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Chapter 1 (The Princess is Evil)

“Why aren’t you crying?”

To be honest, I really didn’t want to be reborn in this body.

‘That’s right. It’s normal to cry right away…’

I was led into this body. It was never my choice.


“Would you like me to smack your butt?” Someone asked.

‘Please protect the witch’s dignity, won’t you?’

I tried to express myself, but they were trivial humans with no talent in grasping the expression of a newborn baby.


There was a sharp sting in my hips. Damn it! Damn it! It’s so shameful! I’m the most powerful witch! The fire witch who dominated all the veins of the southern mountains!

“I wonder if there’s a problem with it… Would you like to call a doctor?”

“Oh no! What to do if his majesty finds out! Forget that idea, it’s useless. No way!”

“Well then, one more smack…”

“Let’s do it one more time?”

I opened my mouth without hesitation.


Hearing my arrogant cries, they were so relieved that they didn’t notice the strangeness.

“I’m glad.”

“That’s it.”

Then they patted my back as if to soothe me. Human, take your hand off! I wanted to say but the body of this newborn baby did not move as I wanted it to.

“Our beautiful little princess.”

Then they all said the same thing in unison.

“Please survive.”

“You can’t die.”

What are you talking about? Until then, I didn’t know whose body my soul was in. Well, even if I knew, there was nothing I could do about it.

Round and round. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes again was the spinning mobile hanging from the ceiling. A sigh brought me back to reality.


Of course I had no intention of making such a cute sound. This one year old body is unable to properly express my frustrations. I struggled to lift my arms and very small hands caught my eye.

‘Why is this happening?’

I asked, but truth is that I already knew. Why? It’s because of that child Lacus who betrayed me. Ugh. Instead of teeth, I had gums which I clenched tightly. I lived for over three hundred years as the only witch on the continent. I was powerful enough to destroy a country, but I wasn’t really interested in it. Because I hate humans. I was too disgusted to have contact with humans and killing them? It was a waste of power to use on such creatures. So I lived in my home in the southern continent, where humans rarely went. Rumours were spread in the human continent about where the witch lived so humans never came near and I lived comfortably without encountering humans. Until I met Lacus, the youngest prince of the Karel kingdom. After being chased by assassins, he dragged himself into the mountain range where I was. And on his knees he begged me,

“Please save me. Please, please.”

I’ll say it again, I hate humans. But at that time, as if I was possessed by something… I fell in love with him at first sight and I felt human emotions for the first time. So I saved him and followed him to the kingdom of Karel. Did I just leave like that? I watched his back, made him become the crown prince and even brought him the throne. On the day that he promised to propose, he told me,

“Alena, I’m just following what you taught.”

He knelt on one knee and praised me, but he never gave me a ring.

“You taught me that I should remove anything offensive,”

He claimed as his sword stabbed my stomach. Why? There was no answer to this question. I breathed my last before I heard an answer. I was killed by him. But fortunately, the mana nucleus that contained my life was not destroyed so my soul could escape. I thought that if I stayed in the spirit world for a decade, I could gain strength and resurrect. However, I ended up reincarnating in this baby’s body. To begin with, this body was a body with an empty soul. Without a soul, this body would die so it pulled me in with all its might.

‘I don’t want to live as a human!’

I’ve said it many times, but I really hate humans. I’m angry. I’m so angry. I tried to take a deep breath to calm down my raging heart.

‘No. Let’s try and think positively.’

I’m an optimistic witch. I have been trying to change my thoughts. If this body hadn’t pulled me, I would have been roaming the spirit world for nearly a decade. Ten years is a long time for humans. A long time for the one who betrayed me, Lacus.

‘My revenge could be faster?’

Because of reincarnation, maybe I could get my revenge on Lacus sooner. Isn’t it my motto?

‘I must kill Lacus.’

But for now I can’t. I’m only a one year old without teeth. First, I have to grow up.

“Oh woo”

It’s hard enough to make a sound with all my power.

