xuanyuanfu’s arms.

For a while, all the minions around were blushing.

Su Banxia quietly looked at a man and a woman in front of him, her expression still calm, just as if she was in the theater.

“Then send the prince.”

Xuanyuan Fu, who was about to leave, paused when he heard the unsalty or undiminished voice of the woman behind him.

He and Liu Xian’er got close to deliberately angering Su Banxia, ​​so that this woman would take away her thoughts about herself earlier, but never thought that Su Banxia today seems a little different.

Xuanyuanfu turned his head to look at Su Banxia’s calm ugly face, his eyes flashed, as if thinking of something, the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Do you think that you will like you if you retreat into this king? Tell you that He Li Shu has been placed in your room. Either sign your Su Banxia’s name or… you will be in the backyard of the palace for the rest of your life. Keep a living widow, you can still afford to raise an idler, this king, huh!”

After speaking, he hugged Liu Xian’er and strode away, leaving only an unfeeling back.

After everyone left, Su Banxia, ​​who finally couldn’t hold it, fell to the side. She let out a pain and cursed damn it!


Then she opened her sleeves and saw that in addition to the injuries left when she fell off the tree, there were also some overlapped whiplashes.

These injuries were beaten when the original owner was in the prime minister’s mansion. In her memory, she was not favored in the prime minister’s mansion, especially Su Xiangye, who was not as good to her as it was spread outside.

That being the case, why did Su Xiangye take the initiative to ask your majesty to make himself marry King Nan’an?

I don’t know what’s wrong, her head hurts when she thinks about this, especially the memory of two days before getting married, which is very confused.

After shaking his head hard, Su Banxia stabilized his figure.

“This concubine’s body is really useless. A tree can be thrown for half her life. It seems that she will have to practice in the future.”

With that said, Su Banxia looked at the direction where only Xuanyuanfu had left, and sneered.

Now that the scumbag has already given and lied the book, after signing, she Su Banxia is another good guy!

“Wang Hao, you can be regarded as coming back, and the slave and maidservant are worried to death!”

This is Qiuhe, the most loyal maid beside the original owner. Seeing her face full of tears and nose, she knew that she really felt sorry for herself.

“It’s okay, come in.”

Su Banxia originally wanted to come back and immediately signed He Lishu and ran away, but she scanned the room, but did not see He Lishu, her face changed slightly, and she immediately turned to ask Xiang Qiuhe.

“Qiu He, Xuanyuan Fu gave it to Li Shu!”

As for this incident, Qiu He instantly stopped crying, his face full of joy and excitement.

“Wang Hao, don’t you know that, not long after the prince sent He Lishu here, he was ordered to take it back! The prince still has the princess in his heart, even if Liu Xian’er is about to enter the door, our princess is the prince. Where’s his wife!”

Su Banxia frowned, as if she didn’t understand the man’s operation, then she thought of something and continued to ask.

“The woman hasn’t passed the door yet?”

“Yes, princess, but it’s okay. You are the mistress of the house, so you won’t be kicked by such enchanting bitch!”

Thinking back to Liu Xian’er’s pretentious appearance, Su Banxia felt off his appetite, thinking about today’s so-called adulterer’s affairs, it is estimated that it has an inseparable relationship with this woman, although I don’t know that Xuanyuanfu took it away again. What did Li Shu do, but she has come to Su Banxia, ​​so how can she do without giving some “new wedding gifts”?

“A few days after the wedding?” Su Banxia asked while tapping on the table with her fingertips.

“Yes, princess, the posts have been sent out. I heard that the big wedding will be quite big…” Qiu He said more and more quietly, for fear that Su Banxia would be sad.

Su Banxia smiled more and more curiously. She is now in this world of cannibalism inexplicably, and she wants to survive. Either he will die or I will die. How can she not be ruthless?

Just like today, if you continue to be weak, won’t you be pinched again in the future.

Isn’t it a big wedding? Okay, she is waiting for Su Banxia…