“Hey, our lady, did you wake up?”

A maid called Lynn came to the cradle.

“Would you like to eat, namnam?”

I shook my head vigorously.

“You don’t want to? Would you like to change diapers?”

Don’t touch my body carelessly! I shook my head wildly.

“Uh, if you don’t like this…just…wait a minute.”

Lynn widens her eyes as she realises.

“Princess. Did you understand what I was saying?”

Don’t think I’m a poor human baby like you were. I’m a great witch!


I turned my head. But it was so strange for Lynn to not look happy. It seems like it’s not a good thing to understand.

“I want the princess to be ordinary. No one is here so she can be ordinary for a long time.”

She said something so profound with a dismayed face. I wonder which country I was born in.

“Ooh awnng”

I was curious but I couldn’t ask.

“Oh, what am I talking about in front of you? Please stay for a while. I’ll bring you your milk”

I won’t eat! I don’t want to eat this miserable thing which doesn’t have taste!


I’d like to be served meat with dripping blood right now! It was a shout with this meaning.

“Ok, I’ll be there soon.”

Lynn, a trivial human being, didn’t seem to understand what I was saying and hurriedly left.


Even worse, as a newborn baby, my physical strength was limited. I gently lowered my limbs and turned my gaze to the ceiling.

‘It’s good to have some quiet’

I raised my hand again. A small, slender wrist obscured my field of view. When I had a witch’s body, I was strong. There was only one human who could hit me, but then I was a witch and now I am living in this weak body.

‘ I wish that this body will at least has one star mana.’

Then I’d be able to pull the mana that was imprinted on my soul towards me.

“Let’s check this body’s mana once.”

I closed my eyes. I put my hands on my chest and focused my mind. Once I pulled the strength from my toes to my feet, a tingling sensation slowly climbed up from my ankles to my wrists. The power that came to my chest was burning hot. I took a deep breath and released the burning power. I lifted my eyes. White light was in front of me.

“…5 star.”

I had to be dreaming. I didn’t believe it so I tried to detect it again but the results remained the same. Before I became a witch, I only had 2 star mana at this age. So this body is a genius’ body.

Does this mean I can conquer the continent? I was anxious.

In order to use magic, you need a mana loop called ‘Circle,’ and each time this ring grows, you increase your rank from 1st Circle Wizard and 2nd Circle Wizard. Therefore, the first thing you should do if you want to use magic is to create a circle. The most important factor when forming the circle is the amount of mana you have. That amount is classified by grades. They range from the most common 1 star to the least common 8 star in the human categories.

‘But I have 5 star mana when I’m only one year old?

I wonder what would happen when I regain my soul imprinted mana.

‘Will I be able to become a tenth circle wizard…?’

My body trembled as I suddenly needed to go to the bathroom, but I was still only a one year old baby that couldn’t even support her neck…

“Ah woo..”

Was the only thing I could say to protest as Lynn came to change my diaper.

“The princess doesn’t even cry when she needs new diapers. She’s so caring.”

‘If I could die of embarrassment, I would be dead by now.’

I covered my face with both hands. Of course, my hands were small and my face wasn’t covered. Damn it. This body is so small and fragile. I have to grow up quickly. Then I can rule this continent.

“Would you like to go for a walk today?”

Lynn said and hugged me.

“While I’m here, it’s safe. It’s better to go out a lot when it’s safe.”

When it’s safe? I didn’t understand her meaning. I don’t know which empire’s queen I am. But anyway, I’m part of a royal family so who can hurt me? The question came to mind but, as I said, I’m only one year old. One year olds can’t speak so I had no choice but to leave the room quietly with Lynn. It is not because I thought Lynn’s arms were warm. Never.

“Our Princess is so calm.”

Lynn slowly stepped into the hallway explore the place.

“The name of this place is Dandelion Palace. All the princes and princesses are born here. You will stay here until the age of 5.”

Lynn rambled on vaguely.

“After that, you will receive a choice and your own palace but that’s a story for the distant future. You’ll be comfortable for now. Don’t worry.”


“Princess, why are you doing that?”


I was annoyed. Lynn kept saying weird things that I don’t understand. If you’re going to speak, you have to explain everything from the beginning. Why are you talking in circles like this. I sniffed my nose and turned my head.

“Why is my princess angry? Yes, please tell me.”

Lynn hugged and rocked me so my body was shaking.

“My good young lady, you shouldn’t be angry with my. Why are you upset?”

Lynn looked at me tenderly with a sweet smile.

“Are you hungry? We’ve just changed your diaper, maybe it’s another reason…?”

Lynn who spoke so gently, suddenly cut off her words and shuddered her shoulders. What’s going on?


I looked at Lynn’a face. Her tired face caught my eye. What, what? I turned my head towards her eyes and then…

“Your majesty, it’s nice to see you.”

The father of this body and the emperor of this empire noticed me. A man with long grey hair that glistened like snow, slowly approached me. He was taller than the average human, with wide open shoulders and a muscular body. The large mana that I felt from him told me that he was a competent wizard.

‘Are you a magician?’

The long scars on his cheek were so creepy that they stood out but, something else caught my eyes. It was one aspect. His two long eyes without double eyelids were deep and dark enough to still an opponent. The blue of his eyes was as calm as the sea on the eve of a storm, resting full of energy.

‘…I’ve seen those features on a human before.’

Those type of handsome humans, I would remember them if I could. I tried to remember them but my mind drew a blank and I couldn’t remember anything.

‘Aiyo, am I too old?’

Originally, as I got older, I forgot how to blink. So I wouldn’t be able to help but remember normally. I tried hard to suppress the anxiety that I felt as I was unable to figure out where I knew his face.

“What is this?”

I hiccuped. This was because the emperor’s power was full of darkness.

“Is this child a human?”

A tremendous sense of pressure crushed my body so I couldn’t breathe properly.

‘There was no pressure like this when I met the dragon.’

I desired to escape. Because even the original me was careful not to fight a fight that I couldn’t win. Even when fighting a dragon, I always ran away and attacked from behind. Now I was just a newborn baby and the daughter of this guy. I can’t help it that I want to run away.

‘I’m only looking at you.’

I opened my eyes and looked at him. I was nervous enough to sweat, but I didn’t blink once. The tip of his frowning lips turned up a little.

‘What are you laughing at?”

I stared at him with an ugly look, but no matter how scary I look, I was a harmless infant. So, of course the emperor ignored me and spit out.

“She has grey hair.”

I felt Lynn breathe in.

“Yes, the Princess resembles your majesty.”

Lynn replied calmly whilst she was trembling and squeezing me.

“She also has red eyes.”

“Yes, the Princess resembles your majesty.”

Lynn shivered as she expressed herself. She was a surprisingly brave human.

“Ah… I think she may be the one with the darkest colour. She kind of resembles Eskina.”

Eskina is the name of the dragon who has a bad relationship with me. Why is that old man’s name suddenly coming up? I felt anxious and frowned.

“That dragon…”

The emperor strokes his chin and faces me.

“Then let’s check.”

He grabbed my hand so harshly it felt like it was being pulled out. What are you doing! I’m fragile. I was trying to scream for him to wait when indescribable pain flows through my body. It was as if a sharp rake was being dragged along my body.

‘It hurts!’

It hurts so much that tears come out. My breath was choked and my eyes widened. It has been about a decade since I have felt such pain.

‘You bad guy! I’m your daughter! If you’re a human, shouldn’t you be good to me?’

I bit the emperor’s hand hard but when I did, it was just a fluffy gum attack of a one year old. The emperor didn’t even blink.

‘This, this…! Bad man!’

My saliva, a physiological phenomenon outside of my control, dropped onto his hand.


The emperor narrowed his eyes.

“Are you spitting on me?”

He said, looking down at his hand which was full of saliva. Aw, please.

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